Eileen Davidson Addresses Brandi Glanville: She Attacks, Then Deflects

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Eileen Davidson is fast becoming a fan favorite on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” She and fellow newbie Lisa Rinna, are breaths of fresh air, reinvigorating a tired franchise, by blasting truth that should have been spoken seasons ago. She and her husband, Vincent, hosted the just aired poker party from hell, and she shares her thoughts on the messy evening  in her Bravo blog. She begins by responding to a complaint made by Brandi Glanville in her last blog.

“..she said she came to our poker party and was so hungry because it was dinner time and we had no food. Aww. I guess she has to blame someone for her actions. But honestly, folks? It wasn’t EXACTLY dinner time. It was between 8:30 and 9:00 PM. And it wasn’t a DINNER party. It was a POKER party.  And even so, we had lots of hors d’oeuvres. Such as those “little pancakes that are for children” that are usually known as blinis.”

Brandi made a comment that evening, complaining that the couple’s son was upstairs, in possible earshot of the blurting trash that often flows from Glanville, who was clearly peeved to be asked to curb her gutter mouth.

“I’m not quite sure where we’re supposed to send an 11-year-old boy at 10 PM when we couldn’t arrange a sleepover. Nor did Vincent and I think it was necessary. After all, we weren’t having a group of Portuguese sailors over for a poker game. It was four women. If we’re ever moronic enough to invite Brandi over again, I’ll make sure Jesse is safely sequestered away from our property. I wouldn’t want her not to be able to express herself fully with “f—, c—, p—-, c—, b—,” etc. as loudly and as often as she pleases.”

Eileen hits the nail on the head, as she explains her view on the friendship between Kim and Brandi, and how Kim’s sister Kyle fits into the mix.

“What was the point of keeping Kim away from Kyle? Kyle wanted to understand what was happening with her sister. Brandi admitted she was drunk. That’s who someone who is trying to stay sober has as her support system? Brandi has her own issues to deal with and watching her with Kim was disturbing and not a healthy combination, IMO.”

Eileen wraps it up by sharing her thoughts on her attempt at openly clearing up some bad feelings between she and Brandi.  Brandi labeled the  maturely approached conversation as “a lecture.”

“Maybe so, because I wasn’t aware I was “lecturing” her. That certainly was not my intention. I’m not her parent or teacher. I’m just trying to understand. Brandi acts like I’m offending her by wanting to understand her. Clearly, my actions towards her have been insulting and mean. Wait. That’s how she is towards me. I guess I am finally understanding her, after all. She attacks, then deflects. She’s becoming predictable.Yawn.”

Eileen and Lisa are the REAL Beverly Hills, and as a bonus, they glaringly reveal the one housewife who definitely isn’t.Yawn, indeed!


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