Joe Giudice Spirals Out Of Control: Boozing, Smoking & Neglecting His Girls While Teresa Sits In The Pokey!

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Teresa Giudice is sitting in prison, and her husband Joe Giudice, 43, is evidently not going to just sit around for another year, happily Mr. Momming it at home. Most people familiar with “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” couple, did not expect Joe wallow in lonely misery, and someone close to the soon to be incarcerated felon was bound to spill the tea. The blabbermouth in question is a celebrity security specialist, hired to hang with Joe, named Mark Behar. According to Behar, Joe is hitting the bar scene hard, and is simply not a committed presence in the lives of his four daughters.

“I am mostly concerned about the girls safety and well-being, first and foremost ” Behar tells the DailyCandidNews. “They are not in any danger, but could be better supervised and looked after by their father if he was around more often.”

According to Behar, some of the children are being home schooled, and Joe is spending his days drinking and smoking cigars. Behar also believes that Joe’s habits are swiftly catching up with him.

 “Joe has gained some noticeable weight and does not look healthy,” reveals Behar. “He must have had some money saved because he’s always at bars and strip clubs, where he knows the owners and has been going for several years — even before this whole legal mess and Teresa being in jail. He adds, “I even sat by Joe at a bar that he was at in disguise and undercover and he had no idea that was me and he knows me.”

​I am not sure how Behar is expecting to help the children ​by blathering this supposed info…however, the possible truth of his core claims comes as no surprise. Joe and Teresa both asserted that Joe was a bit of a drunk, and that his bad habits may impede his parenting skills, in Teresa’s absence. Many fans were hoping that Joe would step up to the challenging role of devoted sole parent to his four daughters. If Joe is indeed failing, it sadly comes as no significant shock.


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