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Blind Item: Diva Versus Fried Chicken

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Via Blind Gossip

This singer has a big performance coming up very soon, so we thought we would tell you a quick story that demonstrates how her fun on-stage personality doesn’t really match up to her control-freak backstage personality.

When she was on tour in the last year or so, her concert rider included a table of fairly healthy foods (fruits and vegetables, chips and salsa, juices) for her dressing room.

At one venue, she heard that some food had been brought into a separate room for the crew. Well, our singer stormed into the catering room, saw the table laden with things like fried chicken, salads, soda, cookies, and chips… and went ballistic! She yelled at everyone, demanding they get rid of everything. She screamed, “If I can’t have it, NOBODY can have it!” and started throwing away entire platters of food. Since she was their boss, no one said a word. They just stood there, hungry, watching the out-of-control diva dump their dinner into the garbage… and then walk away triumphantly.



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