Put On Blast: Teyana Taylor Blasts Porsha Williams For Stealing The Name Of Her #Unbothered Clothing Line

Posted on Feb 3 2015 - 10:50am by Avigail

Teyana-Taylor-vs-Porsha-Williams- (1)

Another day another copycat EXPOSED!

The baby NeNe Leakes of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Porsha Williams, has PISSED R&B singer, Teyana Taylor off!

Baby NeNe is following in the footsteps of puppet master NeNe Leakes and decided to start a clothing line using the term “#Unbothered.” Porsha has been promoting her genius idea on social media all week. Yesterday, Porsha posted the following photo on her Instagram account that started a lot of DRAMA!

Porsha Unbothered post

R&B crooner, Teyana Taylor, got wind of Porsha’s promotions and confronted her on Instagram. Teyana made it clear to Porsha that she’s a copycat and her shirts will NOT be coming soon,

“No it will not be coming out because unbothered is my clothing line, legally as well & u follow me so I’m sure you know what it is. So you should take this down.”

Porsha Williams

Teyana is currently selling a clothing line with that exact same catch phrase “Unbothered.” The RHOA star presumably stole the idea and launched her own “Unbothered” line, essentially ripping off Teyana Taylor’s trademark. Preview some of Teyana’s pieces below:




Perhaps, Porsha did not intentionally steal Teyana’s concept but she certainly did not do her homework. Porsha did not remove the image and has not addressed the matter. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens on February 8th!


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  • Rochelle Barozzi

    I hope she has another sugar daddy to pay her attorney bills.

  • italiano bambino

    LOL porsha seems NOT to get a break… #theSTEALINGisREAL

  • No wonder she’s all up in NeNe’s ass. She’s teaching her how to craft. Steal her way to the top. Teyana has been selling these shirts for a while. If she actually did her homework, she wouldn’t look more of a dummy than she does now, but you need a brain for homework. #Unbothered

  • italiano bambino

    PORSHA NEEDS TO GET A F JOB and stop trying to sell bunch a shit that people can but at a store for a cheaper price.. didn’t know she was a fashion designer now.

  • DSS

    I heard Porsha was using nene’s lawyer to send a C&D to the singer!!!!

    • italiano bambino

      LOL good luck

  • Shelly Jones

    I saw the move sugar daddies on lifetime this weekend. I kept waiting for Poorsha to make her cameo.

    • CoolBreeze15


  • RonnieIsBack

    Again the dumb Thot Porsha is following the hoof steps of that stealing moose….

  • cait

    Jill, Bethenny, Yicki, even the despicable Trashra, and other HW’s, had, or developed decent businesses ! What has Pay-Pay achieved, apart from being a drag queen in a panto, and Horshia just has a Pay-Day-Groin to cover her bills !

  • ChristianMotherofAte

    Baby Nene LOL! Funny how unbothered is her bright idea for a quick buck, when her claim to fame is being so bothered by someone’s taunting that she dragged someone across a soundstage by their hair.

  • CoolBreeze15

    LMBO! Too funny! Although Teyana looks like a ghetto thot, at least reality TV didn’t make her who she is. Porsha is following in Nene’s steps STEALING folks’ ideas. Not surprised. I heard Porsha deleted Teyana’s comment. LOL.