Phaedra Parks Allows Her Sons To Speak To Apollo Nida Whose Isolated & Withdrawn In Prison

Posted on Mar 5 2015 - 4:47pm by Dani-K


Even though it seems as if Apollo Nida, twice-convicted felon husband to “Real Housewives Of Atlanta,” star Phaedra Parks, turned himself into prison just last week, he’s actually been incarcerated for six months. Radar is reporting that the charismatic, electric drill carrying, ex-reality star “has become withdrawn and isolated in prison.” The only thing keeping him going is the phone chats with his young sons, Ayden, 4 and Dylan, 18-months.

Shocking that Phaedra allowed the phone calls to even take place…this is the same woman who wouldn’t attend the sentencing of her husband because it might reflect poorly on her. The insider said,

“Phone calls with Ayden and Dylan bring him a lot of joy. Although it’s hard for Dylan to talk on the phone because of his age, Ayden tells his daddy he is taking care of his baby brother. It’s incredibly sweet.”

Apollo will have eight years to contemplate his mistakes and poor choices, meanwhile, the insiders are saying that Apollo has no legitimate plans to pay back the $2 million he owes in restitution to the IRS and JP Morgan Chase.

“What kind of job will Apollo be able to get after getting out of prison as a convicted felon?”

Well, there’s always ditch-digging, but due to his current unemployed status from the RHOA, attempts to garnish Apollo’s wages have been terminated by a judge. The insider explained, “Apollo doesn’t have any money. There are no secret bank accounts, or hidden assets.”

But as we’ve learned by watching convicted felons Joe and Teresa Guidice, Apollo will still owe the money to his creditors when he gets out of the clink.

“Apollo knows that any future job he is able to get, the government will seek to recover the $2 million in restitution from his wages,” the source claimed. “When the creditors are the IRS and a bank, those agencies are aggressive and will get their money, even if it takes twenty years.”

Can I get an amen!


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  • twifan2

    I for one, am happy that Fakedra let his sons speak to him! 🙂

    • Trippinhhard

      Thank u its not about her, I don’t care of my father was the scum of the earth..I LOVE HIM AND THAT SCUM IS MY FIRST’s hard but she got what the heck she wanted out of Apollo.. Those boys, so deserve to see and let them laugh n tell him about their week..IMO

      • Bad Barbie

        See. You are what I am talking about. Kids DGAF how much of a loser their parents may be. Wait for them to grow up and be the judge.

        • Trippinhhard

          BB- we all all no good—I just want do anything wrong, but he’s paying again for his actions..
          But I could never take our children, from either patent.. That same shit happen when my brother divorced his life.. She would take off with them, so he couldn’t see them… But now my brother is dead, but 4 of his kids have huge problems with their mother…. Too late, they all knew he lived them.. Shit he raised them while she finished her MD.. That’s a hole in a child’s heart that will take years to try and fill..

    • Bad Barbie

      Yes. that is something mature coming from her. They are his kids, unless she knows something we don’t.



    • Theresa Herrmann

      Please stop writing your unintellectual BS in caps. Nobody cares about your thoughts.

      • Whydid Youblockme

        Lmao ….

      • Your racism, ethnocentrism, classism, and vitriol make me sick. You think that because I’m black I don’t deserve to have a voice.

  • Trippinhhard

    Hey Dr. Are u very sure, I meant every word, if not.. I understand I am the same way..
    But this is nothing in the depths of live….love ya

  • dj j

    That guy is scary. I can’t believe he told Peter that he could kill her..a crime of passion. And then going up to Phaedra and whispering in her ear. Very threatening behavior. I wonder how horrible he was when the camera’s weren’t there.

    • Theresa Herrmann

      I think he is incredibly scary! He doesn’t deserve those boys!

      • cait

        Ooh purleease ! He’s a regular, hot-headed male, but certainly not a psycho ! Met enough of those in my time ! This lad loves his boys !

    • cait

      Bollix !

  • Susan Thorne Zavagli

    a while ago I read Apollo was going to work with the Feds and help them catch other crooks and this could get him a earlier release

  • Bad Barbie

    Fact is he is their father convict or not. Phaedra picked him to be their father while he was already a convict. No pity party for her here. These boys will resent her not letting them communicate with their dad in the future. Ask anyone that this was done to and you’ll see… they don’t always side with the parent that thinks is doing the right thing.

  • Whydid Youblockme

    Apollo must CRY HIS EYEZ OUT in prison. I know he’s hurtin’. Even tho he committed those crimes I feel sorry for dude. I know his kidz mean a lot to him – going from what he said on the show & his expressions I can tell he loves those lil boys. And if those babies saw their Daddy they would be sooooooo happy. They’d probably ask a buncha questions but they’d still be happy to see their Daddy & I can guarantee you they will cry alot when visiting hours are over, so will Apollo & and the lil boys will ALWAYZ be bugging Fakedra to take them to see Daddy – and she’ll act all STUCK UP like she “dont want her boys visiting no prison with a buncha murderers etc” – like this btich is so fcuking PRISTINE & UNTOUCHABLE, but I tell you what, if she don’t take those boys to see their Daddy they’re gonna cry their eyes out & become very sad & withdrawn & then SHE’s gonna have some REAL PROBLEMS