#VanderpumpRules Recap: “Jax Cracks” [Episode 17]

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We dine at SUR with the crew sharing their take on Scheana and Mike’s wedding. Jax, Tom, and Ariana get a minute to not only report that his date, Carmen bailed on him (which really means she didn’t sleep with him) but that Tom is just so happy he was sitting at the head table at the wedding, faraway from Kristen. Jax says, “I told Kristen, can you just not tonight, please, I know your upset with James… Scheana asked for one day, one day. Out of the 364 days we have.”

Next, Katie tells Kristina as they are working, the breakdown of events at the wedding. Kristina, wants the dirt, and Katie is more than willing, as she tells her that she got a ring on a string from Tom, but it wasn’t an engagement ring. Which, just from my personal viewpoint, was probably the worst thing he could do at this point. Lisa Vanderpump arrives, she sits with James. They actually have a nice heart-to-heart, as we see a softer side of James. Lisa, as always, gives great advice, “I don’t think she is the best thing for you though, you might love her, but I think you were probably doing better before.” Lisa adds, “Keep busy, keep distracted, and you’ll feel better in a couple of days.”


Kristen and James meet to discuss the disaster that happened at the wedding, when Kristen punched James in the face. James seems to sincerely apologize and be honest about why he felt it all happened. James feels if he never got in Kristen’s face, then she wouldn’t have punched him. James professes his love and Kristen’s rebuttal is that somehow she felt threatened. James finally says that she talks about Tom all the time. To which Kristen dismisses as quickly as she possibly can. Kristen claims that she understands why James is jealous about her and Sandoval. She swears that all she wants right now is to prove she’s not a f***ing liar, and that it’s not about being obsessed with Tom, it’s about,”honesty.” James honestly feels that, “Kristen doesn’t want to take any responsibility for anything.” James continued, “You know… when is the day gonna happen where I can just live comfortably, without worrying am I gonna hear Tom’s name again?” I got to be honest, I think they made up, but I also have concluded that this girl is very wounded.

The next very interesting scene, Kristen and Stassi meet and it’s about as awkward as it can get with these two, as Kristen lays down her plot to somehow prove she isn’t a liar. So to break this down, Kristen pretty much wants to know from Stassi how to get Jax to admit the truth about Tom sleeping with Miami girl. Stassi immediately goes into gossip mode, and suggests that Kristen should have Scheana there, and this will help get the truth back to Ariana. Stassi tells Kristen to push harder, but she wants her to consider letting it go. “Kristen has damage on her soul,” Stassi says, “And she’s trying to inflict that damage on others.” Stassi tells Kristen that she’s lost her friends, her job, and almost James, and it just may not be worth it. At last, Stassi says something honest and not mean-spirited. Finally, I agree with something Stassi says on this show.

Vanderpump Rules

We see the great friend of Lisa Vanderpump, Lance Bass, have an event for Lucky Puppy, at PUMP to support pet adoption over buying animals at pet stores. Lisa says, “I know the name of every dog on my street, and never even looked at the owner.” Showing she is the ultimate dog lover, both Lisa and Lance have supported animal adoption for quite some time now, and both have used their platform to bring homes to these precious little creatures. I think I fell in love with a couple of these cute little puppies myself, just watching this scene. Lisa jokes, but is serious at the same time, that Jax isn’t getting one of these adorable puppies.

It was pretty interesting when Tom and Jax have a weird conversation about how Kristen is crazy and how Kristen is blowing up his phone, going on and on, about Tom allegedly cheated. Tom asks Jax to not talk about him to Kristen. He feels that Jax is fueling the Miami fire when it comes to rumors about him. Tom says in his confessional, that he is pretty sure that Jax told one of his lies toKristen, and this whole situation with Kristen behaving this way wouldn’t be happened if Jax just kept his mouth shut completely. Tom tells Jax both him and Schwartz feel betrayed by what he has done. Jax, of course, is shifty in his seat, clamoring about how he doesn’t know why Kristen is doing and saying that. Jax once again,took no responsibility at all, for any of his own gossip spreading ways towards both the Toms.

Jax, Kristen, Shay, Scheana, and Rachel all go out to dinner as the grand set-up begins. Scheana actually thinks she will get an apology for Kristen punching James at the wedding. Kristen thinks that, “the truth” will make her look better somehow. Kristen announces to the group at dinner, “I’m so sick of being called a liar, and I’m not trying to ruin Tom’s relationship. I’m not, I’m still paying for the mistake I made two years ago, with this one. As she refers to sleeping with Jax, she describes how, “Schwartz f***ed around onKatie, Katie has f***ed around on Schwartz, and Sandoval f****around on Ariana, then Ariana f***ed my ex-boyfriend behind my back, but yetI am the one paying for it.”

The group sits in an uncomfortable silence for a minute, then the best quote of the night goes to Scheana for wrapping it up so  nicely as to why people could be calling her crazy. “Kristen, people don’t think your crazy because, you may or may not have told the truth about something Jax told you once. It’s because you slept with your ex-boyfriends best friend. Got your friend punched in the face by a stripper. Had some girl fly across the country to confront Sandoval. Yelled at Lisa, got fired, and punched your boyfriend at a wedding.” Everyone stares at each other as the pressure falls on Jax to tell the truth he knows this week. Jax acts like he has some moral issue with telling the truth, or being loyal to Tom. Jax is very careful to say, “Okay, this is what happened… So that girl was with Tom in the room having sex. She slept with him, she had sex with him.” He adds, “Do I think it happened? One hundred  percent.”

Kristen then manages to be mad at Scheana for not believing every small gross detail she offers up at the table. Kristin says Miami girl has credibility, since she accurately describes Sandoval’s penis in great detail. Scheana, being the voice of reason says, it really doesn’t matter at the end of the day what she believes, that she only cares about her friends being happy and they seem happy together. Scheana doesn’t get through to Kristen, no matter what she says. Then Kristen says that Scheana is not only a bad friend, but a bad person because she doesn’t have her back. At this point, I’m not sure this group will ever believe a word Jax or Kristen says about anything really.

Stay tuned for next week’s season finale of Vanderpump Rules, as this rumor comes full circle with Sandoval, Jax and Kristen screaming it out behind our favorite, Sexy, Unique, Restaurant.


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