Kyle Richards Shocked Brandi Glanville Got Physical With Her & Worried Brandi Is Taking Advantage of Kim

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The latest two episodes of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” have been rough ones for Kyle Richards. Her sister Kim is under public scrutiny, after an embarrassing on camera display that glaringly indicated that she is anything but sober. To make matters worse, her latest enabling confidant is another dependent hot mess, Brandi Glanville, who appears to be driving a wedge between the two sisters. Kyle took to her blog to share her side of the story of an evening gone terribly wrong.

“When I walked outside, I wanted to talk to my sister without anyone else around. I tried to walk Kim away from the cameras, as well as Brandi.”

Kyle opens up about the details of her second scuffle with Brandi, and clarified the details of the upsetting episode.

“Brandi was relentless. I asked her over and over again to leave us alone and let me speak with my sister privately. As Kim and I were standing by the garage trying to speak in private, Brandi grabbed both of my wrists and would not let go. I was shocked. I have never had anyone put a hand on me and honestly started to feel scared. I don’t want to be overly dramatic about the situation, but Brandi is 5’10” and I am 5’2″, and at this point I did not know what she was capable of, especially because she was intoxicated and aggressive.”

Kyle makes it clear that although the physical aspect of the incident was very upsetting, Brandi’s revealed motive to come between she and Kim was far worse. Kyle clears up the phone call that Brandi was referring to when she accused Kyle of not caring about her sister’s plight.

“Brandi did call me to say that Kim had called her at 2 AM in the morning. She asked me to please not repeat it, and I never did. But she went on camera letting everyone know about it. Why would she repeat that?I also never said “That’s not my problem, that’s just Kim.” Other than Brandi telling me about this one call, I have never gotten any late night calls or any signs of my sister not being OK or in danger in any way.” 

Kyle wraps her blog by explaining what in play dynamic she believes is going on between her sister, and the enabling wreck who is knocking herself out to be her best friend.

“When I watch Brandi with Kim, I see someone who is taking advantage of my sister at her most vulnerable. It’s frustrating, worrisome, and hurtful that my sister cannot see this. I just hope that Kim can see what we all saw so clearly…that Brandi’s actions speak louder than any of her venomous lies.”


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