#RHOA Tea: Is Porsha Williams Worried Claudia Jordan May Take Her Spot on Dish Nation?

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On the last episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” we witnessed Claudia break down when she discussed the “Porsha situation” with friends Kenya and Cynthia in her awesome apartment. Our hearts went out to her and we wanted to yell, “Claudia, Porsha’s not worth one of your tears!” She addressed her feelings in her weekly Bravo blog and it might surprise you that Claudia’s tears had nothing to do with Porsha.

“Really I was not crying about Porsha or the fact that I’m biracial! There was such a buildup of so many things that it just took one little thing to push me over the top. I am not that emotionally invested in Porsha, and if you ever catch me getting there, please take me out to pasture and put me out of my misery!”

Can she get an amen!

Claudia continued,

“Let’s be very clear — like crystal clear — I am not jealous of Porsha, she has nothing I want or couldn’t get if I wanted it. I do not want her life, hair, body, mouth, or situation. I’ve never been the type of woman that couldn’t co-exist with successful women. I’ve never had the need to be the “star” in my group of friends. I actually like to surround myself with women that are upwardly mobile, intelligent, fabulous, successful, independent, and inspirational. So to suggest jealousy over a woman that only has more material items than me for now is laughable.”

We are laughing right along with you, Claudia! Who can’t forget Porsha’s epiphany of the “Underground Railroad.”

“Again, being the new girl on the block on the radio show was extremely stressful…all I wanted to do was work and collect my check and go home with as little drama as possible. I was trying to fit in with a new crew in a new city; I had to leave my friends and family up north, and honestly I was overwhelmed and the move was bittersweet.”

And this is probably the crux of those tears. How hard it must have been for Claudia to endure all of that newness and have someone like Porsha want to take her down a notch.

It makes me wonder if Porsha is worried (and she should be) that her spot on Dish Nation will eventually be offered to ClaudiaClaudia also addressed that awkward scene with Rickey and Porsha at the radio station.

“Hell yeah it was awkward! I did not go to Rickey to talk about Porsha!” Claudia clarified, “I went to get feedback about my progress with the show, and when Rickey decided to bring Porsha in, it frustrated me because I didn’t think it would be productive, and again, I wasn’t there for that! But at the same time it’s Rickey’s show, and if he felt the tension (and he admitted he did) and wanted to see if he could help, then who am I to tell the man that gave me a job what to do regarding his show?”

Claudia ended her blog with these final thoughts.

“If Porsha wants to play fake and act like I’m imagining things, that’s fine. But at the end of the day, it is what it is. And the truth is the truth. I do not operate in the land of make believe; I tend to live in a thing called the real world. So I don’t regret anything I’ve done, because I’ve done it with purpose and with no shady ulterior motives. I’m a realist and that’s that!”

And that’s why Claudia is holding the peach and Porsha is not.


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