#RHOA Kandi and Todd Tucker Offer Up Sexy Valentine’s Day Advice

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Kandi Burruss and hubby Todd Tucker have some last-minute tips on ways to make sure your February 14 is sizzling hot. The couple spoke with the Huffington Post:

So what’s on the sex toy magnate’s list of dos and don’ts?

“I would say the first don’t is, don’t forget it,” Kandi tells Huffington Post. “Don’t forget that it’s Valentine’s Day. A lot of guys will be like, ‘Oh, I forgot. I didn’t realize it was coming up.’ Like, no! At least make it a point to show your significant other that you care by at least remembering. Let your significant other be the first person you call that day. Or if you’re like we are, we obviously wake up to each other. So wake me up with a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, babe,’ something. Breakfast in bed—something to make me feel special as soon as I wake up.”

She added that it’s not about how much you spend on a gift but how much thought went into it.

Be open-minded and be willing to try new things—no one wants to get boring. The founder of Bedroom Kandi, her adult merchandise line, also notes not to be afraid to get a little Fifty Shades of Grey with your partner this holiday.

“First of all, be open-minded and be willing to try new things,” she said. “No one wants things to get boring. The longer you’re together, you should always want to spice it up. I think that’s the good thing about my Bedroom Kandi line for us. We get to try out all the products when we’re coming up with new stuff.”

Todd offered up the male point of view:

“I think the thing is being spontaneous,” he said. “Stop thinking that sex happens at a certain time, at a certain place. And then we’re done by this time, and we go to sleep because we gotta get up to go to work in the morning. Don’t make it apart of your everyday routine like everything else. And don’t be afraid of foreplay. Foreplay is cool—it’s just about being fun and thinking outside of the box. Call your man ‘Daddy.’ And don’t be afraid to do all those things you used to do in the beginning. Just because you have a kid or married don’t stop it.”


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