#SisterWives Reveal Their “Truth” On Season Finale: How Will Viewer Backlash Play In The Show’s Future?

Posted on Mar 1 2015 - 12:37pm by BeachSpin


“Sister Wives” is a wrap tonight…and fans are ready and waiting for the big explanation that has been hyped by TLC, as well as by the cast themselves via their Twitter pages. The collaborative efforts towards saving face, uses phrases such as, ‘real explanation,’ ‘behind the scenes truth,’ and ‘real story.’ It’s important to note that the hard sell didn’t begin until AFTER the D-Bomb news had leaked in the very early days of February, and not until AFTER TLC had spun into damage control, working overtime to throw together a pair of dueling wifey specials.

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The special episodes were meant to prep us for the dramatic, and (fingers crossed) credible reasons behind why Kody Brown chose to dump his first legal wife, and pick up the fourth. Oh wait, I think we are supposed to believe it was all Meri’s idea…whoops! “Sister Wives” claims to be an honest and open documentation of a polygamist ‘family.’ However, the honest and self-proclaimed transparent premise of the show has come under fire this season, with the first stumble being a divorce announcement that didn’t occur until after the shocking news had already been blasted all over the internet. In an exclusive clip of the “Sister Wives Tell All” special airing tonight, Meri, opens up about her “mixed emotions” following the decision.


The second revealing blow was a two episode, pro-polygamy, and obnoxiously condescending intellectual farce, which occurred during a supposed anthropology study conducted by two snotty UNLV grad students. The whole story line was uncovered as a completely bogus display, with the students themselves publicly admitting that there was no research project of any kind. So what gives with The Learning Channel, as well as the Brown Bunch, and their continuous claim of open vulnerability?

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Lots of fans are asking the same question, and social media sites are littered with comments expressing disgust with TLC, the Browns, and the show itself.  The hit show has already been renewed, but could this season’s bumbling viewer manipulation prove to be the beginning of the end? While the show’s blindly accepting super fans still exist, the public tide appears to be turning, in the wake of many disgusted viewers losing patience with the shady new direction of Sister Wives.

“After reading this article, I am absolutely furious with TLC for allowing and promoting this as valid anthropology research! How dare you treat your viewers with such disregard? You insult our intelligence, TLC is quickly becoming like the tabloid magazines at the supermarket checkouts, nobody believes anything they print, it’s a big joke”
“They just keep getting caught In lie, after lie, after lie. Lying about rearranging the marriage, lying about when the divorce episodes were filmed/ putting on a FAKE re enactment of the divorce/ drama around it. Lying about the anthropologists. I’m shocked that they’ve been renewed for another season. They are frauds!”
“They never had the intentions of telling the fans about the divorce. They scrambled once the information was inadvertently discovered. The clapboard used on last week’s show has the date at 2/2/2015. 2 days after the news broke. They did a reenactment of the entire fiasco. They are liars and frauds.”
“If they’re going to keep trying to deceive the fans that are supporting them with their hard earned money, the least they can do is take some acting lessons to make it a tad more believable.”
“I am honestly finished with the show, including the upcoming episode on Sunday.TLC has lost me as a viewer because they no longer have my trust. The lies they promote on Sister Wives and on 19KAC are no longer acceptable.They have insulted my intelligence for the last time and it’s never going to happen again.”

Harsh comments can certainly be found on any show’s opinion pages…but “Sister Wives” attracts a lot of social media attention, and comments expressing opinions such as these are currently choking out the fans who are working to stay positive, and loyal to their favorite harem. Mrs. Kody Brown, formerly known as #4, aka Robyn, tweeted this message to viewers yesterday.

Sister Wives Robyn Tweet

TLC and the Browns have been coverup cohorts this season…and have pushed the boundaries of what could be considered even the barely believable on this alleged ‘reality’ show. No matter what the ‘real story’ turns out to be….how do we ‘have faith’ in a network and a ‘family’ who have both been anything but real, all season long?

The “Sister Wives” finale airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET, immediately followed by the Tell All special at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.


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  • Yolie

    This show should be taken off the air. They’re all a bunch of liars and we know the real truth not the “truth” they want us to believe. And the ‘Tell All’ with Tamron Hall will be a joke. No hard-hitting questions. She’ll follow the script.

    • Bailey

      Sobbin…. that really made me actually laugh aloud. Good one – she is always crying.

  • chacha1

    The negative comments are blowing up on their facebook page, I wonder if they will take it down because 95% of the people hate them lying grifters …. so how do we let the sponsors know that we will not be buying anything they are selling …… I hope Kodydouche and sobbin Robin rot is rat hell where liars and grifters are welcome

  • nn

    I am simply amazed by how not good the ladies look. I haven’t watched the show in a bit but they all seriously look stressed, worn and just not good…not happy, not approachable. So sad.

    • BeachSpin

      IKR…rough times. They are all looking worn.

      • dj j

        I would be done too, after Robyn came along and changed their lives. Did you notice that Meri and Robyn are sitting next to Cody? You would think he would have tried harder to look like they were a happy family. I think Janelle has never looked better. I think she is getting herself together to leave..at least I hope she is

        • Birdie

          I hope so too…she is looking good…and Robyn is going downhill. The seating was very deliberate…selling peace and looovvveee.

          • Weeds1

            I’ve always felt Robyn was the least good looking of the bunch….she reminds me of women I saw in a documentary about the poor in Appalachia…gaunt and worn out.

          • Birdie

            YES.. with a wicked witchy edge.

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  • TopGear

    I wish TLC would cancel Sister Wives and Kody right off the air. And Robyn only cares about herself. They deserves each other.

    • BeachSpin

      YES…kick these frauds to the curb.

    • dj j

      People on twitter are doing what meri loves..because she loves to be the martyr. Saying Oh Meri, you are so selfless, you are so great! It was horribly acted, I can’t believe Christine didn’t blow a gasket

  • BeachSpin

    The explanation is a big load of BS considering the fact that Robyn’s ex has not even agreed to this…we will probably hear nothing further about these supposed adoptions. Nice try.

    • chacha1

      and I do not believe for a minute that David Jessop is not supporting his kids ….. I hope he dies not give them up and I hope this show gets cancelled, they offer nothing but lies and grifting to satisfy their greedy needs and those big houses

      • BeachSpin

        We are gna keep pushing hard to expose them for who they are…and I am looking forward to it. 🙂

      • dj j

        is that his name? I hope he comes out and give an interview about parental alienation. They are acting so high and mighty thinking they are great for trying to take kids’ birth father away from them. Remember Robyn got in front of the kids and practically accused her HUSBAND of rape, by saying he took her “purity”. Blamed him, she was married to the guy for 9 years, if it was so bad, why did she have 3 kids with him?

        • Birdie

          Seriously……generally kids WITH a father don’t need to be adopted. Funny that she didn’t stop at one kid, but had THREE with such a dead beat.

      • David Preston Jessop is Robyn’s ex-husband and father of her three kids is Christine’s cousin.

        • 900009

          Part of THE Jessop family??? Like Merril Jessop, Ugh, glad I don’t watch this show!!!

    • nn

      I was just going to say, how does he think he can adopt children with an active father?

      • BeachSpin

        Exactly…this guy is just gna say “sure, take my kids, no prob.”???

      • chacha1

        robin is now trying to dis him by saying he doesn’t pay child support …. when Robin and Kodys lips are moving they are lying…Meri looks like Shrek

        • Laura

          What I thought was truly interesting was when Robyn was weighing the impact of her ex not having parental rights and she mentioned that there would be no more child support. So, which is it? Does he or doesn’t he pay anything? If he does that indicates he is very much invested in caring for his children and it doesn’t seem likely he would relinquish anything. Why can’t they just tell the truth? Gah.

  • BeachSpin

    WHY is this so emotional if ‘spiritual’ marriage matters just as much?? This group is contradicting themselves all over the place,

    • Birdie

      It’s SO PAINFUL…Meri the Martyr, she’s loving it.

  • To me it isn’t surprising that Christine and Robyn are in this lifestyle. But Janelle converted to FLDS when she was in her twenties (after being married to Meri’s brother)… that I don’t get at all.

  • Janelle’s mother is married to Kody’s father as a second wife.
    Janelle was married to Meri’s brother.
    Robyn was married to Christine’s cousin.

    • Babson_Chick

      I’m so confused!! Hi there Doc!!

    • chacha1

      All a bunch of INBREDS

  • Broke

    Its been plain to see from the moment Robin entered into this family, she was the favorite. All she has to do is turn on the waterworks. As for her children, I believe it is the responsibility of David Jessop to carry insurance on those children. She seems to think her biggest obstacle is completed by marrying Kody, does she really think the Jessop family will relinquish custody of those children. Yeah, ok!! Considering he is the reason they are NOT on TV as much as the rest of the children, that says he’s active in some way. I also believe that’s where her son’s 4 wheeler accident happened. The Brown family hasn’t elaborated much on that story. You’re also on national TV, do you think a judge is going to grant Kody custody when he finds out he already has 16 +/-…. I was once a faithful viewer but this deal with Robin is just too much. I have overlooked her thus far but I can’t do it anymore. This is not a family – this is 4 woman living seperate lives but sharing one man, with one woman wanting to be the queen. Good luck to them all.

    • chacha1

      they are the slime of the earth and Karma will bite Kodys stank ass one of these days

  • knsbbdoll

    It seemed that there might be trouble in the family from the very minute that Robyn came in to it, because of Kody’s obvious favoritism of her. But I thought that things would work out sooner or later because she seemed so badly to want to be a part of the family. I was fooled by Robyn for a long time, but now I see that she is wearing a very thick mask to hide a very selfish, spoiled and ugly soul. She was just the best actress of the bunch – that’s all. She didn’t want to be a part at all – she wanted to take over. Well played, Robyn. Well Played!

    I watched the first episode of Sister Wives last night and skipped the second one. I just couldn’t handle Robyn’s fake tears, nor her and her whore-man husband’s sanctimonious “explanations” about why he had to marry her to be a father to her children.


    I will never watch another episode of Sister Wives again. Don’t care one whit what Kody Brown nor Robyn Brown do for the rest of their lives – with or without each other. But I would be interested in seeing the other three wives leave that S.O.B. and find new lives. Now THAT would be a show!

    • Birdie

      Solomon is his…but I think that it’s an excellent point. A move is made…and he goes away from the bulk of his kids (Janelle and Christine) and shifts to the woman who only has one biological child. It indicates warped instincts IMO, and also stinks of Robyn’s DEMANDING him for herself.

      • chacha1

        he has 12 out of wedlock kids, so why didn’t this douch keep it in his pants or marry Janelle or CHristine ….. SMH

    • chacha1

      great comment ITA !!!

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  • Lynnette Marquez

    Trust, as long as the Brown’s are churning out drama that only hurts the adults and doesn’t involve anything illegal, especially crimes against children, we’ll all be glued to this trainwreck as long as they’ll air it, no matter how much bitching we do about it. America has a HUGE schadenfreude boner.