#RHOC Update: New Cast Members Join & Old Ones Return For The Drama!

Posted on Jan 30 2015 - 2:12pm by Dani-K


Who’s excited about the return of the tenth season of “Real Housewives of Orange County?” We are!

Bravo recently released a list of programs that have been given the green light – and RHOC made the list – which means these ladies are bringing the drama.

Who will be part of the drama? Original cast member Jeana Keough is said to be rejoining cast when she tweeted,

“Thinking about doing a little work on the OC housewives this season, what do you think?”

It’s not clear to what capacity Jeana will serve on the show. Will she be a real housewife or a friend of a housewife? Time will tell, but apparently Jeana attended a party filmed at friend Vicki Gunvalson’s home for the show. We can’t wait to catch up with the 59 year-old, ex-Playboy model, real-estate agent who was always the voice of reason.

However, Bravo isn’t finished yet, media reports claim that two other women with “shady pasts” will be joining the cast when the show returns in April. The two new housewives are Meghan King Edmonds, who is married to baseball player Jim Edmonds, and Katie Chadwick Hamilton, wife of baseball player Josh Hamilton. One of the ladies should already be familiar to viewers. Edmonds attended last year’s infamous hoedown party hosted by Heather Dubrow.

We remember that show well, and the issue wasn’t so much that Meghan was a flirt, the issue, according to housewife Shannon, was that David didn’t introduce her to his wife.

As for Katie Chadwick Hamilton, reportedly, her family has a rocky past that will come to light — perhaps even before the show airs, the source hinted. In the meantime, Bravo producers are happy.

Are you excited about the RHOC return? Do you question why Bravo would bring women with “shady pasts” into the mix? Tell us what you think.


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  • italiano bambino

    Damn no Heather or lizzie? Bummer the only one who didn’t took tammys shit…

  • She Stinks!

    What is with all the blondes? I know its California and the OC, but please! Been there many times and there are more than just blondes there!

  • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

    What I really want to read is that Tam-rat has been given the boot.

    I don’t know how I feel about Jeana Keough returning. She was one of the more mellow HW (a desperately needed contrast to Icky Gunvaldumb’s crazy) but she also was a horrible example for women in bad marriages. She is the perfect picture of “learned helplessness” where women stay in horrid situations because they believe they deserve it. Just as the name implies, their helplessness is ‘learned.’ I hated the way abusive Matt Keough treated her–it just made me sick how she just sat there like a lump and took it.

    Also, I have to say, this entire cast is awful. Icky Gunvaldumb is a neurotic, stupid mess. She had a lot of nerve called Wretchen stupid when she is the very picture of the word. Also, Whoville Heather is an arrogant, condescending, whiny HO who thinks her poop smells like ice cream. And then we top it off with the ugly, beady-eyed Tam-Rat who would just as soon stick a knife in your back as look at you (actually she does both at the same time).

    Did I forget anyone? If so, then they didn’t impress me enough to make it into my long-term memory.

    • Rochelle Barozzi

      Yeah, I am pretty much finished with show.

  • TanCorduroyArmchair

    I hope Jeana was able to find some sort of solution to living with her husband. Not sure if they ever divorced or not, I thought he had brain damage from baseball and had become the scary angry, abusive guy we saw on RHOC. Her kids were super right wing republican, but that’s just orange county in general. I felt so bad for Jean and her kids dealing with the father and his brain injury, but there was no way to fix it, and that family dynamic has had to set a disturbing example for the kids in their own adult relationships. I didn’t like how Jeana went to the press and defended Tamra’s husband so vehemently, I think Tamra and Simon were both awful and you couldn’t possibly defend one against the other. She should have just stayed out of their family issues altogether. I’m not sure if this show can make it another season? It’s really on fumes, I guess the plotlines are going to be Vicki and Brooks has cancer, Tamra and Eddie get a divorce, Shannon falls from grace after becoming an first season fan favorite, Heather has all the wrong reactions to the producers directions and makes herself look like a shrew, and then expose the new girls shady pasts? Vicki I kind of want to keep up with after a decade of seeing her air all her crusties on tv, but Tamra needs to put out to pasture. She hasn’t had a real storyline in years, the last one she had was her divorce, which was traumatizing to watch. The rage between her and Simon was frightening. I totally believe the stories about her punching walls and the yay yo allegations. Now unless, they’re going to explain why Eddie was legally adopted by a well-to-do gay attorney after he reached the age of majority, then maybe we’ll have something interesting to watch, although I highly doubt that will happen.

  • Norrth

    I will not be happy until Tamra gets the boot.

  • chacha1

    google it but …..Speaking of marriages, Kody Brown and sister slug Meri got divorced and he married sister slug #4 Robyn in December …. I wonder who got the ‘wet bar’ in the divorce

  • I1ST5XS

    Please don’t bring Lizzie back. PLEASE!