[EXCLUSIVE] BUSTED! #SisterWives Anthropology Study Proven Fake – See The Proof!

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Sister Wives” is headed for their big season finale, and lots are riding on how TLC spins a network labeled reality show that has recently been uncovered as far from transparently truthful. TLC has had two weeks to pull out their most skilled damage control efforts to explain the Brown wife-swap cover up, and while viewers brace themselves for the ‘real story’ behind Robyn elbowing Meri out of her only legal wife spot, social media banter is revealing a whole new level of audience manipulation.

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All About the Tea earlier reported that the highlighted two episode research project, conducted by anthropology students, Richard Reynolds and Antoinette Izzo has been proven a complete fake, as evidenced by Izzo’s own admission that there was no written research ever recorded, or submitted to UNLV.

Sister Wives Tweet

There is no doubt that TLC, the Browns, UNLV, as well as the students, led viewers to believe that this effort was indeed an official grad school project.  The endeavor was sold hard as a high brow effort to study the complex workings of a polygamous family.

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It wasn’t until both students’ conclusions were revealed as overwhelmingly pro-Sister Wife, did something begin to smell of a shady collaborative whammy being pulled. In the following video clip, the Browns and the UNLV students meet to discuss the project preliminaries for the nature of the “study.” Kody mentions he hopes their “findings” will be supportive of his family.


Social media responded, with lots of buzzing about this alleged project, and All About the Tea’s attention was brought to a Facebook exchange between Reynolds and skeptical viewers, which allegedly resulted in an effort by UNLV to run like the wind from the bogus research. Reynolds begins by excitedly inviting the viewers into a discussion, clearly pumped about his reality television debut.

Sister Wives John Reynolds FB post

A poster stepped into the ongoing group chat, and hit it out of the park when he nailed Reynolds to the wall, and exposed Reynolds’ Brown oriented study as complete farce.

“I didn’t watch the show but would like to know: What was your purpose of observing the Browns? What role will this project play toward your master’s degree?”

FB response to Reynolds 1

Richard Reynolds responds,

“[name redacted] good question and the answer to ‘What role will this project play toward your master’s degree?’ is absolutely nothing…this was not a research project of any kind…and the ‘purpose of observing the Browns’ was just curiosity….just like the rest of their fans.”

FB Reynolds Response

If this whole contrived scenario was not being portrayed as a research project of ANY kind…. WHY did the students need to meet for those obnoxiously high brow strategy and debriefing sessions with the UNLV professor? The inquisitive poster continued to question Reynolds’ motives, and matches intellectual wits with the shady scholar.

“So you have made clear you embarked on this project out of curiosity and without agenda. So what what was the point? I think it’s a reasonable expectation for viewers to learn something anthropologically related about the Browns.”

FB response to Reynolds 4

“If it had nothing to do with your research, a cynic is left to wonder if you appeared on the show just to be on TV and advance a positive message on behalf of plural marriage.”

FB response to Reynolds 3

Reynolds asserted that he had no plural wife agenda to push, forgetting that he had already labeled naysayers as “off their rockers’, on the show. Richard Reynolds responds:

 “[name redacted] another good point…as a cynic myself and someone in a monogamous relationship for the past five years (and all the other relationships I have had in my life) I have no positive message to push on plural marriage.”

FB Reynolds Response 2

The “inquisitive poster”continued drilling Reynolds for answers,

“[name redacted] What training do you have as an anthropologist? If this wasn’t scientific in development, what was the point in portraying yourselves as anthropology students? By stating you are graduate students implies your 4 day visit was scientific in nature.”

FB response to Reynolds 5

Reynolds had no answer for this question, and avoided the hot seat by responding to less challenging poster. The “inquisitive poster” later followed up, and claimed that a rep fromUNLV had privately contacted him, assuring him that they were working to distance themselves from the unfolding controversy, clearly being revealed as a misleading and manipulative debacle. This alleged communication was apparently one-sided, with the “inquisitive poster” asserting that he had not reached out to the university in any way.

FB response to Reynolds 6

A different Facebook poster summed up the likely collective motive perfectly.

 “[name redacted] great questions: however I see that the students was nothing more than a stunt to calm viewers before the next big blow in a family that really thought they worked however they failed as seen on T.V.”

FB response to Reynolds 7

I couldn’t have said it better myself! What will TLC try and sell an increasingly skeptical audience, to bring them back to believing this hot mess of a ‘family’ that appears to be falling apart?

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  • hardtimz

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I could use extra pair of hands from time to time, but not like this. I have a new tablet and it’s giving the blues…..about ready toss it!

  • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

    See we all knew this so-called ‘study’ was BS from the get-go! Trying to sneak by some shady ish past the viewers? Nope. Complete & utter failure.
    Thanks AAtT for keeping it real & accountable with this fake-azz “happy” family. Truth is this mish-mosh? One man & 2, 3, or 4 wives & families doesn’t work. People have egos & feelings & that gets complicated. It’s hard enough coping & dealing with one spouse/significant other & children. Nevermind additional spouses & children.
    So glad the truth is coming out.
    Study my azz!

  • Birdie

    For such self proclaimed geniuses these students sure are stupid. Someone should have hired a middle schooler to write about this pathetic family, then they could say the observations were recorded. TLC and UNLV need to publicly respond to this sham.

  • doggiedaddy

    So it, like the show was is a scam.
    The #TLC way

  • Harleygirl0685

    I have a question about this whole polygamy thing. Are only men allowed to have plural wives or can women have plural husbands?

    • chacha1

      when Kody-douche was asked by Meri if it would be okay for her to have another man, Kody looked at her and said “that is vulgar and disgusting to me”

      • Harleygirl0685

        I forgot about that!

    • LeilaM12

      Their religion is patriarchal. Women cannot hold priesthood and depend on their marriage to a man with other wives to reach heaven. So NO, since it is PATRIARCHAL, women cannot marry more than one man, only men have to marry more than one woman.

      • Harleygirl0685

        Thank you for clearing that up! This whole thing is just so foreign to me, yet fascinating! To each his own! I can’t imagine the amount of PMSing that goes on with 4 wives and all those daughters…LOL! I think it really sucks that the wives don’t ever hang out and do fun girly things together, to me it kinda defeats the whole “sister ” thing! But in my typical fashion I am addicted

        • LeilaM12

          Well, the “sister” thing is just the terminology used. Wives compete for the attention of their husband, they are competitors rather than friends in most plural marriages. (The exceptions are marriages in which some wives do not really care for the husband and just want to be married for salvation. They can then go off and do their own thing and not compete with the other wives. That is of course only the case if they have enough financial resources. If they depend on the husband for financial resources, it doesn’t matter if they are in reality indifferent to him – they will still be competing for the financial resources for their kids.) Even in situations in which wives get on, on the nights when the husband is with another wife, since they are suposed to have as many children as physically possible (somewhere between 8 and 17 kids each), the other wives wouldn’t have enough time to hang out much. Some AUB members (the sect that the Brown family belong to) do use contraception, but it is discouraged. All other polygamous groups that I am aware of don’t allow contraception, really.

  • David Hunter

    just like the duggers..all fake..the duggers are really bigots!!!

    • FTLHousewife

      I like the Duggars so I don’t see this family anywhere close to the Duggars. I watch the 19th Kids but don’t watch Sister Wives. I just know the basic premise of the show.