Brandi Glanville Says Viewers Don’t See The “Real” Brandi On #RHOBH

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One of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills“star, Brandi Glanville’s attributes (for us anyway) is that she doesn’t mind speaking her mind. That’s why she has a weekly podcast show aptly named, “Brandi Glanville Unfiltered.” She can cuss. She can be rude. And she can spill her tea! This week, Brandi spoke of her true feelings on what it’s like to be on Housewives.

“It has it’s ups and downs,” Brandi says. “It has definitely been a great platform for me to have my books out there and other things that I’m doing… my wine, my app.”

Wait. She has a wine? How very Ramona of her.

Brandi continued,

“So it has its pluses, but there’s also minuses. They (Bravo) only show a certain side of me because they can’t see me with my kids, they can’t see me doing business meetings. They only see me socializing with women who I probably wouldn’t normally socialize with. These women can be intimidating and judgmental and they don’t always show everything that happens. So, you don’t know. You think you had a great season and then you’re watching it and…”

Bam! Those private talking head testimonials can be brutal. But we all know Brandi can give it as good as she gets it. Or can she? She spoke about how she handles the negativity that comes with book deals, wine deals, and app deals.

“I did have a little break down recently because of some things happening that I don’t think should be happening. But at the end of the day I’m taking care of two little men,” she explained. “I have no education, what was I going to do?”

Umm, perhaps get some.

Brandi also spoke of the upside to being a reality show.

“This show really saved my life as far as being financially stable. I’m just thankful that I’m doing the Apprentice now because it gives a different side of me for people to see. I’m not always drunk and crazy and yelling and screaming and fighting. That’s not who I am. If it was, I wouldn’t be where I’m at. It’s frustrating and it’s hard but I appreciate it still.”

Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen how it went down for Brandi, but she was fired. In the beginning Brandi was somewhat of a strong player, but her time ended with a whimper. Brandi also admitted that she and J.R. are dating again (slow learners) and trying to build a serious relationship.

“But now we’re really gonna try and be a couple,” she clarified that they’ve been dating on and off for two years but steadily now since Thanksgiving. “We had breaks because he’s an only child and he’s Latin, like my ex husband, and there’s a lot that goes with that.”

Sigh. Why doesn’t Brandi come with a seven second delay? She further clarified,

“He was raised by a single mother so he gets a lot of where I’m coming from so I do have respect for him in that way. He’s a hard worker and I respect that,” she continued. “But he was an only child and I think it’s hard for him, I have two little men that come first. He loves the boys, he’s around them, but it’s hard for him, I think he’s used to being #1, but when it comes to the romantic department, he’s my #1.”


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