Vanderpump Rules Recap: Tom Confronts Jax For Stabbing Him In The Back! [Episode 18]

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Vanderpump Rules

We open in this season’s finale, to a very special event for Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa is shooting a very special 10th anniversary for SUR, and wants this years calendar to be something special. Tommy Garcia, is the photographer for this retro, sexy shoot. Lisa makes sure to mention there’s a pink Cadillac, a pink motel, and even a director named, “Pinky,” referring to herself. The theme more reminded me of the cast from the movie, “Grease.” White tee-shirts, leather jackets, and vintage curls, fly as the crew get glam-ified. After we witness some pretty incredible shots, Scheana takes a break to speak to Sandoval about Jax, flat-out, saying he had told her that Sandoval had sex with Miami girl. Tom says, “It pisses me off that Jax is giving Kristen ammo, like why is he doing that?” Scheana, now showing some doubts as she smiles telling Sandoval to talk to his Bff. Then we witness Jax and Sandoval have an awkward moment, taking James Dean style, photos. Sandoval is breathing fire at the report of his boy once again,betraying him after he was asked not to.

Vanderpump Rules

Scheana, next reports the same story to her best friend, Ariana. Quickly Ariana dismisses the alleged cheating rumor. Scheana tells her friend that she thinks he is a cheater, and doesn’t want her to get hurt. Ariana sticks to her story, that there was texting, and many conversations with Sandoval during the “Miami girl” time frame. Ariana claims that there is no way Sandoval had sex with that girl if she was on the phone with him. Ariana isn’t exactly happy about her friend bringing up,”the rumor.”

Schwartz shocks us all, by walking into his therapist’s office talking about his commitment issues, and how the idea of spending the rest of his life with the same person, sounds so bad to him. Which is something Schwartz feels like he can’t tell Katie. Its clear, after a couple minutes of declaring how unsure he is, that Tom Schwartz is terrified of marriage, and has a deep fear of making it official with Katie.

Vanderpump Rules

Things get heated up when Sandoval asks Jax, “What did you say about Miami?” Of course, as per usual, Jax begins to stutter, squinting his eyes and deny it repeatedly. Which I found to be the giveaway that Jax was lying. Ariana walks up to ask Jax what Sandoval just did. Jax walks away faster than Tom did when Miami girl walked into SUR.

Our non-resident, Greek Goddess, Stassi, shows up at SUR for the famous goat cheese balls. Lisa invites Stassi to come to the photo shoot celebration party that evening to get back into the fold with the group. Lisa suggests that Stassi come to the party and maybe sit down again with Katie, and working out their differences. Stassi, still holding on to her many issues, reluctantly agrees to make an appearance.

Vanderpump Rules

We had arrived at said party, as Lisa welcomes the crew, and thanks them with some cocktails and another opportunity for a scene. James Kennedy even goes to Lisa and asks if Kristen can just come by SURand have a drink. Lisa agrees, but warns this party isn’t going to be the normal Kristen induced drama.

Tom and Ariana dressed to kill, are ready to rumble over the rumor that just won’t seem to die. Stassi shows up and manages to pull Katie for another conversation to place blame. Stassi still feels like Katie jumped ship, and Katie is sticking to her guns, that a real friend wouldn’t be mad about a trip with a boyfriend and some much needed peace in her life. Stassi says,”It’s really creepy how Katie is behaving. I thought she was just going to apologize, and that we could move on.” We could all see the look of disappointment on Katie’s face. This conversation ends the same way, with this time, Stassi walking away. Nothing will be settled with these two it appears.

Vanderpump Rules

As Stassi, reports to Lisa Vanderpump that it didn’t go so well with Katie. Lisa kindly leans over to whisper, “Just a heads up, but Jax just walked in.” Again Stassi panic’s, and bolts, as we saw more of her backside this episode. Lisa tries to encourage Stassi to stay and not let that stuff get to her. As usual, Stassi doesn’t hear a word and walks out like this all happened yesterday. Stassi makes her confessional finale, she affirms, “It’s not like SUR is the evil hotel in The Shining.” She continues, “It’s these people,their evil, and I don’t want to associate with these people anymore.”

The tension gets thick when Sandoval, pulls Schwartz aside to go confront Jax. Behind the restaurant, the two Toms confront Jax about purposely sabotaging their relationships. Jax denies ever mentioning anything about Sandoval and Miami girl. The Toms’ don’t believe a word, as Kristen walks out to conveniently stir the pot. Sandoval lays it on the line and asks Kristen, “Did Jax tell you 100% that something happened in Miami?” To which Kristen barks back yes,”100%, multiple times.” Jax slightly alters his story, by saying that what the girls told him. Jax loses his cool, when Kristen said he told her, and Jax is a liar.

Vanderpump Rules

Sandoval and Kristen, get into it when Sandoval calls Kristen a psycho. Sandoval yells, “Kristen, you burn through friends, like Jax burns through condoms!” It gets even louder as Jax yells at Kristen, “Shut the f*** up!” Sandoval tells Kristen to move on with her life and leave him alone. Kristen gracefully bows out, leaving the boys staring at each other wondering how they can be friends with someone they don’t trust. Kristen finally says you win Ariana. A creepy, “Good Luck,” is sarcastically given to Ariana as Kristen makes her final sad attempt to break them up.. Sandoval tells Ariana, Katie, and Lisa that, Jax hasn’t changed, Kristen hasn’t changed but that he feels lucky because of Ariana. Then we get the shock of the season as Tom lovingly asks Ariana to move in with him. Ariana doesn’t hesitate,and they seal the decision with a very sweet kiss. It will be interesting to see what else this couple has ahead of them.

Vanderpump Rules

Looks like he is sitting in the corner couch drinking his commitment issues away, when Katie sits down. The two get into another negotiation session for marriage. Schwartz says it will happen one day. Katie, says take the next step with her or she has to move on and he has 6-months. Schwartz is hoping that six months is enough time for him to get it together and at least propose.

At the end of the evening we sum up the season with our favorite SUR crew celebrating the incredible shots from their exceptional 50’s photo shoot. Lisa pours shots herself, as she closes with,”My staff look amazing, I mean they really are gorgeous. Sometimes I wish they were a little more beautiful on the inside, but they look great”.

Make sure you are ready for next week, as the SURvers go head to head on the Vanderpump Rules Reunion hosted by Andy Cohen.


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