Brielle Zolciak Got an Insane Car for Her Birthday — See Pics!

Posted on Feb 27 2015 - 11:44am by Avigail

Brielle Zolciak

The best part of being Kim Zolciak’s daughter is turning 18! Brielle Zolciak rung in the big 1-8 this Wednesday with her family and friends — and seeing as she’s hitting her peak in life, Brielle naturally got a huge birthday gift from mom and dad.

Before Brielle turned the big 1-8, the “Don’t Be Tardy” star and mom of six took to Instagram to show off the SUV she bought her daughter. “Happy Early 18th Birthday to our angel @briellebiermann this child has talked about a white jeep for many many years,” Kim posted about the gift on Instagram. Baby daddy, Kroy, also gets major brownie points for tricking out the ride for the lucky teen. Kim posted, “@kroybiermann gets mad props for all the “extras” he did to make her car so special!”

Brielle Zolciak

The post captioned, “Happy Early 18th Birthday to our angel@briellebiermann this child has talked about a white jeep for many many years ☺️ @kroybiermann gets mad props for all the “extras” he did to make her car so special! Although he is stressing the light bar and grill lights didn’t make it in time due to weather it will be alright baby #IGoHardForMomentsLikeThis#ICantBelieveMyBabyIsAlmost18 #MyBabiesAreMyLife”

Brielle’s a happy camper and gave her seal of approval, she posted the following on her Instagram with the caption, “one of the best birthdays yet thanks to @sladeosborneand @abzzindatrap”

Brielle Zolciak


Happy Birthday Brielle!


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  • She Stinks!

    Where does Kim Zolciak get all this money? Is she the next Tre?

    • Hey SS! Yep!! Another Tre Fraudice 2.0. Kim spends money like it grows on trees.

      • RonnieIsBack

        Happy Friday has been hell today….geeezus!

    • misstc

      Wonder how much she would love Kroy without the money? She sure suckered a young, clueless kid with a few dollars at the moment.

    • Bad Barbie

      She is balling on her husbands budget and the dude ain’t THAT wealthy either but this car can be leased for $329 a month btw.

    • Linda Love

      Bravo pays them a salary. Her kids are going to feel entitled and life will be fraught with disappointment because Mommy won’t be there to continue the excess.

      Where are the principals for higher learning applied? What I fear is Kroy going after daughter…? I sure hope not.

  • Dave

    At this rate Brielle will need a Big Poppa 2.0 to take care of her. The girl has no educational goals so she’ll have to rely on the one skill-set handed down to her.

    • cait

      Well, until the sweet Troy-Boy came into their lives, the only role-model they had was Soppy Poppy ! There was a real Grand-Poppa & Momma, but they got kicked to the kerb when she don’t need them anymore !

      • misstc

        I agree. Those people have no sense of what is important in life. Actually, I feel sorry for Kroy; he’s been pussy whipped into near poverty-Kim no different than TeresaG; all show & decadence & a new bloodline to continue this insanity.

  • cait

    Didn’t she wreck 3 expensive, family cars when she was 16 yrs, and threw a wobbly when she was told to drive the Honda ! In my world she would have been on Shanks’s Pony ! Good job the ugly car looks like an army tank !

    • misstc

      What an ugly car! Nothing feminine about it and in fact a gas guzzler & dangerous to others in smaller cars. Heaven help anyone who might get in the way. BTW, I hate people who spoil children with material things. Brave new world.

      • Bad Barbie

        This is a very safe car btw. May not be of your taste but that is another subject.

    • BaybeK8s

      Hi Cait, LMBO That was the only episode I ever watched besides their wedding special. Seeing the way Kim treated her mom really turned me off. Maybe the Biermans are praying that soon they will have a successful reality show like the Kardashians or Duck Dynasty. Lol I now know Kroy is all bark and no bite. Whatever Kim wants she gets. Kim and her powerful magic tricks (wink wink) are Kroy’s kryptonite and all she needs to get whatever she wants. Lol #Thepowerofthecookie I pray Kroy gets a backbone or else he and Kim will be singing a duet and the chorus will be…’Hi ho! Hi ho! Its off to the poor house we go!’

    • If she wrecked 3 of my cars, she’d be lucky if she got a tricycle.

  • cait

    Another thing Dimbo Z, remember Lisa buying that big, fancy house when she knew her hubby’s sporting career was over, after a long period of injury ? As far as I know, it ended in tears !

  • italiano bambino

    Guess she’s rich #WIGRICH

    • RonnieIsBack


  • Bad Barbie

    I love this car!

    Kroy will die a poor man though. Believe that.

    Then again these trucks are like $329 leased.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Kroy better brace himself now for the poor house. Kim will suck him dry.

  • Nice care Bre but Poor Kroy!! He has no clue what he’s gotten himself into. LMAOOO!!

  • RonnieIsBack

    haha I’m just glad it wasn’t a Push Present..I thought for sure she would be preggers by now..with a mom like Kim
    Thank goodness for Bubba Soon-2-Be-Broke (Kroy).

    • BuckJohnson

      Don’t worry, I think we aren’t far from something making news with this family.

  • cait

    Does anyone remember DIMBO Z being offered her first son, at birth, and she went “Yeeuuggh” (same as Fakera” I woudda snatched my boys right outta my body !

  • DLister

    Brielle is a natural beauty — love the dimple.

  • Atlanta Girl

    Because obviously there won’t be a “graduation” present in her future… unless it is cosmotology school.

    • cait

      Hey AtGi, might be a gestation pressie in the offing ! I read that shortly after going to nursing school, Bim(bo) Z got knocked up, and left. Yet she claims to be a qualified Nurse Practitioner ! That is a senior position, yet she was only able to work in a care home on minimum wage ! Any one know anything ?

      • Trippinhhard

        Cait, that’s why I laugh at your comments, you just spilling the sweet tea.. The southern way, YES KIM is a WHORER, but if u wanna hoe, then shit be that hoe that get what U want..l if not getting to stepping.. I DONT NEED U,my ur KIM like the ballin life.. It’s all about the price..If KIM write a book on whoring, it will be #1 on THE MARKET.. KIM got mad game..but I don’t like thar bragging and CHEATING..


    kim is so fabulissss!!! wheee!!! AAHHHHHH!!!!!!! whippin ma weave in the fabuliss wind of kims fabulisneisss!!!!! brielle is so lucky to have kim as a mom becuz kim can teach her all ther poppin her puzzy skillz that got her all that mad cash. i only hope briel is half as sucksessful as her moms at hoein, i wish i was half the hoe kim is. KIM U FABULISS!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! FKA BONITA GEE!~!!!!!

    • Linda Love

      HA!!!!! You are so crazy!!!!

  • ATLprncss