Broke House Husband! Joe Giudice May Have To Go On Welfare?

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Friends close to Joe Giudice, real househusband to convicted felon and star of “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Teresa Giudice, are saying that “Joe is getting desperate” about the family’s financial situation.

A sources close to the situation is saying,

“He doesn’t have any money coming in and he doesn’t know how he is going to get any money.”

Just a suggestion, but since Joe knows construction, maybe he could pick up a shovel or a table saw. The couple owe millions and have so far been unable to sell their Towaco, New Jersey, mansion featured on the show.

“Teresa and Joe have been counting on selling the place and getting money that way, but they haven’t had any buyers.” The source is revealing, “They’re really worried that it could go into foreclosure.”

There are many who feel this couple deserves everything they get. They created this mess; it’s up to them to clean it up, and if it weren’t for their four daughters, most people wouldn’t care at all. But with Teresa in jail, her sources of income have dried up for the family.

“Without Teresa’s show money they’re not generating any income,” the source continued. “Everything was all smoke and mirrors.”

As their money problems increase, Joe is reportedly trying to find a solution.

“Joe knows that he has to start making money, and not on a small level, but a big level. He has a family to support and he has basically hit a brick wall with ideas. Things are really bad for the family right now.”

Whoa, hold on there. Isn’t making money on a “big level” part of the problem that got them into this place to begin with? If we’ve learning anything about watching the Giudice’s life story unfold in the court systems it’s that their “big” money making ideas have usually involved some type of fraud.

There are rumors that Teresa will write a tell-all book upon her release, but that won’t help Joe now. Daughter, Gia, may be on her way to a music career, but again, that won’t help Joe now. And Bravo hasn’t confirmed any future television deals covering Teresa’s release and Joe’s impending surrender. (And if RHONJ star Jim Marchese has his way, Teresa won’t be allowed back on the show at all.)

Tell us what you think. With the clock ticking down, what’s a guy like Joe Giudice, one who doesn’t like tabloids or reality television, to do?


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