Mob Wives Recap: Ratalie Brings Back Up To Rene’s Party [Season Finale]

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We open to Renee dropping in on Big Ang. Big Ang’s sofa looks like a semi was cut down and upholstered – I’ve never seen a sofa that big! Ang thinks Renee is really trying to be a better person and Renee, reflecting on their prior fight, thinks that they are family no matter how bad times get. Both wonder what’s happened to Drita since no one has heard from her since she missed Renee’s baptism. No matter, Renee is having a party and inviting everyone, including both Nats, although she’ll leave it to Ang to invite NatG because she won’t call her. Renee wants everyone to resolve their differences and to find the peace she’s found – or knock each other out and be done with it. Ang is already swearing her loyalty to NatG if anything goes down.

WHAAAAAT? The producers now list NatG as the “alleged” cousin of a Philly Mob boss whose name has been blocked off.  Interesting. NatG is at modeling shoot for some project for men behind bars. You know, because prisoners need a little spice in their lives. Classy. Contrast that with Drita at a boxing session working off her aggression towardNatG and the recording she heard. She recounts everyone she kicked aside to take NatG’s side.  She’s getting angrier as she thinks about it. You couldn’t pay to me hold Drita’s body bag given the stiff blows she’s throwing.

Mob Wives

Renee is at an apartment/showroom modeled to look like a home, helping AJ pick out a promise ring for his girlfriend. I, too, buy my jewelry at home whenever my jewelers bring cases of diamond rings for me to look at – and by “jewelers” I mean the Home Shopping Network and by “diamonds” I mean cubic zirconia. Renee tries a ring on and it fits (oh, poor AJ!) She is again talking about looking forward to the future, most especially since Junior has been sentenced and she won’t have to worry about seeing him for some time. AJ finally picks out the ring he wants for his beloved and Renee tells him that she, too, deserves a ring. As his mother, she thinks he needs to make sure she is happy even before worrying about his girlfriend. He agrees to buy her a diamond ring if she agrees to buy him a Rolex. What is it he does, again? If that ring was a promise of what’s to come, they’ll need security to walk around with Andrea when she gets an engagement ring.

Mob Wives

NatD is meeting with a friend at a gun range and showing off her shooting skills. What’s changed?  Nothing.  She and Ronnie have been on the outs, although they are going to try to make things work, again.  Oh, and this will shock you! (#notsomuch) She still hates NatG with a burning passion. She plans to dress up at Renee’s party, but wants to wear “Timbs” and black gloves and go “ghetto style”on her. Another shocker, she utters more threats of bodily harm and possible death. I would LOVE to see Drita and NatD go head to head in a televised “Mobwives Threat Generator Competition:” I’m going rip her fat RAT lips off, beat her with them, and make her swallow them before she passes out…Oh yeah? Well, I’m going tear out her hair, wrap the strands around her hand, using her hair for as a glove and punch her head in with it).

Mob Wives

Ang and Karen are getting together for a drink. The good news is that AJ completed his drug program and is doing well. Karen is happy for the family and curious about why Drita has been missing in action. Ang tells Karen that she invited NatalieG to the party, as Renee told her she could do, and Karen quips that Renee had a cleansing and is inviting dirt to her party (POW!). All she knows is that NatalieG had better be on her best behavior while she’s around and she’d better not have to come out of her character, again. Ang thinks NatG is wonderful for being willing to show up with so many people hating her. That, dear Ang, is what rational people call a CLUE! I am creeped out by #BigAng’s decision making skills. She has been betrayed by a friend before. No warning bells? Flashing lights? Karen doesn’t think she is the one they should worry about.  She wonders what will happen when NatD finally gets the chance to be in the same room at NatG.

Mob Wives

Renee is still feeling good about the baptism and the change in her life. Karen reiterates in a TH that she is there for Renee only. While everyone is gathering, NatG is at home withLondon, toasting to the night and talking more crap.  NatD is pre-gaming the party with trash talk, as well… they both know they’re going to the party to celebrate a baptism, right? Ang arrives, bringing NeilAJ gives Andrea her rock. The party erupts thinking they just witnessed an engagement. Drita arrives. Her mood is as dour as the environment is lively in the party room. She shares her sit down with NatD. She knows Karen and Renee are going to give her the “I told you so.” They do exactly what Drita thought they would, in THs. Ang is silent, at first, and then in a TH refuses to believe it. We see NatD arrive with RonnieAng is, of course, worried about the “rat” who taped the “rat” and claims she should say nothing in case NatD is wearing a wire. It’s getting crazy. Drita tells Ang that her constant refusal to believe the truth makes her sound like every dude sitting in prison who can’t believe a friend turned on them. I think it hits home for Ang – who was in exactly that position.

Mob Wives

London and NatG arrive. She’s wearing a dress cut down to her navel. Why is it she wears something cut to her navel every time there is the potential for a takedown (hers or someone else’s)?  Drita looks at her like she’s hungry and NatG is a piece of meat. NatD takes the time to pull out her phone and play the recording. Renee asks her to put the phone down, but you KNOW she doesn’t mean it. NatD decides to let everyone eat first. NatG is trying to make nice with Drita from across the room, and Drita is blowing her off. NatG FINALLY realizes that something is going on. Drita realizes something is going on too, because NatG has an entire table of strangers who are staring down NatDDrita asks Renee who the strangers are and it sets Renee off because she sees what’s going on. NatD is getting amped. NatG is smirking and her guests are pretty much snarling in the #MobWives direction. This ain’t good folks. Even Big Ang is not happy with this move and comments on how she’s stood up for NatG all over the place….It’s not a good look right now. Renee feels angrier at NatG for bringing uninvited guests. She has them thrown out.

Mob Wives

NatG claims she did it because she wasn’t walking in a lion’s den knowing they were gunning for her. She wasn’t going to allow herself to be jumped a third time by a room full of bitches.  Unless I’m wrong, the only one she knew was coming after her was NatD. What’s going on with that excuse? NatD isn’t done with her. Now that she’s outside, NatD goes after NatG (and her entourage).   NatG describes entourage as her friends and family and says she’s upset that her family was thrown out. She hears the taunts but drives off with London. Drita repeatedly calls her a P—Y for showing up with a group, for being who she is, for everything. Big Ang sounds sorry she stood up for NatG. She says that betrayal is not acceptable.

Mob Wives

Mob Wives

NatG tells us in a TH that anyone who comes after her is going to have all of their secrets pulled out of the closet – probably not the best choice of words coming from someone accused of being a rat. Renee concludes the episode in a TH, noting that the women have finally realized that NatG is not good for the group. Thank you!  I can’t wait for the reunion.

Mob Wives


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  1. She Stinks! March 5, 2015 at 6:29 am -

    Nothing happened as I predicted! What a yawn of a season. Nat D is such a loud mouth warthog. Enough with this foolishness. I think I’m done with this show!

  2. Claire Elizabeth Beard March 5, 2015 at 9:23 am -

    You’d think, considering the show is scripted to a fair extent, that they’d have given the fans a bit more of a satisfying end to this Natalies chirade. Talk about anti-climax! Let’s hope the reunion is gonna be a whole heck better!

  3. Jersey March 5, 2015 at 9:42 am -

    All I want to know is who lied to Karen? She said the last time she saw Nat G she beat her behind. That’s not what I watched go down between the two of them. Karen spent most of that fight on her back getting half her faced scratched up.

  4. say_no_go March 5, 2015 at 12:36 pm -

    The new Nat looks freaking gross in that pic. Sh!t all of the pics