Brandi Glanville Stirs The Pot While Deflecting From Discussing Kim’s Personal Business!

Posted on Feb 27 2015 - 9:28am by Dani-K

Brandi Glanville RHOBH

After addressing Kim and Kyle’sReal Housewives of Beverly Hills” Bravo blogs, we thought it only fair to see what Brandi had to say since she always puts the fun in dysfunction. After you scroll down past Brandi’s attempt to be politically correct about the scavenger hunt and pronounce King David as the man above all men, you finally get to why Kim was so snippy.

“Someone poked the wrong bear. We saw Kim slowly learning that someone has had one-on-one talks about her private life with everyone on RHOBH–everyone, that is, but Kim herself. To me, announcing you’re ‘a nice person’ isn’t the same as actually being a nice person.”

Brandi’s facts are like her hangovers, very murky. Lisa Rinna spoke to Kim after the table reading at Eileen’s gothic house, but Brandi wasn’t there, so apparently this didn’t happen. Brandi calls Lisa out for “calmly butting into a stranger’s life.”

“Yep, one new member of our little group is hell-bent on intruding, casting strong labels, making insanely irresponsible assumptions and stating them as facts, all over the place: on RHOBH, the Internet, to the media, and on Bravo’s WWHL. Calmly butting into a stranger’s life with such a strong agenda and absolutely zero knowledge of any details of that life after only a few scattered social functions is a whole new level of crossing boundaries. Then, tonight, acting all wide-eyed, innocent, and confused at the results after doing so? To quote the instigator, “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.”

Of course, the rest of us who watched the car ride with Lisa and Kim realize that Lisa was putting it nicely when she made that comment. Brandi’s version would have been to call someone bat$hit crazy. Brandi continued,

“On another note, or maybe the same note (boundaries), it’s probably not a good idea to announce your spouse’s previous alcoholism before he does it himself. But maybe he was OK with that, and I’m wrong. Well, in any case, sincere congrats on three years of sobriety.”

Ouch! The shade Brandi threw just hit me in the head! Sorry, this isn’t about me. This is about Kim. Cue the theme song to Rocky.

“Kim Richards was a movie star when most of us were home watching her movies on TV after school and doing our homework. She’s been in this town a long time, knows everyone, worked since she was born, raised four children, survived Hollywood, sobriety, family, divorces, deaths, has more on her plate than all of us, and throughout it all, is caring for her terminally ill ex-husband with patience and grace. Sometimes you poke the wrong bear; that’s all I’m saying. Good luck with that.”

Well, at least Brandi didn’t flat out say: survived a selfish, heartless sister. But there’s always next week. Brandi’s prediction,

“I can promise more drama and insanity but really hope you get to see some of Yolanda’s homeland, meet her wonderful family, and enjoy it as much as I did, when I could.”

That last part might be code for: when I wasn’t stirring and smoking the pot. LOL!


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  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    Brandi Glanville has the ugliest hands EVER for a woman…and now she is ruining her face, all on her own…lmfao
    Everything Brandi accuses Lisa R of doing…she did the EXACT SAME THING season 2…nuff said…

    • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

      She has the ugliest EVERYTHING: spirit, personality, hands, cheeks, lips–you name it, she is one big hot mess, both physically and psychologically!

      • WaWaWaWHAT!

        You said it.! Hi luv, no time no see 😉

      • Pinkie31

        I agree 100% with you, Brandi is just Trash bottom line.

    • italiano bambino

      nothing beats kyle hand lol

      • Sophia

        Kyle’s skin makes my skin crawl.

  • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

    I can see why Brandi and Kim are best friends (or perhaps they aren’t after Kim could see that the one doing the MOST blabbing behind Kim’s back was Brandi herself) because they are both batshit crazy (as you said, Dani-K) and delusional as all get up.

    • Hi Heels! Happy Friday. Brandi did a recent interview where she said Kim is not speaking to her right now in light of recent episodes! Thank God, Kim came out of her druggie stupor long enough to recognize the master manipulator’s true colors.

      • Sliceo’pie

        Kim is such an idiot. I’m in recovery for many years and I really wanted to like and “support” her but she’s so spoiled, selfish, entitled and unlikeable. I felt sorry for her at first but less and less so with every season.

    • RonnieIsBack

      Eggggszactly! I cannot wait to see the’s coming…

  • colleen

    1. Brandi could have picked up the phone and called Kim about BG’s lunch with Liz R. But that wouldnt sit well with TPTB. Brandi chose to tell Kim while boarding the plane. Who knows what’s true?!?
    2. IMO, Lisa R didn’t say hubby was alcoholic. He just decided not to drink alcohol

  • Birdie

    Typical Hollywood self absorbed cluelessness…KIM is the ONLY one with so much on her plate…sure. Keep perpetuating that mindset Brandi…because your influence is helping Kim to feel validated in staying plunked in her self obsessed, out of it stupor.

  • Brattus Rattus

    OK… Kim has clearly NOT survived sobriety unless we’re saying she’s not dead. There is so much more I could say but I fell like crap today and I just want to watch TV. Brandi is a druggie to some extent (She called it with the Xanax, weed and god knows what else), and alcoholic and just an all around disgusting manipulating shrew.

    • misstc

      Yes, you nailed it. Let’s also not forget the rage she exposed when she first came to RHOBH, pointing out how Kim was a druggie. Takes one to know one.

      • Bad Barbie


    • Bad Barbie

      She also admitted to popping mollys. That is MDNA in its purest form and does a number to the nervous system and to brain mass.

    • MorningYawn

      Hugs to you BR!

    • Hugs! Xo

  • Bad Barbie

    1. Kim didn’t survive sobriety
    2. in your second paragraph- you described yourself to perfection, Brandi.

  • Jennymckitty

    Did Lisa say that Harry was an alcoholic or did she say that he quit drinking alcohol?

    • Harry was a alcoholic for years and quit after his 2 brothers passed from alcoholism.

      • Jennymckitty

        Was this something that was known before the show? I don’t think I’d heard it before.

        • It wasn’t a secret but it’s unclear whether Lisa R told Kyle beforehand.

          • Jennymckitty

            Lisa Raymond has been friends with both Kyle & Lisa V for years. I would be willing to bet that she has discussed this & Kim with Kyle before filming started.

          • That’s likely. I believe so also.

          • MorningYawn

            It was in his autobiography he wrote about 8 yrs ago. He put it out there.

          • Thanks MY!

          • Sliceo’pie

            In his book, did he actually say he was an alcoholic or that he was drinking too much and decided to stop?

          • MorningYawn

            I haven’t read it, to be honest, but the first paragraph of the amazon description eludes to much more than drinking. “IN 2008, as he attempted to enter Canada to film a television series, Harry Hamlin—the former star of L.A. Law and once People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive—was detained at the border for unresolved narcotics convictions. And so begins Full Frontal Nudity, a laugh-out-loud-funny memoir in which Harry digs deep into his past to recount the wacky experiences of his childhood, the twisted path that led to his alleged criminal behavior, and the series of fortuitous mishaps that drove him to become an actor.”

      • Sliceo’pie

        I don’t believe she ever said the word alcoholic-she talked about addiction in the family and why Harry decided to stop drinking but she never actually called him an, “alcoholic”.

  • Norrth

    Most people walk back from the edge. Brandi does a header off of it.