Shocking! Natalie Guercio Exposed As A Rat & Racist – Listen To The Audio!

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Natalie Guercio Mob Wives

On tonight’s episode of “Mob Wives” a rodent was uncovered! Natalie Giuercio (Nat G ) was exposed as a blabbing Philly snitch via a secret recording allegedly. The recording’s audio was annoyingly blocked by VH1…a move that shocked and confused the viewing audience. Natalie Didonato aka Nat D has made it her mission to tell anyone and everyone that Nat G called the cops on her boyfriend…and now all of her endless suspicious accusations have been supposedly confirmed!

In a previous episode, when Nat D spilled the tea to Drita and Big Ang, they were initially shocked, but didn’t jump to conclusions until they confronted Nat G themselves to hear her side of the story. Nat G did her best to plead her case, asserting through dramatic tears that her boyfriend abused her, and swore up and down, that the police were called ONLY because she feared for her life.

Natalie Guercio Mob Wives

Tonight left the audience on a cliffhanger, when Nat D meets with Drita and plays the recording, which she claims she obtained from a friend. We have a copy of the recording, and the incriminating audio doesn’t lie…Nat G is a big, fat, Philly sized RAT!

Mob Wives Drita & Nat D Collage

In the revealing dialogue, you can clearly hear Nat G admitting that she called her boyfriend’s Parole Officer and ratted him out because of raging jealously over another woman, NOT because of any physical abuse, which was her original story.

Listen to the shocking audio below! (*warning* contains profanity)


In addition to the audio exposing Nat G as a rat, we’ve also uncovered audio of the rat Nat G allegedly making a racist remark after she was cut off by a black woman in traffic.


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