Tamra & Eddie Judge Use Their Fake Sex Tape To Promote Their Fitness Business!

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RHOC Tamra Barney

Yes, the twitter-sphere was buzzing with news of a Tamra and Eddie Judge’s sex tape. Naturally, being the cynical one, first thoughts ran to a contrived sex tape to make Eddie appear more masculine. Second thought: Tamra was desperately trying to hold on to her spot on #RHOC since the married Tamra is such a boor. Third thought: They really do have a sex tape that someone leaked.

BUZZ!! Wrong on all counts. Turns out it was just a commercial Tamra and Eddie made for their ‘Cut Fitness’ business. Watch the video below:


Ever watch “A Christmas Story?” Remember when Ralphie’s Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Ring arrives, and he’s finally able to decode the Pierre André message in the bathroom? “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine? A crappy commercial?” Yeah, Ralphie feels ripped off. This feels like that.

Note to Tamra: Next time you want to rip off a theme from a Celebrity Apprentice task, at least tell Perez Hilton that’s exactly what you’re doing. Don’t pretend you invented the idea.

“I came up with the concept. As you might know I love to get people’s attention. Knowing that there are a lot of celebrities out there that got noticed from “sex tapes” I used that concept as a spoof to get our message of health and fitness … and subscribers. 
Our purpose for creating a CUT Fitness YouTube was to reach out beyond our studio in Rancho Santa Margarita and help people all over the world live a healthy lifestyle. 
We get request [sic] from around the world asking for a CUT Fitness in their area. Starting next week we are going to provide workouts, fitness tips, nutrition and healthy lifestyle videos, so make sure to subscribe.”


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