Jim and Amber Marchese School Twitter On Teresa Giudice: Her Prison Sentence Is Not A Tragedy!

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Teresa Giudice has passed the one month mark of her 15-month prison sentence, and her beloved fans are adjusting to life without their reality hero. “Real Housewives of New Jersey” castmates, Jim and Amber Marchese recently took to Twitter to counter an annoying and misguided fan sentiment, and to throw some hard perspective into the mix.

Teresa Giudice left four daughters behind to pay her debt to society, which many on social media have labeled a “tragedy.” Four kids minus a mom is tragic, right? No way, says Jim and Amber Marchese. I would guess that the ripped off businesses, banks, individuals, and really anyone with a basic understanding of how fraud of this scale affects the economy, would agree 100%.

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Social media has been peppered with sympathy garnering campaigns, and shameless publicity plugs to build the Giudice clan back up, hoping to float that boat of public compassion for just 12 more months. Teresa Giudice signed papers that implicated her in a case that proved that she is a fraud and a thief. She was convicted and sentenced to prison and will later be required to pay back what she pilfered. Far from a tragedy, Teresa’s butt plunked in the slammer is actually a righteous victory. Jim and Amber have recently been touched by the heartbreaking story of Kayla Mueller, a 26-year old American humanitarian worker, held captive and murdered by the Islamic militants of ISIS, in Syria. The Marcheses wish to bring attention to the story, and chose to grab the opportunity to put Teresa’s plight solidly in perspective.

Jim tweeted, “Next time I here you cry for Tre… think of this family. This is a tragedy. #Priorities #Fight4Right.”

Jim Marchese Twitter

Jim’s wife, Amber supported her husband’s sentiment when she responded to his tweet with, “This women is a hero. she is my hero. We need to honor her!!!”

Jim Marchese Twitter

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Mueller family. Teresa Giudice is guilty, cheated others, and will return home to her children in a year. Kayla Mueller was innocent, risked her life to help others, and will never return home. That is the definition of a tragedy.


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