Mob Wives Recap: Renee Gets Rebaptized, Ratalie Is Exposed As A Big Fat Philly Rat [Episode 11]

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Mob Wives

The three amigas meet for dinner. Big Ang’s outfit is so cute it almost makes up for having to hear her wail on about NatalieD or hearing anything from NatalieG. Almost. During the dinner, the fact that Ang told Carla that Drita wasn’t a real friend STILL has not come up.  Drita is shocked to hear that Carla was at the party which annoys her because she feltRenee tried to make her hate Carla for years.  She says that she was caught in the middle of the Carly-Renee-Karen discord. That’s not the way I remember it. Carla ALWAYS had Drita’s back and we were led to believe the opposite was always true. What’s going on, here??  This season is all shade and shadiness. They wax on about NatalieD, who they assume is obsessed. They discuss how she was upset that Drita didn’t show. Drita has said that NatalieG proved her innocence and it’s enough for her. NatalieG is smug looking and happy that Drita is not allowing that “whore” to get involved in their relationship.  Drita is back to making threats when she learns that NatalieD wants to her. ::sigh::

Mob Wives

Meanwhile the other three amigas are meeting up as well.  Karen, in a Talking Head Interview (TH) also wonders why Drita was not at the party and feels that NatalieD is the cool one, that she should be representing Philly.  They talk about how they think NatalieG is manipulating DritaNatalieD agrees and is shocked that the “no nonsense bitch” she first met is really just a flip flopper. She says that Drita will feel stupid when she learns she has a ”rat’s back”.  Renee tells her that she should let it go because it’s just what it is. They talk about NatalieD’s break up with her boyfriend and his cheating, their fighting.  She wants to be at peace, and says she gets too physical with him – once kicking his door in.  On cue he shows up yelling at her and she threatens to stab him, which is not a couple’s therapy move. NatalieD tells Ronnie to leave and they begin screaming and shoving Reneethinks that Drita may have met her match and that Ronnie might be another Junior.

Mob Wives

Karen and Renee are meeting up, again. Renee is telling us about the “new Renee” who is very different from the woman she was last year.  Since last year it seemed that she was spiraling at the speed of light, I agree that she is a completely different, improved, version of herself. I am getting a chuckle out of the fact that she thinks that she’s learned to let the things that are in the past stay there. She talks about how seeing the fight between NatalieD and Ronnie did set her back a bit because it reminded her how Hector/Junior tortured her. No matter what’s happened with Renee, I think she is right about him. Did he use her love against her, just to set her father up for prison time to save himself? I think so. Renee wants a spiritual cleanse, by undergoing a new baptism to renew her relationship with God. She wants “The Boss” to wash away her past and give her a fresh start.  She wants Karen to be her “godsister,” rather than godmother. Karen is thrilled, only less so when Renee mentions wanting to invite “Jitan.” What just hit the fan, here? Who is that? Renee tellsKaren she has been sleeping with God to her right and a knife to her left. Somehow I don’t think her “cleanse” will change that.

Mob Wives

NatalieD is out with her mother, Denise, shopping for fur (I’m officially sick watching the scene). That apple did not fall far from the tree.  I am beginning to worry that Drita would have a hard time handling NatalieD’s mother. They talk about Ronnie and Denise wants to rip out his heart and squeeze it. She looks like she could. She doesn’t believe her daughter could ever be happy with him.

Mob Wives

Ang is going to Karen’s and bitching about how Karen (her friend of decades) doesn’t like her new bff, NatalieD. Not for nothing, but I’m beginning to see why it was easy for Big Ang to be set up by a friend.  She goes in a little too hard, too fast, in my opinion, for someone she doesn’t really know.  Karen invited Drita and Ang over to talk to them about baptism. Ang doesn’t want Karen trashing her new obsession, but then brings up Renee inviting her to the baptism.  C’mon?  Is it me?  I’m beginning to see Ang as being passive aggressive and using her buddy as a way of tormenting Renee. Why would she even ask that question?  NatalieD comes up again.  Drita feels NatalieD should be telling her, herself, that in Staten Island that’s how they do it, she doesn’t know how they do it in Philly (I’m guessing Carla would be surprised to know that everything gets said up front in Staten Island).  More threats from Drita (in a TH). It amounts to “ a cleansing – water on the head, blood on the floor.”

Mob Wives

NatG meets up with her friend Amy.  Short story, she isn’t fighting any more, she’s not bothering with NatD.  After watching Karen handle her, that’s a good idea.

Karen and her cousin Rena meet up and talk about Sammy. Rena drops a bomb on Karen by telling her that it’s doubtful that her father will ever be viewed as non-violent no matter what his current charges are. Karen thinks her father was given extra time because of his past and reiterates that he is in jail for something he didn’t do – that he is there because of her and brother not listening to him and getting involved in drugs. Karen vows to spend every dime to help him – and Rena reminds her it probably won’t change a thing, and she has a child to raise.

Karen_Upset Mob Wives

Drita and Ang are having lunch. More threats from Drita about what she’ll do to NatD. ::double sigh:: She wants proof or nothing else – it’s the only thing Drita has said that makes sense. Karen and Storm are spending time together and she says that they are making it work and are “loyal” to each other. She has mail from her father who praises her for her love and loyalty (Karen gets choked up). We find out, as she opened her mail, that Storm receives mail that is resealed by the feds, as well.  WHAT? Why? From who? This show is FILLED with little nuggets the producers must be waiting to drop on us, later.

We see Ang bashing Renee in a TH as she enters the church. Renee is taking responsibility for her ugly behavior in the past. Ang tells her it sounds good, she hopes it works. Drita is a no show.

Renee at Baptism2

The Baptism

We see her meeting with NatalieD, she doesn’t want to go to Renee’s baptism until she cleanses her own issues (yeah, great timing Drita). She lays her case for why she has taken NatalieG’s side. NatalieD is BOLD, she tells Drita in no uncertain terms that she is allowing herself to be fooled and she will probably end up jammed up, next, she’s trying to help her avoid that.  She plays a recording her friend made of NatalieD and Drita is STUNNED.

Mob Wives

WTF! We don’t get to hear it on the show, but it is posted here at AATT (Click here to listen to the audio)! We flip to the baptism, the priest tells of a So. African proverb that you can get somewhere faster by going along; you get there safely by taking someone with you. Karen is at Renee’s side.

Mob Wives

We’re back to Drita and NatalieD, and as we hear the priest talk about moving forward in the truth of the all-knowing spirit, Drita looks crushed after what she’s heard.

This is the most stylistic episode of the #Mobwives, yet. It felt as if it was inspired (or planned around) the baptism scene from #TheGodfather.  A baptism takes place while a schemer is, figuratively, cut down.  BRILLIANT!   P.S. I just want to point out how much more multicultural the #Mobwives are compared to the #RealHousewives.  Renee’s priest is African-American as are many of her and Karen’s friends. Someone should alert @Andy and @BravoTV to learn that lesson.


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  • Bad Barbie

    This is VH1 of course they will have multicultural shows.

    • Norrth

      Bravo would love to get its hands on VH1’s younger viewers – the ones advertisers think are so important. It won’t be able to, IMO, with the way its shows are structured.

  • GREAT recap, Norrth! Epic episode. Finally, Ratalie is caught red handed on her lies!! Best episode of the season. Big Ang and Drita where good enough to take an outsiders side (Ratalie) and turn their back on Renee, but now with Nat D providing proof they don’t want to hear it! Im sorry but true friends do not allow an outsider create conflict and jeopardize a 20 year friendship. Regardless whatever Renee did, who the hell is Ratalie to have a say so??? REAL friends stick together no matter what. Big Ang and Drita allowed a proven liar to infiltrate their circle and cause division. They are the real hypocrites here!

    • Norrth

      I think Ang is so passive-aggressive that it makes my head hurt. She knows how Renee feels about NatG and keeps trying to force her down Renee’s throat, unreal.

  • Cherry Licious

    I think Natalie D made the recording all up! Come on with all this technology now days u can do whatever you want. My question is why didn’t she blast the recording out in the first place??. Duhhh cause she needed time to think of something …it’s soo obvious.