Lisa Rinna Slams Kim Richards For Wanting People To Fight Over Her!

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If this acting thing doesn’t work out for “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, Lisa Rinna, (and we think it will) she should consider becoming a personal life coach. Talk about “KA-CHING” Lisa! She was spot on in this week’s Bravo blog, seeing through the drama and calling it what it is. She asks the question: Does Kim want Brandi and Kyle fighting over her?

Though technically Lisa is not trained in the field of addiction, she has received practical experience in the area.

“I am a compassionate person that has had more than her fair share of loved ones die from addiction, starting at age six. As a friend, I do feel it is my responsibility to offer my help, love, and guidance in any way that I can.”

In her blog, Lisa gives the analogy to life on a reality show, to that of a road trip. “We’re all on the same crazy ride, just sitting in different seats.” From Lisa’s seat she sees a smoke-and-mirror tactic that Kim is using in the Kim/Kyle/Brandi triangle. Lisa explains,

“At Eileen’s, after the reading, we spoke with Kim about her vulnerable state and the feud her sister was in with Brandi, and I had this thought: The rift between Kyle and Brandi is because of Kim. Why do you want people to fight over you? Cause then maybe they become too busy to take a look at what’s really going on with you.

Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a winner! Lisa’s blog then switches to her thoughts on Brandi’s ignorant comment calling the ladies “Menopause Mamas.”

“I actually found Brandi’s comment calling Lisa V., Kyle, Kim, and I the Menopause Mamas, to be hilarious. I mean really, really funny. Look, it’s pretty clear that I have no shame in my game and am proud of where I am and what I have done in my lifetime. If Suzanne Somers is a spokesperson for Bio-Identical Hormones, then I can be, too, when I actually do hit that phase of my life (and by the way, I am knocking at the door).

Poking fun at Brandi’s classless cheap shot, Lisa continued:

You take those aging lemons and you make f—kin’ lemonade! And if Brandi wants to proudly show off in more ways than one that she still gets her flow, then she should wise up and snatch that tampon endorsement ASAP. Hello! KA-CHING!”


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