#SisterWives Shocker: Kody Divorced Meri And Married Robyn!

Posted on Feb 1 2015 - 1:57pm by BeachSpin


Things are a changin’ in the Brown harem…at least legally. On the popular TLC show, “Sister Wives,” the viewer is taken on the often disturbing up and down ride in the life of polygamist, Kody Brown. He claims himself to be married to four women, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and fourth wife Robyn, who he actually courted and wed on the show. However, Meri Brown, being the first wife, is the only woman he is legally married to in the eyes of the court.

A quick search in the Clark County Nevada public record data base, has turned up a surprising splash of tea, revealing that Kody and Meri actually divorced back in September of 2014, and a marriage certificate was issued to Kody and Robyn just last December.

Sister Wives Divorce Decree Kody & Meri

This divorce was granted, but no reason was given for the request. Some sort of legal maneuvering has clearly been in the works, making me wonder how Robyn’s ex-husband and father of three of her children might factor into the undercover move.

Sister Wives Marriage Record

The time period currently being aired was filmed before last December, but nothing about this obviously planned switcheroo has been mentioned on the show, making fans wonder, why the secrecy? Everyone knows that Meri has always thought of herself as the “Sister Wives” queen…so what exactly spurred her to agree to step down, and legally allow the fertile and younger newbie to take over her throne? Maybe that stupid and much discussed wet bar was actually a finagling bit of negotiation on Meri’s part? Maybe her passionate love for a household slice of the 1980’s had MUCH more behind it than simply bad design taste.

What do you think the reason was for this wife swap on paper….and WHY the hush hush?


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  • Some shady shit is going on with this group of freaks. I bet it has something to do with their finances.

    • Birdie

      Yes..Robyn is the reigning creator of that hideous jewelry line they try and shove down our throats every episode.

      • chacha1

        and they try to scam investors … who would buy their chit, not me and if I saw their display on a counter at a store I would tell the owner why I was leaving never to shop there again.. I do not support any slug who marries one women but sleeps with 3 others and has a 14 illegitimate kids

  • Birdie

    Pooorrr fugly Meri…she can cry in her wet bar and toss in the towel of holding any real importance with the Kodster now. Out with the old…in with a skinnier but still fugly new.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ poor “fugly” Meri. ROFLMMAO!!!

      Oh lawd, I can’t breath!!!

    • Golden Girl

      Word in the ‘hood is that is that Meri and Robyn got into a major disagreement this past August about her not holding Robyn’s hand enough with their corny online jewelry shop, it became quite heated and after Kody got his balls out of Meri’s purse, he used them to actually stand up for her and her desire to go back to college. This sent Robyn into a rage that he was not taking her side, it went on for a couple of weeks and the breaking point came when Robyn told him that he had to choose between her and Meri, that she was tired of Meri holding her “first wife/legal wife” over Robyn’s empty head. Robyn threatened to leave Kody, had actually been staying with a friend for a few days, and in a desperate attempt to get her back Kody told her that he’d prove his love and loyalty to her by divorcing Meri and marrying her. Apparently at first Meri was devastated and felt very betrayed then she had a change of heart and said she didn’t care and for him to even consider doing that she was done with him and would only stick around for the sake of the family and contractual obligations with TLC. So in Sept they both filed for divorce, it was granted a couple weeks later. Robyn was on cloud nine. Janelle reportedly is completely shocked but not all that upset due to her years of a strained relationship with Meri. Christine is upset that she was passed over for legal wife and has distanced herself from both Meri and Robyn and as such has no help with her 4 kids who remain at home so out of desperation for help she asked her Mom to come live with her/them to help. Of course this actual truth will never be admitted by any of them as they are too busy wanting to portray a fairytale plural family.

      • BeachSpin

        WOW!! Do you live in the area? This makes perfect sense. Is this crew gna fall apart in your opinion?

  • Birdie

    Chacha?? Where are youuuuu???

    • chacha1

      Hi Birdie, I’m here 🙂

  • Yolie

    SHOCKER! I watched the last episode and I’m sorry but these women are not happy. They supposedly live this lifestyle for the togetherness and to raise their families a certain way. Well they aren’t doing that at all. They each have a huge house and they hire babysitters and now Christine’s mom is moving in? This isn’t polygamy its a man who has a wife and three mistresses living on a cul de sac.

    • Birdie

      Exactly…I LMAO at how they try week after week to sell that they’re happy and the lifestyle is great…while looking completely miserable most of the time.

      • chacha1

        same thing with the 5 Sister Slugs who are banging Brady … they alll cry and hate on each other

        • Birdie

          Oh yeah…those women all act like scared bunnies. I can barely hear them when they talk.

    • chacha1

      you should go to YouTube and watch The Honeymoon Special Sister wives … you will see the true sister slugs and their jealousy and hate for Robyn surfacing and how much Kody loves Robyn

  • i think maybe – guessing – adoption of her kids? idn i dont watch show but my sister does

    • chacha1

      whether Robyn is legal or not, Jessop will not let Kody adopt his kids JMO

  • Chloe

    I liked it better when these sickos had one large house. It seemed more like a connected blended family, now I feel like they are growing apart.

  • michelle

    My complete guess is that Robin’s ex was trying to get custody of their children and using her unmarried status as a tool against her. Since she is now legally married to the hairball she may be viewed as having a stable household for her children.

    Meri has probably already regretted her decision to allow the divorce. She probably bitches and moans about it every chance she gets. She should be happy to be legally rid of him.

    • Birdie

      Oh YEAH…she probably feels even less fertile now that she’s not legal…lol…I agree, now she can cut and run if she ever catches a clue.

    • chacha1

      I wonder if she got to keep the wet bar in the divorce settlement … and I do not believe the ex husband of Robyn forced anything …. Robyn might use this as an excuse to get Meri away from Kody …. Robyn comes from polygamy

  • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

    I have never watched his show. I cannot stomach Kody and his four nauseating wife. If it sounds like I’m judging, well yes I am. I’m a ‘one man, one woman’ (or two men, or two women) marriage.

    This polygamy–only with males as the head, mind you, smacks of disrespect toward the women in the marriage and women in general. This twisted family makes me sick.

    • Babson_Chick

      Ditto, ditto and ditto!!

      • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals


        • Babson_Chick


    • chacha1

      ITA ….Those women who put up with this greasy dirty pig are nothing but a bunch of slugs, just the thought of him being in someone elses bed every fourth night is beyond disgusting and having all those illegitimate kids is a big joke on the government who paid this family alot of welfare and medical money before the show …. when they lose this show and I hope they do I bet Christine and her mother will milk the welfare system for all its worth again

      • chacha1

        christine does not want to work, she wants to dance and cry and have her mother raise the kids…. someone must have told her she could dance because she is the choreographer for the family in doing the chicken dance

  • itsjustme

    I think I’ve caught perhaps 15 minutes total of this show. Enough to know that something sketchy is happening with this “family”. Kody is just very skeevy to me and of what I’ve seen of the women, they are ALL very insecure and appear to feel they have no other choice but to live this lifestyle they put themselves knowingly in.
    I personally could NEVER allow a man to run my life. I would want a partner, not a man who decides he needs more than one woman in his life and gets away with it by “marrying” several women. This whole family just gives me the creeps!

  • chacha1

    They are lying to the public about his relationship with Meri so that they can make more TLC money and then pay off those houses because all of this had to be coming down during filming ….. maybe some will not be able to keep the houses and it just shows what a fake and a farce this douche Kody is and his so called Religion is …. it is a lifestyle he made up for his own perversions and the fact that the government can support all the mistresses again when he loses the show … and this show should be protested …. they even tried to scam some investors but were caught and that is why those people were giving them dirty looks during their presentation. As for Robyns ex-husband forcing this to happen doesn’t make sense to me since it has been going on since he dated her and her exhusband could have put a stop to it then ….

  • chacha1

    Robyn comes from Polygamy so why would her ex husband Jessop care if she lives with Kody with his kids … he gets to have them whenever he wants them

  • Dani-K

    I have a problem with the secrecy of this. It’s not supposed to be scripted, it’s supposed to be “reality” TV. And to hide it because it’s hurtful/embarrassing/strategic isn’t for them to decide. You signed up for this, follow through.

  • New Sister Wives exclusive go here: [EXCLUSIVE] #SisterWives Scandal: The Real Tea Behind Kody & Meri Brown’s Divorce //allaboutthetea.com/2015/02/02/sisterwives-exclusive-kody-meri-browns-divorce/

  • Canon Lyn

    I find it fascinating that every comment here is negative and unsupportive yet you are watching this show. Why? For those who start off with “I don’t watch this show, but…” why are you commenting then and how do you even know about them? Makes no sense. Are you just trolling around trying to find places to get in your hater quota for the day?

    I’m sure they have a good reason for making Robyn legal wife and since filming during December when they got married hasn’t aired yet, I’m sure they are waiting to talk about it until that time-frame of the show airs. While I am not a polygamist, I find the show fascinating, but unfortunately can’t watch it anymore since I’m a cord-cutter and they don’t go to Hulu. I do find this development interesting though and look forward to hearing the why of it once they air that segment of time. They aren’t on welfare, were all adults when they got married, and I see nothing wrong with their wanting to live as they do. They seem to have problems just as all marriages do. What’s wrong with our country isn’t people making life choices we don’t personally subscribe to, but is the need to berate others for making those choices. It doesn’t affect you so why not accept their right to live as they choose and find something more positive and constructive to spend your time on, like making the world BETTER rather than trying to shred it apart? Encourage happy if you want a happier world to enjoy.

    • chacha1

      “were all adults when they got married” …. WHO GOT MARRIED ???? …. just one married that slug and he has 3 mistresses and 14 illegitimate children and were on welfare BIG TIME … talk about that …. and excuse me but I can comment without watching the show, you can read about the perverted life on google

      • Babson_Chick


    • Birdie

      They put themselves out there and bust their humps to prove their lives are wonderful when they are all butt miserable. Can’t open your life up and expect only roses and ponies as the viewers banter. Only Kody and Robyn are married BTW.

      • april666

        Meri was for over 20 years then all a sudden she is no good run Meri if you have any brains left

    • Dave

      Give it a rest. We watch for shock and entertainment value. Stop worshipping losers.

      • Sewcraftyfriends

        So true. Can’t believe all the Kody fans. Gag me.

        • april666

          Nobody is a bigger Kody fan than Kody LOL