The 5 Strangest Moments From The #SisterWives “Tell All” Special

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Sister Wives Tell All Special

The Sister Wives Tell All” episode proved to be an epic letdown. It was the same regurgitated blather that made up a brief season of a far from transparent portrayal of theBrown “family.”

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There were some moments that stuck out, and revealed a very different story than TLC was shooting to sell, to a hopefully gullible audience.

1. The revisiting of the high brow debriefing sessions between the grad students and the UNLV professor…WHY was this whole scenario necessary to watch again?  There was NO research, NO project, NO endorsement from UNLV, NO recorded findings.  This was nothing more than a couple of intellectually pompous students giving the Browns a high five to an irrelevant authority figure for no reason at all.  The re-highlighting of this manipulative and misleading fan-fest speaks volumes about TLC’s opinion of the viewer’s intelligence.

2. There was a huge contrast between Christine’s heel clicking joy at the divorce announcement, as well as the forced giddy contentment she exuded during the finale, and the utter discontent she exhibited during the season. All “marriages” have their ups and downs, but Christine and Kody were snappy with each other all season, with Christine even admitting that things were not going well. Supposedly, she is THRILLED about her balding honey choosing to make it legal with Robyn, rather than a woman he has SIX children with?  This was a targeted damage control performance at it’s finest.

3. The admission from the women that they are NOT living a ‘Sister Wives’ lifestyle, was obvious. They don’t help with each other’s children, they don’t live together, they don’t hang out together, they do not function in any way as the self professed ‘family’ that they sell to America every week. If you read between the lines, these are four independent families with one man who is a quasi-husband to one of them, and a guy who swings by once in awhile to peck the other three. Is this supposed to be a true example of a genuine polygamist lifestyle?

4. The ONE splash of revealing tea…Janelle does NOT fit in with this needy gaggle of women. Janelle is losing weight, and gaining confidence by the minute, and is the looker of the bunch.She admits to feeling out of place,  and as she becomes more and more self aware, I can see her squealing out of the cul de sac first.  Thanks TLC, for that little ray of honesty through such a crap-storm of contrived nonsense.

5. The contradiction between what the Browns spew as their truth, and their reactions to these hard sold beliefs is glaring.  They claim that there is no difference between a ‘legal’ wife and a ‘spiritual’ one, but every one of them was weeping during the Tell All during the D-Bomb discussion, and three of them even shed real tears.  I was expecting to see one of Christine’s chunky spider eyelashes stuck to her cheek at any moment. WHY the upset if a silly piece of paper means nothing? Is it so hard to admit that there IS an emotional difference between a legal wife and a mistress? WHY is Meri claiming greater happiness after being demoted to the spiritual mistress category, if there’s no difference at all?

The real tea is that this family is a hot mess, and everything they say is to keep the TLC gravy train rolling. They have a couple of dozen mouths to feed after all, and with a helping hand from their manipulating network accomplice, they should be able to keep their fans sufficiently snowed for another season.


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