VIDEO: Wendy Williams Says Teresa Giudice Is Thirsty For Fame & A Nasty Person That Will Never Change!

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Wendy Williams Teresa Giudice

Who needs the tabloids when Wendy is around? Wendy Williams has weighed in on numerous reports that claim that “The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Teresa Giudice, is in a media relevancy struggle, even behind bars. 

Teresa has allegedly been keeping up with gossip and celebrity news television shows, anxiously awaiting an occasional ego boosting shout out, determined to continue seeking public attention any way that she can. Her self obsession has now branched out towards working to discover which and how many tabloids are reporting on any aspect of her new reality, supplying that fix to a true fame addict. Wendy is never shy about sharing her opinion on Gudice banter, and put the Jersey felon on blast during her morning show, earlier today.

“Teresa misses the spotlight,” Wendy Williams commented adding, “She is obsessed with finding out what other people are saying about her. What magazines she’s in. How often Hot Topics talks (about her)… Clearly, there’s something wrong with her, but we’ve known that since we met Teresa. She’s a little ticky-boom-boom. First of all, why do we even know this?”

Wendy asserted that Teresa has been telling people that she has missed being in the spotlight​….evidently her latest role as a quasi-slammer celebrity just isn’t cutting it. The details surrounding the Jersey ‘Housewife’ franchise are still uncertain, including what part a cast member turned convicted thief may play for a show with a shaky future. Will prison change Teresa?  That is a loaded question indeed, and Wendy let her audience in on her thoughts.

“I did say originally that I thought that prison was going to change Teresa for the smarter and perhaps the better. But it’s not changing her at all. Now she’s going to come out- she’ll be even nastier and more thirsty for the spotlight and attention, which is not necessarily a good thing,” Wendy said.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that someone from Camp Giudice is selling any scrap of info that will bring in a sleazy buck. There are kiddie bread winning careers to build, after all. Now we know that Teresa is sitting in the clink, just living for the next media blip to liven up her community TV time with her new Danbury gal pals. Wendy wraps the subject with a little heartfelt advice for the fading reality star.

  “Teresa is obsessed with what the media is saying about her and no one cares! Teresa relax and stop being so thirsty for the spotlight.”

Now THAT would be a change for the better! Watch the video below:


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