Nick Gordan Under Investigation For Foul Play In Bobbi Kristina’s Tragedy

Posted on Feb 8 2015 - 10:41am by Wendy Owen


New reports have emerged that Atlanta authorities are looking deeper into the details of what, when, where, and how Bobbie Kristina Brown, 21, was found by first responders to be “unresponsive, meaning not breathing, no heartbeat,” as per Roswell Police Department spokeswoman, Lisa Holland. The police department has said that Bobbi Kristina‘s friend, Maxwell Byron Lomas, 24, of Duluth, GA, was the person who called 911 at 10:20 a.m. from her condo. Emergency radio transmissions were heard referring to a “Twenty-one-year-old female in the bathtub, face down. PD’s en route.” When EMS arrived, Bobbie Kris was not in the tub face down, but on the floor being given CPR by her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, 25, then the EMS crew took control of the situation. The police spokeswoman also stated at the time that the event was termed a “medical incident” and a “drowning” but no indication of drug- or alcohol-related causes.

Bobbi Kris police

In the days that followed, Bobbie Kristina’s family has have come forward to say that drugs were found during a later police investigation but this has not been confirmed by the police department. In recent days, the Roswell Police investigators have discovered suspicious injuries to Bobbi Kris’ body.

Accusations are being made that there was an altercation one hour before Bobbie Kris was allegedly found in the bathtub. Piecing the timeline together from various sources, it appears Mr. Lomas arrived at Bobbie Kris’ house around 9 a.m. and, Mr. Gordon let him into the home, and told him that Bobbi Kris was upstairs in the bedroom. According to Mr. LomasMr. Gordon then disappeared in the house for about an hour. A cable company serviceman arrived around 10 a.m.. First reports said Mr. Lomas let him in, showed him around the home, and later, the two went upstairs and found Bobbie Kris and then yelled for Mr. Gordon. Others say Mr. Gordon answered the door and stayed with the service man, while Mr. Lomas went upstairs to alert Bobbie Kris. His lawyer says that Mr. Lomas was alone and immediately called 911 at 10:25 a.m. The police have not released details as to the state of Bobbie Kris’ body, who said she was found “face down in the bathtub,” or whether Bobbie Kris was wet or dry, and where she was placed in the home, when the EMS crew arrived. Mr. Lomas is alleging that Mr. Gordon “cleaned up the home and removed blood stains before police arrived.”

Bobbi Kristina

As recently as January 14 of this year, Mr. Lomas was arrested, held at the Fulton County Jail, GA, and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of Alprazolam (generic for Xanax) and possession of firearm or knife during commission of or attempt to commit certain felonies, and later released on bond of $15,000, according to MyFoxAtlanta.

Mr. Gordon, who lived with Bobbi Kris, and her mother, the late Whitney Houston, since the age of 12 when his mother was no longer able to care for him. He was rumored to be married to Bobbi Kris, as per social media postings last year, but the Brown family has since disclosed that the two were never legally married. This fact has allowed the Brown family to bar Mr. Gordon from visiting Bobbi Kris. Further, RadarOnline is reporting that Marion “Pat” HoustonBobbi Kris’ aunt and Executrix of Whitney Houston‘s multi-million-dollar estate that was left in its entirety to Bobbi Kris, filed a police incident report in Alpharetta, GA, in 2014, claiming that Mr. Gordon made “threatening” online remarks to her after she refused to increase Bobbi Kris‘ allowance. Bobbi Kris is not due to inherit her mother’s full estate until she reaches the age of 35. In the notes section of the report, the detective wrote, “After reviewing the Twitter post . . . it was discovered that Mr. Gordon has not made any threats of violence towards Marion. The Alpharetta police department will not further investigate this matter.”

Bobbi Kristina Brown is the only child of superstars Whitney Houston, deceased, and Bobby Brown, 46, who were married from 1992 to 2007, and is still in a medically induced coma at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, GA, after being transferred there from the hospital that first treated her, North Fulton, also in Atlanta. Reportedly, Bobbi Kris’ attorney stated that they are privately looking into events surrounding the incident. Many family members have been visiting, and reports have alleged that her medical team is suggesting taking Bobbi Kris off of life support. As the next of kin, Bobbi Krisn would be the person to take such action, but is reported to be against it and hoping for a miracle. The third anniversary of Whitney Houston‘s death is February 11, and rumors are floating that if there is any day that such action would be taken, sadly, that might be the day.


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  • DLister

    Wendy Owen, I’d like to compliment you on such a professionally written article. It’s obvious you took a lot of time to research and you wove it all together so cogently. Rock on! 🙂

    • Wendy Owen

      thx so much, D! couple of typos in the ending paragraph – wrote so fast as news was coming in through cnn et al. bobby brown would be responsible for taking bobbi kristina off life support as next of kin since she is not legally married to NG.
      hard to get facts out of alpharetta, ga, p.d. thus far since it’s ongoing, but i will keep digging as to who found what when and then did what.

  • Mustang

    Let’s assume the elephant in the room – the boyfriend/’brother’ did her in to get his hands on her inheritance. He couldn’t be so naïve as to think that no one would look into the legitimacy of the “marriage” could he? With the clowns surrounding this girl, she never stood a chance.

    • Marsbars09

      Great point Mustang. What would Nick have to gain by killing Bobbi Kris? They weren’t even married!

      • Wendy Owen

        if he did anything, i’d say it was a “crime of passion” type of thing. the passion being money since from every article i’ve read, he’s got no job other than hanging around bobbi. maybe she finally told him to flip off and he got went defcon 4 on her.

  • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

    This story gets more & more convoluted everyday. It’s just sad that this happened, but much worse if it turns out her ‘boyfriend’ had something to do with it.
    I know someone who lives nearby & they feel in their heart of hearts that NG had something to do with it. I truly hope this is not the case. & if it turns out to be true, well then I hope NG never sees the light of day again!

    • Marsbars09

      Hi T-lily! More and more discouraging news comes out every day about Bobbi Kris. I’m glad law enforcement is conducting a thorough investigation into Nick’s possible involvement.
      Have you heard the one about the Browns’ arguing with the Houstons’ about not being “disrespected” at BK’s impending funeral! Unbelievable!
      I don’t think this girl had a day of peace since she was a baby.

      • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

        & then that story about the fight at the hotel restaurant on Bobby’s birthday.
        Geez-Louise! The Aunt gets into a shoving match with her OWN son & spits on him & breaks a bottle or glass over his head! WTF???
        My heart breaks for this girl.
        Sometimes tragedy brings out the best in families, other times, hmmmm, not so much!
        I’ve seen both & unfortunately have experienced both.

        • Marsbars09

          It’s an understatement to declare the Browns’ and Houstons’ don’t get along.

          • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

            From what I understand this was only the Brown family involved in the hotel party melee’.
            Just ugly & pathetic that people would act like that while this is happening.

          • Anne Mckinney-page

            If they do have a situation, where Bobby gets his hands on the estate… there will be a Family melee that will exceed the Borgias of the Middle Ages. Forget broken bottles, and glasses… it will get real, when that much $$$ is up for grabs.

  • Marsbars09

    I’m glad the Roswell Police Department are conducting a thorough investigation on Nick Gordon. I’ve never liked him ever since I saw him on the family’s tragic reality show three years ago.

  • MorningYawn

    This situation is so awful. That child had no one she felt she could count in except nick Gordon. It remains to be seen if he had anything to with this.., and I hope he didn’t. Those last minutes for her would be the complete recognition that she really the only person she trusted betrayed her the most. Prayers for you BK.

  • cait

    Like I said yesterday, funny how Nick also found Whitney dead in the bath ! Unless someone is setting him up !
    That Aunt seems a nasty piece of lying trash, who’s probably drooling about the money ! Maybe her son called her out, so she glassed him !

    • Marsbars09

      Hi Cait! Nick didn’t find Whitney in the bathtub when she died. I don’t think Nick was even in Los Angeles when Whitney died.

      • cait

        Oh, Mars, I had read several different reports on US & UK sites and they all said that he was there and he did find WH ! Sorry if I got that wrong !

        • Wendy Owen

          easy mistake to make since no one has ever confirmed who actually found whitney. bobbie kristina was there, so one would imagine NG was there, too. rumors were that Ray-J, who had been dating her, found her, but his publicist denied it. other reports said it was her bodyguard that found her, though why a bodyguard is checking in on a woman in her bathtub is beyond me. another report says her assistant, whomever that was, found her. beverly hills police stated: “It’s unclear who notified hotel staff because she has quite an entourage here at the hotel. “

        • Marsbars09

          No worries. 🙂

  • >:-|OPINIONATED-deal with it!

    Until I hear from the police what happen, I will not believe these different versions and/or accounts. It seems like the story is changing everyday. What is the truth?

    • Marsbars09

      I feel the same way.

  • Wendy Owen

    Addendum: If Bobbi Kristina does die, and does not have a Will, the intestacy laws in Georgia would mean that her estate would pass on to her father, Bobby Brown.

    • cait

      Whitney’s will was very explicit about what would happen to the cash if Krissy died, and she had only received a portion of her inheritance, the bulk to be paid when she is 35yrs ! As payments had started, does that mean the money is Krissy’s and pass to her father ? I would prefer that to the awful Houston family, who must be making a fortune out of executors fees, though Bobby’s no saint, he has been making a good effort, of late.
      Where’s Stacy when we need her ?

      • Wendy Owen

        hi cait!i have the pdf of whitney’s will and it only states that if any children predecease her, the estate passes to her mother, et al. i can’t attach a PDF here due to wordpress limitations.

        since bobbi did not predecease whitney and she is the only child, the estate is entirely hers.

        when i studied wills and trusts, this is one of the cases we had to evaluate. whitney’s big mistake was to make a will that set up a trust, rather than creating a living trust once bobbi kristina was born.

        by only having a will, she left the procedure open to probate which is why it was so public.

        the strangest thing is the appointment of her sister-in-law to handle the estate. cissy did not want to be the administrator and passed, which is her right, so marion was appointed. how the heck they let an in-law — even if it is whitney’s brother gary’s wife — be in control of her estate is beyond me.

    • Reader

      wendy thank you for the update, the only issue is there are no links in which you cite sources and reports. it would be nice to read the other reports you are talking about because i cant find them.
      eveeything you mentioned about blood stains i cant find, it would be nice to also read.

      • Wendy Owen

        hi reader!
        just do a boolean search in google: alpharetta roswell georgia police “bobbi kristina” and this will bring up the police statements. if i found at least 3 different sources not citing each other, i put the item in. i believe the blood stains quote is coming from mr. lomas’ attorney as it is being used and attributed to a “source.” it would seem his attorney is presenting a defense before the public instead of a court. his attorney has been releasing statements. his name is phillip a. holloway, of the holloway law group, marietta, ga, which i should have clarified. his specialty is criminal defense.

        the other source was RadarOnline and it’s right on their front page. i can’t verify through independent sources anything they claim so that is why i cited them as the source.

        • Reader

          as i told you, i did search and could not find, i searched befofe i commented.. usually writers here are good about leaving the link (hyperlink) where they are citing or referncing. it is nice for readers to click and see what else the reference is saying. you are referencing, might as well as link even if reports are verified or not. Wouldnt you want them to link you?
          i know the editor here does a good job always leaving us links and requires media outlets to credit her. it could hurt her by you not doing it, she works her ass off, if her writers arent crediting and linking, they may say, they dont link us, why link them.

          • Wendy Owen

            For your reference, if you find three or more unrelated sources that don’t quote each other like most other websites do, you needn’t cite each one. This does contain quotes other sources. It is a compilation of many sources. The one point where I did find only source, I wrote that the information came from Radar Online, but even that was not a direct quote from only one of their articles.

            If you want an excellent example of how to cite singular sources, may I direct you to my legal paper on github:

            John Doe, et al, v United States: A Proposal for a class-action lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act


          • Wendy Owen

            the direct sources are referenced — police department spokeswoman and radaronline. all other information came from other sources. i do not copy and paste tmz articles unless i put it in quotes and reference them. i’m not just passing on the same information you could find from tmz. that’s the difference. if you’re suggesting that journalism comes with a bibliography, i suggest you contact the ap stylebook and tell them to change their rules for writing.