Bobby Brown Confirms Bobbi Kristina & Nick Gordan Were Never Married!

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Two years after Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordan announced they wed in a secret ceremony, her dad, Bobby Brown, is now confirming the two were never legally married. Rather, the couple just portrayed the notion of nuptials to the public.

According to Bobby Brown’s attorney,

“Bobbi Kristina is not and has never been married to Nick Gordon.”

This would make the restraining order to keep Nick Gordan away from the hospital very plausible. Considering there is no legal marriage that would mean Bobbi Kristina’s fortune is safe from Gordan. In the event of Bobbi Kris’ death, her $20 million inheritance would go to her dad.

In 2013, Bobbi Kris and Nick Gordan were all smiles as they announced their marriage. The news came as a shock to Bobbi Kris’ family and especially her dad who denied the report.

Now that the truth is revealed, this is a game changer. The Houston family has long despised Gordan and implied he encourages Bobbi Kris’ alleged drug use. Hopefully, Nick saved some coins during his free-loading ride because it’s about to come to an abrupt end very soon.


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