Bruce Jenner Involved in Car Crash That Leaves 1 Dead, 5 Injured

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Bruce Jenner

Reality television star, Bruce Jenner, 65, was involved in a deadly car accident on Saturday. The horrifying car accident happened on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California. Reportedly, Bruce was being chased by paparazzi when he rear-ended a white Lexus, forcing the vehicle into oncoming traffic, causing the Lexus to be struck head on by a Hummer. 


The female driver of the white Lexus was killed on impact and the crash caused a multi vehicle collision. Reports claim five people are injured. The extent of their injuries are unknown. Bruce was not injured.


Bruce told officers on the scene he was being chased by paparazzi just prior to the accident. He said he had not been drinking and he offered to take a field sobriety test.


This accident could not have happened at a worst time for the former Olympian. He is currently in transition from male to female and reportedly undergoing hormone therapy to prepare for transgender surgery. Reports claim Bruce will change his name post surgery to “Belinda.” Diane Sawyer has an upcoming exclusive sit down with Jenner to discussion his transition.

Our prayers are with the families of the deceased and injured.


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