#VanderpumpRules Recap: “For Better or Worse” [Episode 15]

Posted on Feb 10 2015 - 1:02am by Harmony McClintock

Vanderpump Rules

Last week on”Vanderpump Rules,” a whole lot went down! Just to recap, Kristen was fired, due to telling her manager to pretty much f*ck off, Jax “accidentally” let Kristen read incriminating text, burning Tom Schwartz. After Schwartz  admits, he made out with two chicks in Vegas, Katie forgave him (as expected).

Vanderpump Rules

So amidst all the other drama, Scheana, is all rainbows and puppies for the wedding. We open with the bride-to-be, wheeling and dealing with the grand Marshall herself, Lisa Vanderpump. Nice to have friends in high places. Scheana expresses her concerns about Kristen to Lisa, almost anticipating a problem. Well honestly, Kristen already got her a wedding gift, so she is in a spot.

After the boys get properly groomed, we land at the rehearsal dinner with their family and friends at SUR. Scheana is glowing, and her dad shows his gratitude to Lisa and Ken. James makes an uncomfortable appearance at SUR, without Kristen, due to her being 86’ed from SUR. Ouch! It gets interesting when James actually asked Tom Sandoval to have a smoke outside. Then Tom shows texts from Kristen, as James sits in disbelief. I thought Tom had every right to talk man-to-man to resolve the issue. Kristen is still obsessed with Tom and his allegedly “bite-size” sausage. Now, of course, James tells Kristen what he heard Tom say about her sending text and mojii’s. James says, “It just stirs me up.”

Vanderpump Rules

At the bridal party sleepover, Katie and Scheana, are finally on the same page! Scheana explains, “Were finally back in a really good place right now and all it really took was for her to pull her head out of Stassi’s ass, and you know what, it smells a lot better out here now.” Then she reveals her wedding planner was recruited from Instgram for a whopping $3,000. A bride has to do, what a bride has to do!

The big day arrives, Kristen, Ariana and Scheana get glamorous. Oh, I mean Kristen does the bride a prop, and feels she is getting her hair and makeup done like the bridesmaids. No shocker there. Tom Sandoval gives Shay and amazing gift of his customized tuxedo jacket with his name embroidered at the nape of his neck. This viewer gave Tom props on that gift! Before Scheana puts on her custom crop top wedding gown, the bridesmaids gather to take a group photo among the stunning scenery. Scheana’s aunt made her Britney Spears inspired “drop it, like it’s hot” gown. Classy!


As wedding guests and Giggy wait, Scheana starts to panic as the show isn’t exactly on schedule. Shay arrives to applause and smiles everywhere. The groomsmen file out, and then Tom and Ariana walk down the isle, with beams from Kristen’s eyes. It goes to hell for a minute when, the singer was cue’d to early but Scheana isn’t having it, and makes the singer sing it again, as planned.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 12.44.28 AM

After a sweet ceremony,  Mrs. & Ms. Michael Shay are announced. Sheana becomes a wife. I gave her props for hustling a million dollar wedding on a waitress budget. Don’t miss next weeks episode of ,”Vanderpump Rules,” when Scheana’s wedding gets dramatic. That’s putting it mildly.



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  • UniversalMoments

    Loved the crop top wedding gown! Sheana always keeps it sexy, that’s how she got Eddie Cibrian, Sheana is one of the luckiest women in the world to have shared a man with megastar Leann Rimes.

    • misstc

      Personally I would have liked that crop top a bit more tight so she wouldn’t be tugging it up every few minutes. I notice Rhianna did the same with her parachute concoction. LOL

  • NeverWentDownThisRoad

    This show completes the vilification and desecration of brandi glandville. She must be seething with jealousy to know that Sheana is famous and beautiful and married and has a job waiting tables unlike Brandi who has no job. Brandy must be totes jealous.

    • MidwestMiddie

      Stassi, too!!
      I’ll bet she is as jealous as can be. Talk about being out of place and
      not needed on a show………her storyline could have been spoken by a cast member-
      Stassi didn’t have to be on the show, at all.

      “Stasi moved back to LA with her boyfriend.”
      The End

  • RonnieIsBack

    Great recap. this show cracks me up…they are young and vapid but I love it.
    Schena’s dress…lol but a girl can work a budget…and lashes…

    • MidwestMiddie

      Just read her budget was $100,000!!!!
      I’d like to work with that kind of budget. lol
      Rhinestones on rose petals? Ghastly!!!!!
      Roses are so beautiful they only need water!!!!
      She spent some of her money on truly trashy things. She’ll quietly regret
      those kind of silly expenses later……..when maturity arrives and she and
      her husband want to buy a house. : /
      I read she got a huge settlement from her broken tooth situation and
      the money from that lawsuit paid for the wedding.

      • misstc

        I will NEVER understand why any sane person would pay such big bucks for a wedding. I would rather spend it on a great honeymoon and down payment for a nice home. There is nothing worse than fighting over lack of money.

        • MidwestMiddie

          X 2

        • equinox2009

          Exactly-have a small intimate ceremony and put a down payment on a starter home, because in Calif that’s about all you could get unless Lisa V buys it for them!

  • September24

    This has to be the first wedding where the bridesmaid dresses were prettier than the bridal gown.

    • MidwestMiddie

      Not my choice of style but I have to admit she looked lovely on her Wedding
      Day and she did it her way …….. which, imo, in the end, is the right way.
      Her aunt designed and created her wedding gown. Nice touch!
      For some reason I thought this wedding was going to be held at Liza’s
      and Ken’s House……….????
      No matter, the Hummingbird Ranch where the Wedding was held is
      a beautiful place. Loved having a Taco Bar Buffet for the Guests ……YUM!!!