#SisterWives Crisis: Inside Meri Brown’s Turmoil Over Divorce From Kody Brown

Posted on Feb 4 2015 - 12:40pm by BeachSpin

Meri Brown Sister Wives

As the world of reality TV viewers learns of Robyn Brown’s new position as Kody Brown’s new blessed by the court wife, most of us will be watching TLC’s Sister Wives with new eyes. The cast of “Sister Wives” was seen filming the current season last spring, and with the divorce from Meri made final in September 2014, it is hard to believe that the wifey switcheroo plot was not already underway.  It is yet to be seen whether or not the hush hush shakeup will be alluded to on show, which starts back up this Sunday.

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A look back at the Twitter account of Meri reveal a host of emotions, and reveal the inner turmoil that was clearly going on within the Brown harem. September 12th was the official beginning of the legal end for Kody and Meri, and the dethroned wife chimed in along with the soon to be queen, on Twitter. Meri retweeted many emotionally revealing quotes during the month of December:

Sister Wives

Sister Wives

December 5th marked the official filing for a marriage license for Kody and Robyn, with the marriage becoming legal on December 11th. What…no big family celebration?? What gives? According to Twitter, Meri just wasn’t in any mood to celebrate.

Sister Wives

Some people on social media believe that things are still hunky dory between Kody and Meri as evidenced by a posted pic of the two cuddling during a dinner, celebrating Meri’s birthday. All About the Tea reported that according to a local source, Meri has all but washed her hands of her now ex-husband, disgusted by the demotion.   I have watched the show from the beginning, and most of us know that Meri is a needy soul, always eager for a treat and a reassuring ‘you’re my best girl’ pat on the head from Kody.

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Our source also claims that Meri is committed to keeping the TLC train rolling, so this may have been a social media ‘the show must go on’ blip…or possibly a combo of both.  A little PR, and a little timely damage control from Kody before he and his floppy mane skittered back to Robyn. After all, they all had to know that this news was about to blow.

Sister Wives

I don’t buy that all is lovey dovey on Brown Street. Hang with me as we all watch this hot mess with new insight, beginning Sunday!


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  • chacha1

    Oh those tweets are so revealing thanks for posting them …. I knew they would keep a happy facade to keep the money rolling in ….. they are still scamming everyone and getting away with it ….

    • Melba59

      Even tho it may not do much good, I’m letting TLC and the sponsors know I don’t want these scammers with their fake made-up-by-Kody- religion on my TV. It would be great if they lost their TV $ and that jewelry tanked. Team Meri all the way.

      • chacha1

        do they have a Facebook ? I am going to check now and post my disgust over this band of thieves

      • Alice Reid

        It’s already tanked. How could they hope to make money on stuff my 5 year old grand could make with better materials and more imagination. It’s cheap, Taiwan-made garbage that they’ve bought wholesale to pass off as Robyn’s designs. What a crock of hooey.
        Robyn would make more money hooking. $25/day would be about right.

        • Jennifer Leigh Moulthrop

          That wasn’t even their designs? It was waaaaay overpriced crap. Like seriously, Robyn acted like it was a grand idea and so amazing with amazing stuff and it was CRAP. What required so much of her time with that busines?

  • caringincanada

    Where are the values Kody speaks of to throw away his marriage vows for money. Instead of you getting a job and working you will kick Meri under the bed like an old pair of shoes. I hope all those deluded fans will now go to Sound choices and learn about the incest in his church. The old guy running off with a 14 or 15 year old in his church. All the abuse he claimed to be unaware of in year 5? but this month said he heard when his motherinlaw left-but never believed. Welfare bums, scammers and con artists Joseph Smith taught you well.

    • chacha1

      Yes and Christines mother taking a stance against polygamy and Kody and Christine turning their backs on her shows just where Kody is coming from … TLC just glorifies this hosebag and his trashbags

    • chacha1

      Kody made up his own religion and lifestyle to justify it

  • chacha1

    I wish I knew how to do the tweet thing… was Janelle and Christine tweeting also?

    • I’ll check their TimeLine’s and post some of their tweets here.

      • chacha1

        thanks Seussero 🙂

        • I just checked her Twitter dating back to November and it’s filled with bs tweets and retweets promoting the show and her jewelry line. And a few pics & tweets about her son.

  • How are these people living off of the government and still receiving paychecks from TLC??

  • Trippinhhard

    Never watched this show, but I know these women have very low self esteem.. Who in their right mind would CHOSE to be the 2, 3, 4, or 5th wife, get the hell out of here.. This is America, this is disgusting and TV is going to hell with all the shows. They all should leave this lazy nasty looking man.. I would be sick everytime it’s my night with this pig.. No way and get a JOB Kody…

  • RealitytvJunkie

    I’m very saddened to read that Meri is no longer the first wife. Robyn has been his favorite since she forced her way into his life. Shame on Kody. Long live Meri and I hope for the best for her and her daughter and feel so bad for the rest of the family that Robyn and her kids are more important then any one else. I liked this family but now will no longer watch anything to do with Kody or Robyn. She needed a husband to support her and her kids and she took it over. First with the business she wanted and now him.

    • chacha1

      Meri brought Robyn and Kody together … oh the irony !!!

      • Dave

        I think it’s poetic justice.

        • chacha1

          gotcha LOL … I need to be corrected .. it is The Learning Channel after all

  • ZammyB

    I’m sorry but this entire show is SICK! How a woman could allow herself to be a number 2,3, or even 4?! I don’t understand and I honestly DON’T want too!

  • Dave

    Anyone else remember when TLC was “The Learning Channel” instead of “put me on TV, I’m freak from normal society!?

    • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

      A gazillion upvotes Dave! I said the same exact thing. I can remember when TLC was actually informative & educational. WTH happened?

  • A Reader

    This family is very disturbing to me. The thought of him rotating beds per wife order is just disturbing.

    • chacha1

      YEK !!!

  • TopGear

    I can’t stand Kody. This season has been hard to watch. You can see the family falling apart and I never saw what they even see in Kody in first place but hearing about the divorce my first reaction was “good for Meri” but then after reading about the twit Robin I just wanted to puke. How disrespectful to the other two wives #2 & #3 . I prefer watching My Fives Wives. They are truly family and the hubby shows his love and respect to all the members (no matter who is around) of his family’ Dirt bag Kody could take lessons.

    • chacha1

      how about when he was on camera saying Christine and the others were twisting his balls, he sure is showing his true colors and was very angry and I am sure abusive …. he used those words in his talking head while at the other pigamists house

    • chacha1

      those Brady Williams slugs are just as miserable and hateful as the Kody Brown slugs

  • chacha1

    TLC brought these nasty people to convince us that this so-called religion is all rainbows and unicorns …. but all it is going to do is encourge a horny lazy guy to find horny lazy nasty women to support him and screw him ….seeing now that they can live better than you and me ….

    • Sarita La Cubanita

      I honestly think TLC has reached rock bottom with this white trash group of perverts, and needs to clean its image. It has scraped the crud at the bottom of the barrel with these.

  • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.
    • BOOM!!

      • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

        This I will never understand. How little value do you see in yourself that you would actually choose this?
        I could almost understand it if he looked like Romain or Hugh Jackman.

        Or if dude had a 9 digit multi-billion $$$ bank account.

        But Kody?

        Pfffffttttttttt! Not even on his best day!

        • chacha1

          Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa TRUE

  • Babyruth3944

    Meri, it was you that opened the door, and let the fox in the hen house.

    • Exactly!!

    • chacha1

      well I wouldn’t call Robyn a fox, more like a witch face or Jay Leno’s twin sister … but yes, Meri brought this hosebag right into Kodys arms

  • Sarita La Cubanita

    Meri likes polygamy, so what’s her problem? Polygamy is one of the forms of female abuse, and this female was totally into it. I honestly don’t understand her depression, nor why she should object to just a little more of the oppression she is so into.

    • Jennifer Leigh Moulthrop

      Polygamy doesntv have to equal abuse. Though Cody isn’t an example of such. Polygamy doesn’t have to mean heartache and oppression.

      • Sarita La Cubanita

        Of course it’s abuse.

        Turn the tables and make the male endure brother-husbands, while the woman is enjoying sex with multiple husbands, and see how he feels about it. Guaranteed he won’t feel overjoyed, and he’ll feel he’s being taken advantage of by the female.

        It’s abuse, period.

        • chacha1

          when Meri once asked Kody how he would feel if she took another ‘husband’ his face got dark, his eyes went blank and he said “that disgusts me”

      • chacha1

        2 shows Sister Wives and My Five wives and 9 sister slugs who do nothing but cry and back stab …. yeah okay … Polygamy has proven to me to be an abusive and perverted lifestyle

        • Sarita La Cubanita

          Pure sexual perversion is all it is. They add some sort of god thing to the mix, to get away with it.

    • chacha1

      And Meri has been a real bitch to her sister slugs and especially to Janelle since day one, and even today we saw Janelle with a therapist talking aobut how Meri abused her ….. Karma is a bitch Meri and you have been bitch slapped ….

      • Karianne

        How exactly did Meri abuse Janelle?

        • Belle

          She was so horrible to her after Janelle and Kody got married that Janelle left. She stayed gone for over a year until they convinced her to come back and buy the house they had when the show first started. She made her life hell because she didn’t want to share Kody and wasn’t prepared for actually living polygamy. It didn’t help that Meri was unable to have children at the time and Janelle was as fertile as a corn field after a long, soaking rain.

  • Sarita La Cubanita

    Do people actually watch this crap?

  • Jersey

    I never watched this show before but I keep seeing this divorce everywhere. The woman he married is the youngest but how did she become part of this group and did he always show a favoring towards her? I do feel bad for the woman he was married to for all those years but this is the lifestyle that they chose. :/

    • chacha1

      Meri suggested that Skrody date Robyn …. talk about ‘be careful what you wish for”

      • Jersey

        Oh my.. :/

  • Disgusted

    How disgusting!! Kody is an idiot and any self-respecting (and intelligent) woman would be well served to detach and move on with her life. I enjoyed the show initially, but will not endorse Kody’s and Robyn’s selfish, childish behaviors by watching it any longer.

  • Brigita
  • S.A

    For goodness stake people Meri and Kody were polygamists before they got married. She knew she was going to be a sister wife. However a lost of marriage is hard no matter if the person is polygamist or not. Everyone in this situation is hurting because they are all human.

  • Crystal Petersen

    Robyn divorced her last husband. They were very poor I think she went after Kody because she knew that the family was going to make a lot of money off the show. She befriended Meri and used their friendship to get what she wanted. Marrying him so she get insurance is total BS!!! The money he makes off the show allowed her to be able to buy that huge expensive house then she can afford insurance!! Meri I think your awesome and my heart breaks for you! Up until tonight I loved the show now I’m just totally disgusted! Robyn is a fame and money whore and karma will catch up to her. I think this move will what kills your show. Meri I hope you got the house (and Cody the payment) and a large amount of alimony. I know you are currently staying with Cody and the show but I hope you go away to collage and realize your dream.

  • jojo

    This is what makes the most sense: since the father of Robyn’s children is not in the picture, it would makes sense that Kody would want to adopt Robyn’s kids. The courts will probably not allow him to adopt them unless he is legally married to their mother. So he had to divorce Meri and marry Robyn so he could then adopt her children. Come on…you people are supposed to be journalists…you couldn’t figure that one out?

    • Belle

      He pays child support and he does see them. Robyn said that the kids had spent part of the summer with him, and when she was weighing the pros and cons of the adoption she said child support payments would stop.
      They do have a fat her and he is involved. He must either be a saint for maintaining silence while he’s painted as a deadbeat, or he’s being compensated in some way.

    • tracie

      No. Because your wrong.he is not out of the picture. They just left to spemd time with him again.I don’t think that they were all eccited, Robin’s kids.