#RHOA Sneak Peek: Apollo Is On The Run From Prison! [Episode 14]

Posted on Feb 15 2015 - 10:06am by Editor


Apollo RHOA

On tonight’s all-new episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Apollo shares some shocking information about Phaedra with Peter. Also, Phaedra is shocked when Apollo appears at the house when he was supposed to be reporting for his sentence.


Kandi and Todd’s issues start to show up in the bedroom.

Claudia grows frustrated with Porsha’s attitude at work, while Kenya begins casting for her TV show. Apollo confronts Phaedra face to face one final time.

Watch a preview of tonight’s episode below:


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  • Rochelle Barozzi

    That email about Mr. Chocolate has me wondering….

    • Linda Love

      There are aps that can fake an email or text and Apollo used it to see if he could up the ratings. He has no storyline, yet again. The first non-storyline is when he fabricated the story about he and Kenya having an affair. Did you see the episode where he confessed to everyone that it was all a lie? Now, he thinks since he’s not on the show anymore, that he leaves on a dramatic note.

      Note to Apollo: Bye, Felicia!

  • Jersey

    He is so annoying. I’m no Phaedra fan but he’s being all dramatic. He’s acting as if he was a good husband/father and she’s doing him wrong. Didn’t he spend most of his time & money at strip clubs? And he’s surprised she wants nothing to do with him. lol

  • Marsbars09

    So I guess we get to see the blow by blow of Apollo going off on Fake as he is hours late reporting to prison. I think it’s funny how Fake was changing the locks on him when she thought he was on his way to prison.

  • Linda Love

    What is with these women and these so-called African men? Is there a larger population of African men in Atlanta? Apollo has no credibility and Fake-dra is not cheating on him. He lied about Kenya for two years. I don’t understand his frustration. He’s the one who committed a felony and he’s the one who needs to do the time.

    • Susan Thorne Zavagli

      yeah ..is it raining African men in Atlanta

      • Linda Love


  • rb18

    Kandi you really don’t know why your husband isn’t feeling you? Your mother has disrespected him form the beginning of your relationship. Your aunt Bertha, Don Juan, your manager have all disrespected your husband without you saying a word. But when you and your family disrespected his mother I knew you was burying your marriage then. No man is going to let you disrespect his mother, who was a really nice woman. You and your family are toxic. You don’t know what it means to be married and you want to wear the pants. He is not even trying to hide that he is fed up. So really I think it is a rap. Cali women don’t care about you being married. But maybe he has just had enough.

    • Susan Thorne Zavagli

      Todd is not the one……or so it seems…yeah threaten him with divorce …don’t think he cares……

      • rb18

        Kandi smart but at the same time unintelligent. She will more than likely get the divorce she is asking for. He act like he is fed up and don’t really give a damn. She can thank her toxic mother, aunts, and that manager of hers. Maybe between them someone can keep her warm at night. I don’t many people will feel sorry for Kandi if Todd leave her and believe me the women of California will be glad to give him some West Coast Hospitality. I could not get over her being so stupid as to run behind a director or producer to get pointers for her own personal projects. Todd was telling her right. If I have told you why would you ask her the same thing I told you and make a pest of yourself. Things work a little bit different on the west coast. Todd knows that. Less is more. she want a man she can boss around. It is not going to be Todd or any Leo male. I can’t see that. Good Luck Kandi, maybe Mama Joyce can give her some pointers on married life! LOL

        • Susan Thorne Zavagli

          Kandi didn’t have his back when Don Juan was poking fun at Todd….she just sat there and didn’t shut it down

          • rb18

            That was really unbelievable. But the look on Todd face was pure disgust. I think he will continue to take jobs out of town just to get away from her. There is definitely trouble in paradise. She has allowed her mother, friends, and family to ridicule and destroy her relationship with her husband. She may live to regret it. He does look like he don’t care whether he is married to her or not. Can’t say I have sympathy for her.

  • Susan Thorne Zavagli

    he would have scared the hell of me…….he came at her with a drill …..the dude was manic …was it real or acted out….of course he wouldn’t touch her on tv but he was frightening

    • Linda Love

      Apollo was being dramatic just like Phaedra said if he was going to use it, she would introduce him to Smith & Wesson. Really, Phaedra, before or after he bore a hole in your head. You should have had that puppy cocked and loaded, just in case.

      He wasn’t going to hurt Phaedra, he was looking for a dramatic exit. He thinks Bravo will call him back because he’s such a hot actor that raised the ratings on his last show. Dream on, Apollo or should I say prisoner #12873897934, cell block D.

  • Karma

    Kandi 1 word for your issues with Todd your MOTHER.

    Bet ya joyce the witch is so happy & hoping they’d break up Kandi real needs to cut the cord I’m not saying cut out her mother from her life but the woman is TOXIC.

    • Linda Love

      I hear ya. One remedy would be to have boundaries where her and Todd are concerned. Draw a line in the sand and if her mother tries to cross it, remind her gently of her potential violation. If that doesn’t work, remind her again of the house she is living in, mortgage free. Kandi’s paying the mortgage and all the utilities and Momma Joyce’s man is living off of Kandi, too.

      What a sorry excuse for a mother.

  • Linda Love

    I can’t stop laughing at Don Juan’s remark about not wanting to see Todd’s cocker spaniel hunches. What a riot! LOL!!!!!

  • Linda Love

    What’s all this about Kandi and Todd getting a divorce? Oh no. I thought they resolved all of that crapola before the marriage. I also thought Momma Joyce was in hiding after Todd’s mom passed, because his family and the public wanted to physical harm Momma Joyce for her nasty disposition on the show.

    I think Todd and Kandi are a cute couple, but she doesn’t respect him enough as an independent man. Why is she trying to have a baby now? Shouldn’t she be concerned about losing weight? If she gets pregnant now, I don’t think she’ll ever lose it.

    Kandi, if you are reading this and I know you read the blogs, please grab your husband and hold him tights and do not, under any circumstances, allow anyone to disrespect this man or you will certainly lose him.

    I’m rooting for you two.