#SisterWives Crisis: Inside Meri Brown’s Turmoil Over Divorce From Kody Brown

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Meri Brown Sister Wives

As the world of reality TV viewers learns of Robyn Brown’s new position as Kody Brown’s new blessed by the court wife, most of us will be watching TLC’s Sister Wives with new eyes. The cast of “Sister Wives” was seen filming the current season last spring, and with the divorce from Meri made final in September 2014, it is hard to believe that the wifey switcheroo plot was not already underway.  It is yet to be seen whether or not the hush hush shakeup will be alluded to on show, which starts back up this Sunday.

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A look back at the Twitter account of Meri reveal a host of emotions, and reveal the inner turmoil that was clearly going on within the Brown harem. September 12th was the official beginning of the legal end for Kody and Meri, and the dethroned wife chimed in along with the soon to be queen, on Twitter. Meri retweeted many emotionally revealing quotes during the month of December:

Sister Wives

Sister Wives

December 5th marked the official filing for a marriage license for Kody and Robyn, with the marriage becoming legal on December 11th. What…no big family celebration?? What gives? According to Twitter, Meri just wasn’t in any mood to celebrate.

Sister Wives

Some people on social media believe that things are still hunky dory between Kody and Meri as evidenced by a posted pic of the two cuddling during a dinner, celebrating Meri’s birthday. All About the Tea reported that according to a local source, Meri has all but washed her hands of her now ex-husband, disgusted by the demotion.   I have watched the show from the beginning, and most of us know that Meri is a needy soul, always eager for a treat and a reassuring ‘you’re my best girl’ pat on the head from Kody.

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Our source also claims that Meri is committed to keeping the TLC train rolling, so this may have been a social media ‘the show must go on’ blip…or possibly a combo of both.  A little PR, and a little timely damage control from Kody before he and his floppy mane skittered back to Robyn. After all, they all had to know that this news was about to blow.

Sister Wives

I don’t buy that all is lovey dovey on Brown Street. Hang with me as we all watch this hot mess with new insight, beginning Sunday!


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