#SisterWives Shocker: Kody Divorced Meri And Married Robyn!

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Things are a changin’ in the Brown harem…at least legally. On the popular TLC show, “Sister Wives,” the viewer is taken on the often disturbing up and down ride in the life of polygamist, Kody Brown. He claims himself to be married to four women, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and fourth wife Robyn, who he actually courted and wed on the show. However, Meri Brown, being the first wife, is the only woman he is legally married to in the eyes of the court.

A quick search in the Clark County Nevada public record data base, has turned up a surprising splash of tea, revealing that Kody and Meri actually divorced back in September of 2014, and a marriage certificate was issued to Kody and Robyn just last December.

Sister Wives Divorce Decree Kody & Meri

This divorce was granted, but no reason was given for the request. Some sort of legal maneuvering has clearly been in the works, making me wonder how Robyn’s ex-husband and father of three of her children might factor into the undercover move.

Sister Wives Marriage Record

The time period currently being aired was filmed before last December, but nothing about this obviously planned switcheroo has been mentioned on the show, making fans wonder, why the secrecy? Everyone knows that Meri has always thought of herself as the “Sister Wives” queen…so what exactly spurred her to agree to step down, and legally allow the fertile and younger newbie to take over her throne? Maybe that stupid and much discussed wet bar was actually a finagling bit of negotiation on Meri’s part? Maybe her passionate love for a household slice of the 1980’s had MUCH more behind it than simply bad design taste.

What do you think the reason was for this wife swap on paper….and WHY the hush hush?


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