Could Mama Joyce Be Right? Todd Tucker Denies Kandi Burruss Sex!

Posted on Mar 2 2015 - 1:48pm by BeachSpin

Kandi and Todd RHOA

It looks like the honeymoon’s over! On last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi and Todd hash out some marriage issues, and banter about the possibility of bringing a therapist into the mix.  The two classic snafus that tend to mess up any fairy tale marriage were the subjects of the discussion, namely sex and cash.  We all know that unlike many Housewives, Kandi’s bank is real, so after Kandi shadily reminded her hubby of just that, the couple crossed business conflicts off their list of complaints.  They moved into the real tea….not enough sex for Kandi, and it certainly appears to be too MUCH sex for Todd.

It’s common knowledge that Kandi is an open sexual book….she hawks sex toys and hosts her own raunchy internet show, after all.  I have always maintained that the Atlanta crew is the most makeup and wardrobe boosted franchise, but evidently Kandi isn’t carrying that hard fought glam into the bedroom, because in an extremely TMI moment, Toddpainted a visual that is anything but sexy.  He complained that Kandi wears a bonnet between the sheets, which he claims is  thwarting the kandi koated action.  Todd also threw out that Kandi is “no Rihanna”, indicating that there is a more complex undercurrent going on in this television romance, which seems to be sinking like impotent rock.


Did Kandi reel Todd in with the perfect raunchy combo of wealth and endless crazy sex?  Maybe he got more than he bargained for…because with Kandi snarking that SHE is doing well financially, and demanding constant (lights out!) bedroom attention, Todd appears to be struggling with his decision.  Maybe the type of girl he could bring home to his (now deceased) mother would have been the wiser choice?


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  • Carmen Mitchell

    He’s probably getting “it” somewhere else. Anyone who is gone that much for no good reason is definitely up to something.

    • chacha1

      I think he is trying to get a job in LA and far away from those nasty bitches …. after his mother was so disrespected and died I think it changed everything ….. good for Todd if he is wanting to end that marriage …. he even has to ask Kandi if they have any money that he can have

    • RonnieIsBack

      Yup…I believe This ^^^ 100% with a Porsha or Rhianna look-a-like

  • Susan Thorne Zavagli

    little red riding hood doesn’t like Granny with the bonnet and the big teeth…..Todd not wanting sex is a big problem

    • DLister

      He probably prefers sex with himself. No dealing with histrionics.

  • DLister

    Don’t these people know anything about TMI? I suppose they don’t know that you CAN be fun and memorable on TV without diving into the damn gutter.

    • BeachSpin

      PREACH!! I think Kandi likes the sexual blathering…so GROSS. I could have done without that visual.

  • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

    Kandi, check yourself. You emasculate Todd in business. You emasculate him fiscally/financially. You emasculate him in front of your family & friends & then you expect him to be the man int the bedroom? Girl puh-leeze!
    You sound like one of those imbecilic women who sits there & cries, while they piss & moan how they want a man to love the “real” them.
    Yet there they sit with the fake hair, fake teeth, fake nails, fake boobs, fake butt…

    • She Stinks!

      See above, what Tigerlily said…well done!

      • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

        TY She.

    • chacha1

      and a bonnet on her head … ewe !!

      • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

        UGH! Yeah way to look sexy for your man. NOT!

  • chacha1

    who would want to be with that smelly Kandi with her sex toys all vibrating all over the place with her big bonnet on her head ….. now if Todd would get smart, he should grab his daughter and get the hell away from those nasty women who hiss thru their teeth while talking and I am including Riley too she is as bad as Joyce and Kandi

    • Bwahahahahaha!! ROFLMAO!!!!!

    • cait

      Wanted to get one of those “Vibrating Eggs” a few years ago ! You know the ones, you can use them on the bus and smile all the way to work ! Well I couldn’t afford one so used a regular egg ! Boy, did I learn a lesson, that day ! HARD BOIL THE EGG FIRST, GIRLS !

  • OvertheMississippi

    This is pure BS. Kandi didn’t just start sleeping in a bonnet after they got married. He should just come out and say that he isn’t attracked to him anymore — if he ever was. Kandi got married for all the wrong reasons. Do people not realize that marriage is a beast?

    • RonnieIsBack


    • dj j

      Hey it’s her fault for not checkin her beast of a mother. And the worst thing was, days before her death, telling Miss Sharon that she would beat her ass if Miss Sharon attacked Joyce. Todd must harbor resentment towards her, what man wouldn’t? Then Kandi gives him hell for going out of town to work. Yet he has to, because she made him sign that prenup, for her mother. He would be dumb if he put his career on hold, and then be left with nothing. This marriage will not last. And if he was a gold digger,he would make sure she got pregnant., and he’s not doing that. So NEVER say Joyce was right! She laid the groundwork, so she could say that. She’s done it with all Kandi’s men

  • rasta

    Todd is a handsome dude. He shouldn’t have to spend these prime years yoked to a chic that he’s not attract ed to. Love can’t be bought and that bonnet thing sounds crazy coming from a millionaire who boasts how to keep it sexy in the bedroom. Those toy stocks just went down.

    • Trippinhhard

      He knew damn well, Kandi and RIRI two totally different women. He loved Kandi’s BIG ASS..
      But honey, U have to be one strong ass determined minded person, and really love them, to eat shit with a shove.. Your WHOLE MARRIED LIFE—-RUN AWAY LITTLE BOY… I can say this shit because that was ME SAMRA(TrippingHard) Lord I ate some shit from his mother, I did everything I could and always wanted to do things with my mom/MIL together… We did and enjoyed it, but she just don’t like my personality.. Because I didn’t allow her to tell me what I suppose to do for her son and my money,
      His ass was poor..after 32yrs we are finally like family with real love from her.. I always, love, respected, admired his parents..girl me and my FIL, they all get jealous, because we can talk for hours, laughing, talking about current events, stock market, any business wise and my FIL told me, if u live my son, please don’t let my wife, his mother, screw with your head, please marry my son…he was the father I didn’t have … The only reason I stayed with big sexy, he’s my first love and I could never ever ever LOVE no one else like him.. I’m going to treat her with respect and love, but I’m not taking insults..
      Run Todd run. LOL I TOLD HER, I DONT NEED YOUR SON, I SAMRA GAUTREAUX work two jobs..
      my daddy died when I was 18,.. I only took 10K to sart a scholarship for engineering students in my daddy’s name… People need to know, money is good for one thing only (security) but we all have the same problems… I don’t love money, too much makes me feel guilty, that’s why I help the poor and underprivileged ppl… I wouldn’t spend $5-10K to eat with important ppl, shit I know all YALL, my donations are strictly for the poor.. Rich ppl don’t need no help, money get going round the table, it stays in that room.. RUN TODD RUN

  • Guest

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  • Trippinhhard

    Kandi is NEVER going to tell her mother, if u can’t RESPECT my husband, like I respect the men U have lived with off of MY MONEY.. Then mama you know I love you, but you are not going to destroy my only chance of JOY (see I said from the start, Kandi was a WHORER with her mega millions… Money could never ever buy her any man.. (now this man signed the prenup, he will prob get 1Million)..SEX is not the end of the world.. Her ass in ATL and he’s WORKING, what UR mammy said he wouldn’t work after marrying her BABY.. RUNAWAY LITTLE BOY
    Did Phedra actually hit kenya with her purse? BeachSpin, girl I need just another cup of that sweet tea..
    you’re good..

    OT: Thank YALL for allowing me to be apart of your new site from the start.. I’m praying for this site to be prosper and continually to grow.. God Bless everyone one, because we all know, that’s the one MAN
    we never saw, and JESUS is the ONLY man I FEAR.. LOL
    the rest of YALL can kiss my ass.. I’m just so HAPPY, BUT JOY(that’s your soul) … the Lord knows me well, I tell him lol, Lord this me, U know I’m a no good for nothing SINNER, that’s human, but how I treat n respect everyone, PLEASE JUDGE ME ON THAT.. Don’t judge me on the nasty lowdown things I say in my mind about ppl….I didn’t tellem, but I was smiling, laughing, in my mind, judge me on what comes out.. I’m on the mend and I’m be back posting hours a day… lol

  • RonnieIsBack

    she definitely lured hm in with gifts and the talk of threesomes, etfc…Kandi is too damn lazy to be the aggressive sexual diva she tried to sell to Todd. Yes she is about her business and money but unless Todd is gonna put a C-note on the nightstand…