TreHugger Campaign: Teresa Giudice Fans Plan To Flood Milania Giudice With Cards For 9th Birthday

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Milania Giudice

Life without Teresa Giudice continues to bring out the crazy with all of her left behind fans. A year away from four children means missing four birthdays, and a group of Teresa lovers have decided that it is their job to ease the kids’ missing mommy pain.

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Milania Giudice is having a birthday in a couple of days and this effort, labeled #operationprojectlove on Twitter, urges strangers to send cards to the young child to encourage her in her loneliness.

Milania Bday Tweet

Two things are a little disturbing here. First of all, why would a little girl missing her mother find comfort in a hoard of Hallmarks with who knows what written in them, sent from complete strangers? Is anyone going to screen these possibly questionable sentiments before the nine year old rips into them? Lots of buttholes roaming around on Twitter after all. Secondly, what’s with the address we are supposed to send our heartfelt puppy and kitty themed congrats to anyway? It’s listed as talent agency, Xist Talent, leading followers to believe that Milania has officially begun her career as a probably screeching Giudice breadwinner. YIKES!

I hope that Milania has a wonderful day….and stays AWAY from social media, and close to those who truly love her.


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