Shocking! Kim Richards Admits She Lied About Having Dirt On Harry Hamlin Just To Anger Lisa Rinna

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lisa-rinna RHOBH

Busted! Kim Richards has been caught in quagmire of sorts! On this week’s explosive “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” episode, Kim Richards enraged Lisa Rinna by hinting to exposing a scandalous secret about Lisa’s husband, Harry Hamlin.

The cruel insinuation, ROCKED the Amsterdam trip prompting Lisa Rinna to threaten, lunged at Kim’s throat and smash a wine glass for dramatic effect. The accusation left viewers scratching their heads, perplexed as to what the secret could be. Well, according to TMZ, Kim Richards flat-out LIED about having dirt on Harry and only said it to get a rise out of Lisa.


A source in production informed TMZ that Kim’s vile behavior and lie will be addressed at the upcoming reunion and Kim will admit she fabricated the whole thing. How low can you go Kim Richards?

Are you surprised Kim made up a lie to hurt Lisa? Sound off in the comments.


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