Lisa Rinna Addresses The “Tense Conversation” With Kim On The Plane & The TroubleMaker Behind It

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Once again, Lisa Rinna, star of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” proves to be the voice of reason behind all things crazy in the worlds of Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville. In this week’s Bravo blog, Lisa R addresses the “tense conversation” with Kim on the plane and who is behind it. Spoiler alert: Brandi.

Lisa R says that Kim,

“was told that I had been talking to numerous people about her sobriety. Or rather, lack of sobriety. She wanted me to back off and stop talking behind her back, but here’s the thing you guys: I had just had a conversation to her face in Eileen’s kitchen. I looked into her eyes and flat-out said, “You can get help. You can talk to people. You can go to a meeting and find a group, so you aren’t alone.”
Lisa continues, “As we have seen before, Kim tends to conveniently forget key events and things that are said in her presence, so maybe I should have seen her response of “Blah, blah, blah” as “I am literally and physically not listening to any of this.”

We the viewers have witnessed this so many times. Kim sweeps her issues under the rug until she explodes like an overstuffed Louis Vuitton bag.

Lisa R breaks it down.

“The tense conversation between Kim and I on the plane, though, was just too much. She chose to speak to me as if I were a child and yelled at me each time I apologized to her. I don’t know how many times I apologized, and she decided to snub and fire back an icy, “Just drop it!” or “Leave it alone!” instead of carrying on a normal conversation where both people can speak like mature grown ups.”

That scene of the plane was cringe-worthy. I felt bad for Baby-Face. David Foster must be mad at him to stick him on a plane with these women.


Big I digress. Lisa R places blame on Brandi for being the pot-stirrer. (Or should I say smoker?)

“Of course, the bug in Kim’s ear is Brandi, Queen of Deflection. The reason I sat down for lunch with her was for me to ask why SHE is so aggressive and why SHE says the hurtful things she does and why SHE thinks it’s ok to act like a 3-year-old. I wanted to have a face-to-face, open and honest conversation with her about what makes her tick the way she does, so I could form my own opinions outside of what the other women have told me.”

We wish you this best with this Lisa R. In the world according to the Queen of Deflection, aka Brandi, she does nothing wrong and her harsh words and angry responses are a reaction to what the other ladies say or do to her. But Lisa R is catching on.

“As I can now see in hindsight, Brandi steered our lunch conversation to be about Kim, so we didn’t have to talk about why Brandi is the way she is. I would have liked to see Brandi be honest with Kim about her concerns she shared with me that day, but from what I can tell, Brandi seems scared of Kim and basically just tossed the whole messy situation on me.”

I’m not so sure that Brandi is afraid of Kim, or rather afraid that without Kim’s friendship Brandi would have no one on her side. Lisa R ends her blog by calling out Brandi’s friendship with Kim.

“If anything, I would say we’re actually witnessing Brandi talk behind Kim’s back, since she didn’t share any of her parts of the conversation. Very irresponsible and definitely not what I would call a good friend.”


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