Could Mama Joyce Be Right? Todd Tucker Denies Kandi Burruss Sex!

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Kandi and Todd RHOA

It looks like the honeymoon’s over! On last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi and Todd hash out some marriage issues, and banter about the possibility of bringing a therapist into the mix.  The two classic snafus that tend to mess up any fairy tale marriage were the subjects of the discussion, namely sex and cash.  We all know that unlike many Housewives, Kandi’s bank is real, so after Kandi shadily reminded her hubby of just that, the couple crossed business conflicts off their list of complaints.  They moved into the real tea….not enough sex for Kandi, and it certainly appears to be too MUCH sex for Todd.

It’s common knowledge that Kandi is an open sexual book….she hawks sex toys and hosts her own raunchy internet show, after all.  I have always maintained that the Atlanta crew is the most makeup and wardrobe boosted franchise, but evidently Kandi isn’t carrying that hard fought glam into the bedroom, because in an extremely TMI moment, Toddpainted a visual that is anything but sexy.  He complained that Kandi wears a bonnet between the sheets, which he claims is  thwarting the kandi koated action.  Todd also threw out that Kandi is “no Rihanna”, indicating that there is a more complex undercurrent going on in this television romance, which seems to be sinking like impotent rock.


Did Kandi reel Todd in with the perfect raunchy combo of wealth and endless crazy sex?  Maybe he got more than he bargained for…because with Kandi snarking that SHE is doing well financially, and demanding constant (lights out!) bedroom attention, Todd appears to be struggling with his decision.  Maybe the type of girl he could bring home to his (now deceased) mother would have been the wiser choice?


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