Kandi Burruss Regrets Sharing Her Marriage Problems On Reality TV

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Is Kandi Burruss, star of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” having regrets about spilling practically every last drop of tea when it comes to her marriage with Todd? Let’s face it, Kandi’s an open book. She’s spilled many bedroom secrets on “Kandi Coated Nights.” She started an adult toy line and has no problems explaining in detail how the products work. Additionally, she’s shared her many struggles between her mother and Todd.

During the last episodes of RHOA, we see the frustration mounting between Kandi and Todd. When “A Mother’s Love” is inevitably cancelled, Todd tries to help (somewhat) by suggesting that Kandi and her team didn’t do their research. When Kandi brings this up to her crew, the jokes on Todd and his underperforming sperm. Getting away to LA seemed like a good idea to Kandi at the time. 

“I had a great time filming! I was very appreciative to Todd for making that happen, and the opportunity came at the perfect time. I was feeling really down after the play got cancelled, so the movie was what I needed to bring up my spirits.”

Or was it? Kandi was visibly disappointed when Todd packed more shoes than a woman for their LA trip and announced that he would be staying a few extra days to hang with his boys. In typical Kandi style, she swept her frustration under the rug, however, upon her return to Atlanta, she spilled that irritation onto Carmen that counseling was in order or they might be visiting an attorney. (Please not Phaedra!)

And the reason? Because they only had sex once that week. I can’t help laughing at this part because these two want to have a baby. Talk about a decrease in sex drive! But I digress. Here’s what Kandi had to say.

“As soon as Todd and I got married he had to leave for LA to start production on his show. We went from being together every day to going weeks without seeing each other. It took some time to adjust.” Kandi continued, “Things were tense for a short period of time, but we’re great now. I do regret talking about it on TV. I’m a very open person, but I’m learning that it’s not always a great idea to be an open book when it comes to your marriage.”

A lot of people who film reality shows say that after time you forget about the cameras. But of all of the women on RHOA, Kandi is the most level-headed and we thought she would have figured this out when so many fans turned against Mama Joyce and her buttinsky methods. Guess not.

Is it time for Kandi to put her family first and step away from RHOA? Or should she discuss with that therapist how to be less open concerning her marriage to Todd? Is there a happy medium where Kandi can keep it real and not come off as fake like some of the other RH ladies? Tell us what you think.


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