Jim Marchese Says Teresa Giudice Should Not Return To The #RHONJ After Prison

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Jim Marchese

Teresa Giudice is only in her second month of a 15-month prison sentence, and her career with Bravo is still evidently up in air. There has been no solid information about the future of Real Housewives of New Jersey, and no info means some high fan hopes that a certain table flipper may reign once again in reality TV land. One person who vehemently disagrees with this notion, is her former cast mate Jim Marchese. He firmly believes that Teresa Giudice has no place on the Bravo franchise, and he shares the reasons for his opinion with People Magazine.

“I don’t think they should bring Teresa back,” Marchese tells PEOPLE. “I don’t have an issue with her working. She can work all she wants. I just don’t think it’s appropriate for her to be on this type of show any longer.”

Jim believes that if Bravo invests in Teresa, the whole concept should to be different. A show that tackles the post prison Teresa and how she is moving forward, and a reality lifestyle show with amped up drama are two very different projects.

If Bravo wants to do a show with her about life after prison, “they can knock themselves out,” says Marchese, “But that’s a show to talk about what happened, her problems and how she’s dealing with them. That’s not the same thing as RHONJ. There’s a completely different theme to it.”

Jim asserts that much of what Teresa would be inevitably drawn into on the show could incite reactions that are off limits for a woman who is adjusting to the necessity of a more strictly controlled persona.

“If she does come back to the show, she is going to be on probation,” he says. “If there is any type of altercation, she will immediately go to jail. For example – she flips a table? She goes to jail because if she did that in a public place, that would be considered disorderly conduct in my opinion. She will be violating her parole.”

A carefully and deliberately restrained Teresa means a dropped level of drama, and possibly even some disappointed fans.  GASP!  Marchese also insists that consideration needs to be given to other cast members, and how a felon in the mix could affect businesses highlighted on the show. He explains the reason for his concern by using his wifeAmber’s business experiences as relevant examples.

“When we started the show, Teresa wasn’t even indicted yet,” he says. “We took the job with the belief that you would be able to grow businesses out of it. Because Teresa and her husband have been convicted, it has been very difficult for Amber to launch businesses because no one wants to be associated with the show,” he says.
“Teresa’s criminal conviction and how she is portrayed on the show has made it so that cast members have leprosy at this point because people don’t want to be associated with them. Amber, for example, is starting several businesses, including RevolutionIZ, which provides personal training and 3-D body imaging to help people maximize their workouts.”
“But it’s very difficult to have any major endorsements at this point because of Teresa,” says Marchese. “Point blank, they tell us, ‘We don’t want to be associated with felons.’ That’s the first thing they think of. I get it. It taints the show.”

Jim Marchese continues to be a polarizing and controversial reality TV personality. But no matter how you feel about Jim, his points are valid ones, and should be considered by Bravo, as well as by any other brave Jersey souls who are answering those sparked by Bravo casting calls.  Does a felon on probation have any place in the dramatic reality TV world?


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