Jenelle Evans Nasty Custody Battle With Mom Heats up!

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Janelle Evans and her mother Barbara are at war…and this time it’s not a cursing screech match over boyfriends, drugs, drinking, school, a job, getting knocked up, or just getting out of bed and staying in an upright position at any given time of day.  The argument is a passionate custody battle over Janelle’s five year old son Jace, whose birth shotEvans to trashy fame, in MTV’s Teen Mom 2.

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Barbara has raised Jace since  birth, which has allowed Janelle much more free time for her favorite hobbies, which include self destruction and  lying down.  According to Radar Online, the family drama is reaching explosive levels, as the showdown date draws near.  The custody battle has allegedly been triggered by Barbara restricting her daughter’s access to her son, and reports suggest that even simple mother/son outing requests have been shot down.

 “Jenelle asked her mom if she could simply take Jace to the movies,” a friend of Jenelle revealed to Radar “But Barbara said no, that they had plans.”

Janelle tends to lose it anytime that she’s told “no”, but evidently overnight weekend visits have also dried up, and have supposedly not occurred in over a month.

“She insisted they had plans and said it was too bad. Barbara then said they could make visitation whenever they go to court.”
“It made Jenelle p—sed,” said the friend. “But she kept calm and said ‘okay’ and then hung up on Barbara.”

Janelle, who has since had a second son, has apparently had enough and wants to battle it out in court.  The mother daughter duo are scheduled to appear in court in early March.  God bless the one who has to listen to these two….I hope he or she has a good set of ear plugs.


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