#TheWalkingDead Recap: ‘Remember’ [Episode 12]

Posted on Mar 2 2015 - 8:43am by Norrth Cafe

Rick and family the-walking-dead

The show picks up with posturing – there is the request for the group to give up their guns and their refusal to do so.  As if planned by the god of angry things, a walker approaches in the distance and Sasha, as requested by Rick, blows the walker’s head off, clearing the closed gate.  Case closed, the survivors hold on to their guns, for now. Aaron supports that decision.

Sasha and the Kill shot the-walking-dead

Rick then meets Deanna, once a congressperson from Ohio. She cuts to the chase in her taped interview with Rick.  Taped how?  They are in a planned community with its own solar grid.  They have power and a fair number of resources – lucky for them since the Army never came back for them.  Her husband was an architect and helped the citizens put the plates up that protect the compound, taking the plates from a construction site nearby. Rick warns her of the dangers outside the gates and the “survival at any costs” angle people out there play.  He tells her she shouldn’t let anyone in, if she wants to stay safe. Deanna knows that Rick and his crew can help them all survive. They are the first group the Alexandrians have trusted and invited into the compound. She is not upset by what he tells her – that he had to do terrible things to help his family survive, a family it sounds like she’d like to be a part of, in her words. She tells him that she had to do things as well, like exiling three men who didn’t work out – rendering what was effectively a death sentence.

Deanna interviews Rick the-walking-dead

She trusts Rick. She is good at reading people and would have become a poker player if she hadn’t won re-election, she tells him.  Somehow, she manages to miss Rick’s contempt for just about all living people except his survivor family. She seems to mistake it for fear.  Just as Rick was shocked that she is able to film their talk, he is stunned when she gives him the time, telling him that it’s time for him to make a decision about what he wants to do – if he’s the person making the decisions.  (P.S. He sets his watch).   He tells her about his past, as a sheriff.  She figured as much. This could be an interesting friendship – if it ever gets that far.  After their talk, the survivors let their guards down and give up their weapons. They are told the weapons still belong to them, and they can check them out when they’re on the wall, but inside they’re stored for safety reasons.  The woman collecting the guns jokes she should have brought a bigger cart.


Rick can’t believe he is being given the choice of two large homes. He and Carl carefully explore the first of the two. In some ways, while it is certainly grander, it reminds me of their Atlanta home. This one has picture frames sitting on a shelf by the door – reminding me of the empty spaces on the wall in their Atlanta home, where the frames use to be. Rick showers and shaves as if he thinks he’s dreaming every movement. SHRITLESS Rick (thank you writers) answers a knock at the door. He’s handed a bin of food and necessities from “Jessie.” She was once a stylist and offers to give him a haircut. Rick angrily tells her that she doesn’t even know him (seriously dude, let it go). She’s ok. She can handle herself. Electricity, Showers. Haircuts. He never thought he would see them again.


Daryl’s taped interview is different. He is not as willing to be questioned. He’s there because the “boy and the baby” deserve a home, and doesn’t have much else to say. Later we see him on his $800,000+ porch, skinning possum.  So very true to form, I love it.  Daryl, Rick, and Carol meet up and talk about how they’ve been split up into different houses. Is it a “divide and conquer” move? Rick thinks they should all sleep in the same house. As they are talking, Carl is inside with his knife drawn, exploring the house when he finds a bonus room. Luckily no one was on the other side of the door because he would have put a gaping hole in them. Surely the compound has a pharmacy and anti-anxiety meds.


Michonne seems to be the only person completely at ease. She even smiles at Rick’s lack of facial hair realizing she’s never seen his bare face. Later that night, Deanna is amused, not angry nor offended, that they are all in the same house. She loves Rick’s new look and is amazed that people with such completely different backgrounds could become a family. Deanna is only there to let them know that she’s putting together work assignments for them. Later, as all are sleeping, we see Rick’s shadowy figure in the night. He goes to the kitchen to grab a knife… just in case. His scars run deep. Not so deep that the next morning, as the group is sent out to explore the compound, that it stops him from sharing with Daryl that he and Lori use to drive through neighborhoods like Alexandria’s. He panics when he realizes that Carl and Judith are missing, only to find out they’re sitting with a couple who once had five children and twelve grandchildren. They’re excited by seeing a baby. Note that Rick’s panic comes after Michonne has told Deanna, in her interview, that they are all ready to be a part of the community. Carl meets the other teens, Rob (Jessie’s son), Mikey (playing video games), and Enid (another version of Carl, sitting silently on the bed). It’s a far cry from the time Carl found video games and a tv, but had no electricity. They talk about hanging out at abandoned houses to listen to music and about playing pool at Mikey’s house while his strict dad is at work.  Carl looks as if he has fallen into the rabbit hole. He later tells Deanna about having to “kill” his mother and tells Rick he doesn’t ever want to be weak like the Alexandrians.

father and son the-walking-dead

Michonne is now awake in the middle of the night, with Rick. Both seem to have some anxiety as Michonne waits for her assignment from DeannaRick decides to take a walk when he’s welcomed by Jessie’s husband. Rick doesn’t bother to get to know him and keeps going. Now I feel as shell shocked as Carl. It’s what fans have wanted for the survivor family, but it only makes you wonder how long they’ll get to be happy.

It’s Carol’s turn to tell her story. She says she misses husband Ed, that “stupid, wonderful man” and cooking and cleaning for her family.  She describes herself as the den mother of the group with no special skills, asking if there is a junior league. She neglects to let Deanna know how she took down an entire walled community and killed about half of the cannibalistic Terminans on her own. Carol is clearly trying to snowball Deanna and is treating it like the high stakes job interview it is. Later, we see her in a sweater set, on her way to the senior center. Thank goodness Deanna won re-election.  Carl isn’t the only one afraid of becoming weak. Sampson had his hair, Daryl has the stink of his clothes, and his unwashed body.  While he tells Carol she looks ridiculous, she tells him to clean up, they have to keep up appearances and get to know the neighbors.

Carol the-walking-dead

In Glenn’s interview he says that they have to make it work because they were almost “out there” too long. Rick patrols the wall from the outside, where, coincidentally, the support posts are. That can’t be good. Carl is surprised by Enid approaching. She pegs her way up the wall and goes over it. Glenn, Tara, and Noah meet Aidan (Deanna’s son) and Nicholas – the obnoxious guard at the gate when they first arrived. Aidan, who is former ROTC., tells the group that he heard they have experience with supply runs. Aidan and Nicholas arm the survivors and take them on a dry run.

Carl follows Enid into the woods, but she ditches him. Rick is outside the gates as well. He’s gone back to the place where he left his emergency weapon, and finds it gone. He hears walkers approaching and pulls his weapons, first a gun and then a knife.  Just then, Carl walks up and pulls his knife, too.  Together they take down a herd of five, one of which surprised Rick by grabbing his leg after crawling from under a mound of trash.  Rick allows Carl to have the honor of taking out the last walker, as Carl requested.  They are either heroic or dead scary in the way they seem to relish the opportunity for hand-to-hand combat.

Adrian explains the flair guns – used as a call for help, which explains Aaron’s panic in the last episode.  Alexandria lost four people last month, which is why the survivors were recruited.  Adrian, in his not-ready-to-be-Rick-voice, tells everyone he knows he’s a hard ass and a douche but someone has to call the shots.  He tells them they have to do whatever he says.  I think Carl could take this guy.  Adrian brags about hanging one of the “roamers” who killed their people, but it’s gone when they get to the torture site.  They whistle for it when Glenn warns them to stop.  The roamer comes out and is hard to contain as its skin peels away when pulled and muscle tissue ripping.  Tara and Glenn take it down, which infuriates Aidan.  Back at the camp, he tells them they’re not ready since they did not listen.   He gets in Glenn’s face and is even more enraged when he’s told no one is impressed and that listening to him might cause them to all end up like his last crew.  Noah tries to stop Adrian, but he throws a punch, which causes Glenn to knock him on his butt. Nicholas gets the same treatment and Daryl, still unshaven and unwashed, jumps in and keeps them down. A bloodied Rick and Carl return in time for Rick to pull Daryl away.  Aidan cries to his mom that she shouldn’t have let the survivors in.   Instead she tells everyone that Rick and his people are a part of the community, as equals.


She wants to speak with her people, when their weapons are turned in. She makes Rick and Michonne the town’s constables. She even thanks Glenn for knocking her son “on his ass.” Carl looks over and finally realizes that Enid is back.  He says to her, ‘You don’t like me, do you?.” She coldly eyes him and walks away. He has met his match.

Enid  the-walking-dead

I was just watching #TWD (season 2) on Netflix and thought about how much I’ve missed Rick’s hat and the prominent role it played in reassuring survivors.  It doesn’t feel the same on Carl’s head.  As the interview with Rick replays with his warning to Deanna, he descends the stairs of his home in his new uniform and it is glorious.  He thinks it’s time they all start sleeping in their own homes and Carol utters the same words to Rick, as Carl did.  She’s afraid they’ll get weak.  He tells her that they won’t get weak.  It’s not in them anymore.  They’ll make it work.  If the Alexandrians can’t make it, they’ll take over.  Has Rick become the thing he fears and loathes most?  What is Rick’s angle?  Is there one?


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  • italiano bambino

    that alexandria is one creepy place

    • Hey Bam. I personally don’t like it and very fearful for the group’s safety & sanity being there.

    • Norrth

      Deanna’s son and his friend are the only bad things about the place, so far, I think. I wonder if they really wanted Rick’s crew just to keep the two of them under control.

  • Dave

    This was a good episode. It will be very interesting to see how things go down in Alexandria, obviously the Aiden guy is a douche and will be trouble (Jessie’s husband too). I loved Carol’s performance (“I miss that stupid wonderful man”) that she put on for Deanna and her camera. I’m very curious as to what Enid is up to in the woods AND who took Rick’s gun from the blender.

    • Norrth

      Deanna wants Rick to keep her douche son in line, I’m sure. I wonder if he will end up turning on the group after losing control.

  • Awesome recap, Norrth!! I loved loved loved last night’s episode. Although nit much happened in terms of violence, the episode did not lack suspense. It’s obvious Rick, Carol, and Darryl are playing characters for this unknown community. Rick is playing the guarded group leader (which he is anyway), Carol is the fumbling Suzie Home-maker, and Darryl is the wild man. I can’t wait to see how this season turns out. I’m glad the group can finally take showers and brush their teeth!

    • Norrth

      Carol kills me, she’s so funny, but Daryl breaks my heart. He and Sasha are the lonely hearts, so broken. She lost Bob and Tyrese. He lost Merle and then Beth. Oh, and Carl looks like he just wants to smack those teens.

  • CNN

    Thanks for the review. This was a good episode. I loved Daryl’s line about “dinner” to the scenes of Rick showering and shaving, then to Daryl’s little audition with his possum, and Carol playing the weak little lady..I was just chuckling the whole time. Glenn dodging that punch and knocking him down was also great.

    • Norrth

      When Carol asked about the “Junior League” I nearly fell over. I’m sure the only thing she missed about Ed is not being able to take him out, herself. I think it was great that the writers didn’t have her use Sofia’s memory to fool Deanna. That would have gone too far, IMO.

  • Chloe

    This is one of my favorite episodes to date. I’m curious about who took Rick’s hidden gun. And what happened to Morgan? Carol’s fake, plastered-on smile is a brilliant performance. Daryl lurking around, still unshowered is also great. The fact that they decide to spend the night sleeping all together in one room on the floor even though they have their own McMansions just shows that the group is not getting comfortable anytime soon. I know for a fact the politician lady had listening devices planted in their homes.

    • Norrth

      I keep hoping Morgan is there and we haven’t seen him yet. If they bring him in for the last episode, I’m going to be peeved.

  • MorningYawn

    Even though I was screaming (in my head) for Carol to take that damn cardigan off, I loved how she completely underplayed her lethal abilities… And Darryl shouting from the porch “you look ridiculous” was hilarious. His refusal to shower is awesome and he looks like a list boy from Peter Pan. And they seem to have a stash of cigarettes there (in a green community) so Darryl will be happy! 😉

    • Norrth

      Daryl is so interesting to me. He just refuses to care and lose anything by caring, ever again. I wonder if the writers will eventually soften him.

  • twifan2

    Thank you for a great recap, Norrth! 🙂
    Ok, why is Sasha so ‘quiet’? 2 episodes ago she was very verbal/gung-ho about taking walkers down. She kind of waited for the ‘go-ahead’ from Rick to take that walker down??? Now it seems like she’s in the background? & did I miss her interview with Deanna?
    Feels like ‘the quiet before the storm’-the final episodes that is.

    • Norrth

      I can’t remember seeing Sasha give an interview. I don’t think she did. Sasha still seems broken. It seems as if, in TWD time, she lost Bob and within the next couple of weeks lost Tyrese.

      • twifan2

        Sasha seems to have her outspoken moments, then she becomes part of the background. :/
        We’ll have to see what happens on tonite’s episode.
        That community is creepy!

  • RealitytvJunkie

    It was amazing seeing Rick and co look so out of civilization that they looked uncomfortable and awkward doing normal day things. Rick planning on taking over the place is interesting, I think he should take charge of the place, and it will be interesting how he does that. The highlight of the episode goes to Carol, her weak portrayal, will serve her well in the future. Does anyone think the 3 people that were kicked out may come back to attack the place?

    • Norrth

      I’m wondering if one of the three was Enid’s father and if either of them has Rick’s gun.

  • BuckJohnson

    Norrth Café was spot on, spot on. What I thought was that in the beginning and in that interview with Rick, he was giving the congresswoman a warning about trusting anybody outside those walls. She read Rick as a good man and he is, but he’s a good man for people in his group anyone outside the group he’s the enemy. He subconsciously told her not to trust him and his group and she didn’t pick up on it because being confused by what I said him being good. Carol faking it with her betty crocker routine, Rick shaving and having that woman cut his hair and if you noticed when he was walking when that guy said my wife cut your hair that entirely cinched it for Rick that there is an angle being played on them as he told the congresswoman how people outside will look for weaknesses to exploit.
    When Rick walked down those stairs at night and said we if it doesn’t work out we’ll take over is very very poignant. I think they have become what they feared, they have become bad people. They are going to do it to them before they do it to Ricks group. I think we are going to see something for the first time that we don’t see everyday and especially in a series. We saw it with the governor, we saw it with that woman that was on vacation with her husband that Rick encountered and she was trying to kill him for food for her husbands head and we saw it with Terminus when the people where good before the bad guys raped and pillaged the place into madness. We will see them go bad and as I’ve said before years ago on the first season, the walking dead isn’t the dead it’s the people who are alive who are walking around for “what”. It’s almost and end for this series and from what I gather from the comic book it never ended good. So the only way they can end this for the series is to end it where they all go bad.
    Morrow of the story, anyone can go bad given enough time and by degrees. Eventually you don’t even know that it’s bad because it slowly snuck up on you.

    • Norrth

      Loved everything you said, especially about how becoming something bad can sneak up on you. Rick doesn’t even respond to the fact that these people have children and are trying to survive. I loved when Carol told him that he was wrong but still right. He should be on guard, but not so paranoid. He seems to be plotting against them more than they are plotting against him. Although… I want to know who has his gun. Enid?

  • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

    Great recap again Norrth. I am still thinking of Daryl pacing angrily like a wild animal when Rick dragged him off Nicholas. He is by far my favorite character and will be destroyed by a life in Alexandria if it is what they say it is – it’s just not in him to be that domesticated and I don’t want him to be! There is something very shady going on. Again I felt like these Alexandrians just don’t have any experience dealing with Walkers – Nicholas just kinda stared at the once approaching the gates like a rabbit in headlights. It’s hard to imagine they haven’t come under attack from other more aggressive survivors looking for a camp or even supplies. Carol definitely seemed to be lulling Deanna in to a false sense of security by playing the “den mother”. Deanna giving those roles to Rick and Michonne was like she was manipulating them, stroking their egos. I don’t see Rick as turning bad or becoming what he has fought against – I see it that the definition of bad has changed rather than the man if that makes sense? He’s won’t set out to pillage or kill but he will if is means his group surviving. After Woodbury and Terminus he would be mad to trust or not to plan to take over if necessary.

    • Norrth

      I’m wondering if Glenn was right that the other crew ended up dead because of Adrian. He really is as dumb as a stump when it comes to the walkers.

  • Brattus Rattus

    So, I’m wondering if they haven’t let anyone in how come that little girl is there? Why the video taping? Just to catch them in a lie? The whole thing is just too creepy. I would stay in in one house, too. Get my strength back and wait for it. You know someone is coming for those outside pillars to pull them down. It’s just a matter of time.

    • Norrth

      That little girl is the only thing that scares me about the community. Something is so off with her. Aidan is just a whiner, but that Enid is spooky. She’s willing to take on the walkers by going out on her own? She can’t be out there on her own. Who is she meeting?