#SisterWives Crisis: TLC Forced To Edit Season To Include Divorce After Fan Backlash

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The ​TLC show, Sister Wives has been in the headlines in recent weeks. There has been a shift in the hierarchy in the Brown house, with original wife Meri stepping down, and fourth wife, Robyn taking over the #1 wife spot, namely the only wife that counts in the eyes of the courts. Kody and Meri Brown legally divorced last September, and Kody and Robyn legally wed in December.  

All About the Tea, blasted the story a couple of weeks ago, and it wasn’t long before viewers were demanding answers. While the polygamy bunch was quiet at first, their Twitter accounts began to respond, hinting that much would be exposed in the coming weeks. TLC is playing this out as if exposure of the power shift had been filmed ages ago, and just hadn’t hit our TV screens yet. However a look back at the Twitter timelines of Kody and Meri indicate nothing about the wife shuffle, until February 8th, when the divorced pair hinted at TLC’s efforts to deal with what appears to be a problematic PR snafu.

Sister Wives Kody Brown

Discarded wife, Meri has tweeted numerous cryptic messages over the past few months, which have since become transparently clear, with the exposure of the Brown family shakeup.

Sister Wives

Later in January, just before the widespread news broke about the wife swap, Meri still appeared to be emotionally struggling when she tweeted the following message:

Sister Wives tweet

Meri has apparently had an abrupt change of heart since the story broke, as evidenced by her markedly more upbeat recent tweets.

Sister Wives

Wait….haven’t we been watching “the real story” all along? I guess not. GONE are the expressions of betrayal and personal sadness, only to be replaced by plugs to watch upcoming episodes.

Sister Wives

Sister Wives

So what kind of editing whammy is in play here? Has viewer outrage caused a directional shift in how the current season of Sister Wives proceeds? An exclusive inside source reached out to All About the Tea during the brouhaha, claiming that the switcheroo was triggered simply by Robyn throwing a hissy fit, and basically demanding that Kody shift all allegiance to her…including the one on paper.

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The divorce was finalized last September, so if the Browns wanted the “real story” out there, why didn’t they disclose it via public statement? To believe that the news would stay under wraps until mid season for ratings, seems far fetched, which leads me to believe that a PR scramble is underway. This family prides itself on public honesty and vulnerability in order to encourage understanding and acceptance of their polygamous lifestyle. This covert move blows that supposed motive out of the cul de sac. How do you think that TLC will spin this harem mix up? Kody tweeted on February 8th, “What other people think of me is none of my business. I wish I had the willpower to ignore the opinions of others.”

Sister Wives

Opinions of others determine the future of this series. Do you think that this undercover legal whammy will make a difference?


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