Felon Update: Teresa Giudice Fears For Her Life In Prison After Pissing Off Other Inmates

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It’s time for the felon update starring, Teresa Giudice, pending cast member of “Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Word is Teresa has been acting like she’s better than the other convicts and that attitude has put a target on her back. InTouch Magazine is claiming to have spoken to a Danbury prison insider. The insider said,

“She thinks she’s better than everyone else. She acts like the other women are beneath her, and she’s making enemies because of it.” The source is claiming that Teresa “told officials that she was afraid for her life. Once you start complaining about certain prisoners, you become a target. It would be wise of her to stop acting like she’s above everything.”

Wait a minute? Is the prison insider suggesting that the woman who wouldn’t live in a used house is acting like she’s above the commoners? Shock. Horror. Dismay.

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Making matters worse is the rumor that Teresa is “writing a diary of her prison experiences with the intention of landing a seven-figure deal.” The prison insider added,

“She’s documenting everything for her book: who’s sleeping with whom, who’s been caught having sex, even little things like who’s arguing over the flatiron. She’s in a lot of debt and see’s it as her opportunity to make a lot of money when she’s released from prison.”

Apparently Teresa keeps a pink notebook close to her at all times and locks it up when she’s not writing in it. The insider claims that things would not go well for a feisty femme felon if this notebook were to fall into the wrong hands.

“That would be the end of her if someone read it and shared it with everyone else. She already has a target on her back. If that diary falls into the wrong hands, it wont be pretty.”

Fellow inmates are reportedly tired of all the complaining she does.

“Teresa complains all the time that the food is horrible. She also writes about how she has to clean up people’s messes in the bathroom.”

Somebody call the wambulance, Teresa has to clean up after other people. Waaaaaa. Some good news though, it appears as if Teresa is wizening up on the topic of her husband, Joe. A source is telling the mag that her marriage is on the “chopping block.”

“She’s done. She could even serve him with divorce papers [from] behind bars…She’s angry at Joe for doing this to their family, especially when she stood by him. Now she’s in prison while he’s out there living his life.”

If you consider living life to be drinking, spending time in bars and strip clubs, slacking on his parenting responsibilities, than yes, Joe is living life. For now. Tick-tock Joe.

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