Shocking News: Brandi Glanville Hints To Leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Posted on Feb 13 2015 - 3:17pm by Dani-K

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville, star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” is on the defense. In this week’s Bravo blog she misplaces blame on the other ladies and addresses the issue of coming between two sisters. But first, Brandi begins with her thoughts on addiction.

“I’ll throw this out first, because it’s what comes to mind first after seeing this episode. Addiction is not a negative label, and it’s not an insult. It’s being used by some people to label others in a negative light, which I find distasteful and shameful.”

Thanks for sharing, Brandi. Could somebody please get Brandi’s ladder so that she can climb down her high horse? Brandi’s blog continues with her thoughts on Kyle’s party.

“Everyone is still gossiping about Kyle’s manufactured drama at the gay mixer, and Kim and myself are at the center of Kyle’s manufactured drama. We begin just as we did at the beginning of the party: Kyle is running from person to person with her tales. Then the hens start cackling, and the pearl clutching continues. Don’t they have anything else to do or gossip about, other than Kim and I?”

You know, I know, we all know this is a reality show. Having said that, Brandi does accept some responsibility, sort of.

“OK, you guys saw the party. You know I didn’t attack anyone. I ordered one glass of wine, and I was as composed as possible for a very long time. But after being confronted, attacked, insulted, screamed at, cursed out over and over and then seeing Kim treated badly, I lost my temper and came on stronger than I’d have liked to get Kyle to back down.”

Her thoughts for Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rhinna couldn’t be more direct than if they were in a soap opera script. She wants the ladies to “just stay out of this.”

To Eileen, Brandi says:

“You don’t know Kim, and you don’t know me. You don’t even know Kyle. Surely with that Daytime Emmy and the Burbank Film Festival, you can find something to talk about every week besides me. Seriously. Anything. Or maybe, just maybe, I’m the most exciting thing in your life.”

Brandi addresses Lisa Rinna:

“Yep, we also saw Lisa R. being VERY concerned with labeling people she doesn’t know with the very strong word, “addiction.” This seems like a pastime for her. She has no understanding of the definition of “enabler,” either. But she knows it has negative connotations and it’s dramatic, so she uses it frequently and irresponsibly…last I heard, they didn’t give out those degrees or doctorates on Melrose Place.”

Is Brandi this year’s Angry-spice? As for coming between two sisters, Brandi had this to say.

“There seems to be a lot of talk of coming between sisters, so I’ll address this briefly. Kim asked me to be involved in her life. I’m her friend. It’s a privilege. I respect her privacy. I love her. That’s my choice and my business. I get a lot of joy and laughter from being Kim’s friend. She is kind, giving, and a very funny lady.” Brandi continued, “The fact is, and I can promise you, lots of people all over the world have sisters AND brothers, and they still have friends, best friends, spouses, dogs, and even houseplants. I find the idea that I can’t be Kim’s best friend because she has a sister ridiculous.”

Or is it, ridiculous sister? In closing, Brandi spoke about sharing her life with us.

“I wish you could see the majority of my life, which is being a mom, running my life, my house, my career, and various business ventures. I have no nanny, no secretary, I travel weekly, I work out, I cook, I do homework, I date, I laugh, I clean, I write books, magazine articles, blogs, and even tweets. I even color my own hair when I don’t have time to get it done.”

Am I a bitch for saying that we noticed Yes? Okay. (NOTE TO EDITOR: please remove this sentence.)

Brandi concluded,

“I drive to and from school, soccer, baseball, doctors, dentists, I’m a friend, aunt, sister, a mother, and a daughter. I am BUSY. So busy I don’t know what city I’ll be sleeping in some days. My phone and emails never stop. I’m very lucky to have the energy, good health, and opportunity to work and support my boys, because they are my life.”

The show drama must be getting to Brandi, in a recent interview with  In Touch Weekly she revealed that she is considering quitting the show, and she already has her replacement in mind!

“I’m not sure how much longer I have on that show. Maybe it’s not for me anymore.”

Brandi, who joined the cast in 2011, hasn’t made confirmed leaving yet, however, if she does quit, she has a surprising replacement in mind: LeAnn Rimes!

“She could be good at it,” Brandi says of the 32-year-old who married her ex-hubby, Eddie Cibrian. “Maybe it’ll be her next thing.”


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  • She Stinks!

    Ok, wonderful, bye bitch!

  • Norrth

    She and Nene keep making the same noise. Both appear to be on their way out, thanks to Bravo – I would venture to guess. Both keep making it seem as if they want to move on. I can’t see either surviving without a Bravo check.

  • Brattus Rattus

    Promises, promises.
    When I read Brandi’s blog I wondered what show she watched or has been watching. It must be a horribly delusional mind that she has to keep trying to explain to the world that isn’t really bad as it is. She’s afraid. Lisa R. spoke volumes of truth and I think that scared the crap out of Brandi and all of them actually. Brandi needs to quit before she loses her kids. Kim needs to quit before she dies. I think all the rest of the ladies (and Bravo staff) have kept secrets and quiet for way too long. It’s as unhealthy as Kim’s dog being unleashed.

  • twifan2

    ROTFLMAO at that one! :’D

  • cait

    Bandy thinks the Bravo guys will be slavering at her door, and offering shed loads of money to stay ! Dream on Idiot !

  • italiano bambino

    if she leave al miss her but on the other hand longest kyle and kim are there that show is not going to get any better JMO

  • Guest

    If she leaves, I will no longer watch. As much as I only see (from the outside) what the show entails, she has some issues, but she is the realest-most truthful one on the show. Sure she can be blunt/crass and she has no issue telling you what you think, and my thoughts are: don’t ask if you don’t want to know the truth. Sure she drinks, but her kids are never around. Maybe she drinks too much on occasion, but if ANY of you think the RHOBH (which LOVES to show her drinking side) is ONLY her life, you are mistaken. She has always admitted to her faults, or when wrong, but she has no problem standing up to herself agains fake/two-face VileKyle.

    To me, Kyle ruins the show. If she were gone, the dynamics would be much better for all the other ladies. Kyle is as fake as a 3-dollar bill. She is shady as fk & a down-right horrible person, imo. She is so h’llbent on Kim never having any friends, and trying to control her, and I get it, it’s because she’s always had to “help” her, as you do when you have an addict in the family. But, that “help” she has given Kim is not genuine, it’s not, in my eyes. Kim/Kyle have a very ODD dynamic to their sisterhood. I have always sensed some weird juju between them, and I think it all stems from the house issue, that Kim paid for w/her earnings when she was a kid, and lost when Cheater Mauricio/Kyle swooped in and paid off a loan she had w/house as collateral, and that’s how Kim lost her share.

    Anyhow, I say let Kim be Kim. Kyle should stop embarrassing her out in public. If you truly care about your sister, you wouldn’t attempt to out her/embarrass her on national tv. If you truly loved her, you would try and help her in private, and you wouldn’t be so quick to jump and say horrible things to her, about her, about her friends, and try to DRIVE A WEDGE between her/Brandi. She is so jealous of Kim, as she was always the successful one, it kills Kyle. Kyle is so afraid of Kim having a true friend, and being that friend is Brandi, is SO afraid of what Kim will tell Brandi about Kyle/things Kyle’s done in the past. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON WHY KYLE CAN’T STAND BRANDI TALKING TO KIM!!!

    Fire Kyle…….I don’t like most of them, but she seriously needs to go, and she needs to cut her hair. She is NOTHING w/out that mop, it defines her… is who she is. I can’t stand watching her flip that sh’t around, tug on it, twist it…’t, it’s like her hair her siamese twin, she can’t handle life w/out touching it, holding it, fondling it……and it looks horrid on her, as she’s aging, and not aging so well. She looks like she’s trying to stay young looking so Mauricio won’t leave her.

    • Guest

      *** telling you what she thinks…..ooopsie.

    • Cai Kelly

      HAHAHAA! The “guest” post must be Brandi! Nobody else could be that delusional!

      Get rid of the two nutcases (Brandi and Kim) and the show becomes much better.

    • Jersey

      ”She drinks too much on occasion” — That’s a joke. I read both her books and this woman is a functioning alcoholic and a raging whore.. I was disgusted with her after reading her second book.

    • gossiplover

      Thanks Brandi for that rant

      • Dani-K

        It makes me happy to know that Brandi reads…All About the Tea. LOL.

      • Nancy Lou

        I was about to say the same. Same curse words and all.

    • GinaXOXO

      I’ll watch RHOBH after Brandi leaves only to see the show fail. Watching Lisa VP and Eileen out-bore each other will be great TV. CANT WAIT!!

    • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

      Kyle has many many faults but embarrassing Kim in public is not one of them – Kim does that very well herself without any help from anyone.

    • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

      If you aren’t Brandi, you are one of her (few attention-whore) friends. Likely one who has more education than Brandi does but you truthfully sound like a Brandi-bot.

      Kyle IS an asshole but Kim and Brandi are every bit as manipulative, two-faced, uneducated and crude as they come.

      And the majority of viewers agree with me. We’re all sick of Brandi’s crude and tasteless antics (they aren’t funny OR entertaining), we’re sick of Kimbecile lying to the world about being “shober” (hic!) and we’re sick of Kyle and her pretentious, obnoxious self. And we all know attention-whore Yolanda will be miraculously “cured” before the next season starts filming. She can go down with Vyle, Trashi, and Dim Kim.

      The people worth keeping are Lisa V (lover her!), Lisa R, and Eileen Davidson.

  • Marsbars09

    Yay! I hope Kim Richards follows her lead.

  • Susan Thorne Zavagli

    leaving would be a good choice …better than getting fired…..she does not fit in with the elite BH crowd……I would like to see Denise Richards replace her……this is a show about Beverly Hills not Hillbillies…..most… not all of the women are professionals and have dignity and grace for the most part…what does Brandi have….0

    • TartLemon

      NO to Denise Richards. That’s my vote.

      • Susan Thorne Zavagli

        ok no Denise…..then who……..

        • crazy lady who sees dead people

          • misstc

            Alison DuBois? Yeah, she’s a piece of work. She would make Carlton look like a school girl LOL

    • im with you – sooo over her

  • itsjustme

    She isn’t quitting! What may be happening is she sees the writing on the wall and like others before wants it to look like it is her choice. We all know that being a HW is where the majority of her income comes from, so if she doesn’t come back she’d be on the streets again. I for one am hoping and praying REALLY hard that she doesn’t return.


  • TGIP>>Now That’s Mister Darcy

    Maybe somebody thinks that picture of Brandi above is a nice one. But, I don’t. She is lewd enough to have made that gesture because she totally gets what it represents. To put it gingerly, it means to go down on a female/woman.
    In high school some jerk made that gesture to me but he had his tongue out to complete the rudeness of it all. It hasn’t lost its meaning one bit.
    I wouldn’t put it past Brandi one iota to have maneuvered that gesture toward a particular person whom she doesn’t really like much at all. She’s such a low life idiot who doesn’t warrant any kind of positive recognition and I now refuse to give her any!
    But that’s my opinion of her and it’s one that she earned over numerous viewings of her sick mouth and rude behavior.

    • All About The Tea

      Just for clarification purposes. The photo in this article was chosen because Brandi is giving us the “peace” sign which connects with the title (she’s leaving the show).

      • TGIP>>Now That’s Mister Darcy

        That’s no Peace Sign.

        Don’t kid yourself! The placement is ON her face. She knows exactly what she did with this “gesture” and it isn’t meant to be nice.

        And I would bet that if some one was to ask her, she would own up to it, in a NY minute. She wears no timidity about her design, whatsoever. It’s all a royal scam with that tart!

        • All About The Tea

          “Peace” as in “goodbye” aka deuces (peace out) not the original usage to symbolize peace in the 60’s..

        • Rochelle Barozzi

          It is how everyone does the peace sign now. Kids etc. I am not defending her, but AATT is correct.

          • TGIP>>Now That’s Mister Darcy

            Thanks for the clarification.
            I guess there’s no accounting for taste.

          • Rochelle Barozzi

            I had it explained to me a while ago. You will see kids doing it. It is just the “new” way of giving the peace sign. But with Brandi…yeah she is giving a double entandre here. 😀

          • TGIP>>Now That’s Mister Darcy

            Again, thanks for the further clarification.
            I would posit that Brandi is fully aware of the older “original” filthy meaning and that she’s likely employing that description for the gesture to whomever it is she directing it toward?
            She is classically Brandi Scum and there is no target that she feels real accountability toward that will encourage her to clean up most facets of her tendency to practice having a F’d Up psyche and life.
            To say that she’s probably a complete embarrassment for her children to endure is likely a HUGE understatement.

          • Birdie

            Brandi’s trying to pull off hip and young…and failing. LOL

          • Rochelle Barozzi

            Exactly! LOL!!!

      • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

        Isn’t the peace sign the other way around?

        • All About The Tea

          “Peace” as in “goodbye” aka deuces (peace out) not the original usage to symbolize peace in the 60’s.

          • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

            Thanks, everyday’s a school day! I’m showing my age.

          • All About The Tea

            You’re quite welcome. We’re all in the same boat.

  • rrmms

    Everyone sees what they want to see. In the vulgar gesture they are talking about the fingers are touching your mouth and you are sticking your toungue out. This is CLEARLY not what she is doing here. She is doing the peace sign and the photo was taken at an angle where you can see her mouth between her fingers. Her hand is not even close to her face or mouth. That is all I see. Of course the haters have to put their own spin on it. Whatever….

  • RubyT

    Yes, leave…..please.

  • Sophia

    “Shocking News: Brandi Glanville Hints To Leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”
    … and the heavens parted, birds sang and angels flew. People unlocked their doors and peace reigned the earth.