Kris Jenner Sends Yolanda Foster a Beautiful “Get Well” Bouquet

Posted on Feb 4 2015 - 2:22pm by Wendy Owen


Uber-busy Kris Jenner took time out to send the most gorgeous bouquet to her friend Yolanda Foster, who’s recently been dealing with a set back in her fight against Lyme disease.

Yolanda posted the following on her Instagram:

“❤️Every day may not be a good day for those chronically ill but there is something good in everyday! Thank you @krisjenner for these beauties and your sweet note #GoodInMyDay”

Yolanda Foster

Here’s the accompanying photo which shows the ever-lovely Yolanda, and the beautiful bouquet of dusty-pink colored roses with lavender accents.

She’s also assured her fans that her diet is super-healthy, posting a pic of all the no-no foods and writing,

“❤️No Candy, No cakes, No muffins, No white bread, No chips, No fast foods, No pastries, No ice cream, No soda TRY IT FOR 21 DAYS = RESULTS. #ItsNotThatHard #YourHealthIsYourWealth #AfterTheSuperbowl #MindOverMatter”

Daughter Gigi, 19, told Us Magazine at the First Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Thursday, January 22, 2015:

“We try to call her and FaceTime her with what’s going on and keep her feeling like she’s not too far away… It [lifts her spirits]. I think that she kind of looks forward to it. Right now she’s going through a lot, so even a little FaceTime once in a while helps.”

Gigi is friends with Kendall Jenner, and dating Cody Simpson, and hanging with Justin Bieber, and rumors are floating that the quartet are working on a project together since they posted their photo on Instagram.


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