#SisterWives Turmoil: Meri Brown Disgusted With Shady Divorce From Kody

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Meri Brown

It has been two weeks since the TLC show, Sister Wives has aired, and WOW…what a two weeks. When we last saw the Brown Harem, the wives were their normal disgruntled selves, with Kody flinging his stringy mane from house to house trying to balance, or at least fake his affection in four equal parts. America now knows that there was turmoil bubbling under the surface of the Brown cul-de-sac, with the issues being far more serious than Christine’s alleged hormonal swings. Kody and Meri Brown were officially divorced in September, with fourth wife Robyn being elevated to best girl status, and only legal Brown wife in December.

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The hush hush nature of the switcheroo would lead one to believe that the bill of goods being sold to viewers proposes that all is hunky dory on Brown Street, but plain old common sense debunks that notion.  Perhaps there was much more to Christine’s snippy attitude towards Kody than “PMS”, and even taking solace behind her beloved wet bar clearly isn’t cutting it with legally discarded wife, Meri. She has taken to hinting at the truth via mildly passive aggressive Twitter posts, using the social media outlet to express her thinly veiled, frustrated unhappiness. 

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A tweet posted on January 29th, a little over a month since her official demotion, utilized a common social media quote to express her feelings.

Sister Wives tweet

The tweet was posted around the time frame when the news of the “Sister Wives” divorce scandal was just beginning to leak out. All About the Tea recently reported that Meri is indeed disgusted with Kody and the shady decision, and this sentiment certainly reflects that. Many fans of the show responded in support of Meri.

Sister Wives tweet

Sister Wives tweet

Was Meri’s motive to cryptically jab the happy couple, or to possibly invite fans to chime in with their revulsion for Kody along with the seedy nature of polygamy?  

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It’s hard to say if she knew that the news was about to blow, and chose to shrewdly use it to her advantage, or was just possibly weeping into her computer, looking for some cryptic validation….or maybe even an emotional combo platter.  What do you think?  Don’t miss the weekly recaps of this train wreck starting this week!


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