#RHONJ Teresa Giudice Speaks From Prison! “I’ll Be Rich Again”

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I am quite certain that most of us are pretty happy just knowing that Teresa Giudice is behind grimy prison walls, away from the cameras, away from personal product hawking appearances, and especially away from our television screens. However, Teresa is under the obvious impression that no one is going to put this reality baby in a Danbury, Connecticut corner for long. Reportedly, Teresa’s struggle to maintain a public career is ongoing, even behind bars, and she is apparently plotting to hit the ground running upon her release.


Teresa is hatching a plan to “write” a book, detailing her life behind bars, a slammer memoir that reportedly could net her as much as a cool million. Could this be what the cover of this week’s Life and Style magazine is all about?  Once you look past the hair raising cover photo, Teresa is quoted as commenting “I’ll be rich again.” I say GOOD for her…or rather GREAT for the lengthy queue of creditors waiting to collect what is owed to them, the minute any cash starts flowing again. This supposed jackpot in the making is said to be focused on the pain of being separated from her family, and the struggle to stay connected through visits.

A source told Us Weekly that the visits have been difficult, because the four Giudice girls evidently dread the ordeals.

“Teresa told me all the kids actually hate it, which Teresa says makes the visits hard for her.”

Hard for HER? I’ll let you all take that one. According to the media outlet, Teresa is also hoping to profit from her prison stint by pitching a reality show, a spinoff from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” following her life after prison. Hopefully the individuals and businesses,  on the “Ripped Off By the Giudices” list are busy arranging their paperwork, as Teresa schemes away in the Big House. After all, what’s hers is theirs.


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