Teresa Giudice Prison Diary Exposed: Divorce From Cheating Joe Giudice and Marriage Nightmare

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Is Teresa Giudice getting a divorce from low-life, cheating husband Hoe, I mean, Joe, as we speak? Sources tell InTouch Magazine that she’s (finally) had enough.

Teresa reportedly received confirmation that Joe has cheated while she’s been making license plates behind bars. Many fans of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” believe Joe was cheating and found his behavior repulsive long before this. Case in point, the trip to Napa where he made a phone call and referred to his wife, mother of his children, and all around woman of blind faith, Teresa, as a “C you next Tuesday.” Such a classy guy.

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If I were in Teresa’s prison assigned shoes, I would ask myself, if I stay with a guy like this who has no respect for marriage vows or the law, what message is that sending to my four girls, Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Audriana. What kind of men will they date as a result of watching their mother forgive time and time again to the point of being Joe’s doormat.

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In the meantime, getting through the months while keeping a diary that trashes her fellow inmates perhaps isn’t the best strategy. What if said diary should fall into the wrong hands? Nobody wants to read a story about Teresa’s vacation trip to the infirmary (Or do they?). Sources are reporting that Teresa is only trying to secure a future for herself and her girls after she is released the only way she knows how – in the public eye. Most likely she won’t have to worry. Something tells me Bravo is already planning Teresa Starting Over or something to that effect, as we speak.


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