EXCLUSIVE: Phaedra Parks’ Exorcism Preacher Is A Convicted Felon Like Apollo Nida!

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On Sunday night’s episode of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Phaedra Parks put on a show for viewers, well it was more like a spectacle! 

Phaedra hired a supposed “Holy man” to cast demons and evil spirits out of her house. Before Apollo Nida turned himself into prison, Phaedra had been selling viewers lies tales of a fearful wife being threatened by a “dangerous” husband. Phaedra claims she was so scared that she had to move her and her boys into a hotel until Apollo was safely behind bars.

During this week’s episode, Phaedra moved backed into her home and had the house that fraud built dwelling exorcised to remove all the evil spirits Apollo left behind. She had a supposed “holy man” probably someone that hangs around her church selling drugs, Apostle Thaddeus Canada, perform the “cleansing.”

Many on social media compared the shady exorcism to a voodoo ritual and questioned the credentials of Phaedra’s demon caster.


AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively got our hands on the mug shot and arrest record of Phaedra’s demon cleanser. According to court records, he’s a convicted felon just like Apollo!

Now that’s no surprise since criminals flock to this self professed southern belle like bees to honey, and the list of sticky characters is a long one….Angela Stanton, Gayla St. Julien, Apollo Nida, Everett Nida (Apollo’s alleged brother) all jailbirds Phaedra’s allegedly linked to.

Below is the mug shot of Phaedra’s demon caster, Thaddeus Canada, 57. According to Cobb County Superior Court records, Thaddeus was arrested on alleged drug charges (he attempted to buy illegal drugs) in 1999 and again in 2012.

Phaedra's demon caster RHOA

Phaedra's Cast demon caster RHOA

Phaedra’s adorable son, Mr. President looked unmoved by the shenanigans. His face said it all, “something ain’t clean in the buttermilk.”



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  • cait

    It was nice of noodle-head to join them for the ceremony, that should help, ‘cos she has more than a few demons !

  • She Stinks!

    If you are around all of this dirty, you most likely have dirty on you. Right, Fakedra?

  • classycns

    LOL and thx for posting this story. Phaedra stays losing. I bet you Andy won’t ask her about this at the reunion. Is it me (In my Funky Dineva voice) that has notice that Phaedra doesn’t have any none criminal friends outside of the show? LOL.

    • CoolBreeze15

      Yes we NEVER see her real friends or any of her family outside of her mother! We see all the other girls relatives and friends except Phaedra! Like Lawrence said in season 5, Phaedra does NOT reveal anything personal about herself.

  • CoolBreeze15

    LOL!!! Thanks for posting this Tea! Hope this goes viral and the other blogs credit YOU for breaking this story! You see here, if this isn’t fake I don’t know what is! People need to look past that “Phaedra is a lawyer with so many degrees” BS. Phaedra is a CON artist who is most likely involved in a lot of fraudulent schemes like Jessica Voker revealed in 2013! When Phaedra REALLY goes down, I swear all the anti Phaedra folks need to have a celebration all week! The way RHOA viewers cape for this woman is just so mentally insane. We’ll all be saying “I told you so” while the other thousands of dumb viewers will be so shocked. LOL! This is great tea and just in time before the reunion is taped! I hope either Kenya, Claudia, or Demetria say something about the type of company Phaedra keeps around her! I want Cynthia to too, but I’m sure she will let Peter be her mouthpiece. LOL! It’s sad how quiet Cynthia and Peter have been this week on social media because of all the hate they got off of some producer driven scene. It’s her job to bring up the drama. That’s how they get paid. People are soooo stupid.

  • italiano bambino


  • italiano bambino

    Pahedra is really trying to be put as a victim well the real truth is coming out and i am glad

  • EXPOSED! No shocker Phae loooves the criminals!! Check out her resume, she recruits from the prisons. Most of her friends are criminals too. What happened to Phae’s funeral business? Oh yeah, thats a wrap since her clean man is behind bars and can’t run it.

    • CoolBreeze15

      Bloop! It’s just mind boggling how delusional her stans on social media are! As I said on Twitter, she’s the ONLY housewife that seems to be “untouched” when it comes to being exposed on the show. You can clearly see they had no problem putting Porsha on blast but yet NOBODY can bring up the crooks who worked for Phaedra??? That’s crazy and it’s Andy Cohen’s fault too because his head is so far up Phaedra’s behind!

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    Oh boy…guess this is another one who ‘cleaned up their act’ …since 2012 o.0
    Guess they do flock to Phaedra…does she have a ‘scent’ for these criminals…

  • RonnieIsBack

    No surprised at all…Shady PHae….so you get one criminal to clean up the former criminal….I guess they cancel each other out? She isn’t fooling anyone.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Went home for lunch and shady Bravo was playing all the reunion shows…funny as HELL….SHADY PHAE BACKTRACKING FROM MOOSE, AND SHEREE HANDING MOOSE HER AZZ..fix those teeth! Kim was attacking too…of course this was before Brawwwway

  • Rochelle Barozzi

    ROFL! This just gets better and better..er.