Jim Marchese Says #RHONJ Needs To Fire Teresa Giudice!

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Jim Marchese

The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is scheduled to start filming in a few months and many fans of the show wonder what direction the show will take in season seven. One outspoken star of the show is voicing his opinions about an ethical issue that has plagued the show for years. Jim Marchese, weighed in to Confidenti@l, telling them “Bravo has a moral responsibility to fire star Teresa Giudice.”

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Jim Marchese feels that after Teresa’s fraud conviction and subsequent prison stint that Bravo will be guilty of “glorifying” crime if it renews her contract. I agree!

“I don’t think she should be on the show any longer,” Marchese told us. “I think glorifying a felon’s life is counterproductive, and I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

Whether or not the Real Housewives of New Jersey survives without Teresa Giudice remains to be seen, but one thing seems certain, Bravo loves the drama and the attention from the felonious activities of the Giudices,

“By the same argument, I think we could have (imprisoned Ponzi schemer) Bernie Madoff on the show,” says Marchese, whose wife, Amber, is also a cast member. “He has good name recognition also, and he’s done things and I’m sure there would be some curiosity.”
“But (the show) is about families and dynamics. It isn’t about seeing how individuals can work our system, rip off the American people, not pay taxes and then live a lifestyle that pretty much no one I know has.”

Marchese was asked does the RHONJ have a moral responsibility to the Real Housewife of Danbury federal prison.

“I’m my opinion, yes,” he said, “Every other business model has a code of ethics.”

Jim has been busy supporting his wife, Amber Marchese, in her nutrition and lifestyle venture, “RevolutioniZe.”

“She’s even getting my old butt in shape,” says Marchese of Amber, who has a master’s in exercise physiology from Columbia University. “If she can get me in shape at 45, she can get anyone in shape.”

Amber has been keeping a low profile since the show wrapped, but it appears that she has been busy working on her new business concept behind the scenes. We wish her much success!

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