Breaking News: #RHOA Kenya Moore Served With Cease & Desist From NeNe Leakes And Twitter Erupts!

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The drama between “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars, NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore continues to explode off-screen. Kenya Moore celebrated her 44th birthday over the weekend, and received a belated birthday “gift,” from cast mate, NeNe Leakes. However, this dramatic “gift” may surprise you!

The former Miss USA posted a photo on her Instagram of a Cease and Desist Defamatory letter she received from fellow cast mate, NeNe Leakes.

“Mrs. Leakes has learned you have engaged in making false, destructive, and defamatory statements,” the cease and desist stated, “You are hereby directed to cease and desist making any and all false and defamatory statements, which are injurious to her character and reputation.”

Kenya’s Instagram post read,

“I guess this is @neneleakes way of saying happy birthday!#HypocrasyAtItsBest #byegirl #SheTiredIt #SoNastySoRude”

Kenya Moore cease & desist

This Cease and Desist request comes as a shock to many viewers who have witnessed Leakes seemingly slander Kenya Moore countless times. The ladies have both taken jabs at one another, and appear on a show where insulting each other is part of the job description.

In April 2014, TMZ captured video of NeNe throwing major shade at Kenya Moore, hurling out all kinds of presumably defamatory statements about Kenya. In the video, NeNe states:

“They need to kick Kenya off with her dumb self,” said NeNe, who believes that Porsha didn’t do anything to justify her termination from the show, no matter what may have took place. “[Porsha] shouldn’t get kicked off. What they need to do is kick Kenya’s fake booty off.”

Watch the video below:


NeNe has made countless statements presumably attacking Kenya Moore’s intelligence and character. In May, NeNe did an interview where she stated:

“I think Kenya’s great for the show. If they’re looking for the dark side, they’re looking for negativity, fighting, provoking, delusionalness, if that’s what they’re looking for, she’s 100 percent excellent for the show.” 

Twitter also seems to support this opinion. After this news was released, numerous tweets point out NeNe’s hypocrisy, and lend support to Kenya Moore.

Kenya Moore Tweets RHOA Kenya Moore Tweets RHOA Kenya Moore Tweets RHOA Kenya Moore Tweets RHOA

Kenya Moore Tweets RHOA

The following Tweeter thinks NeNe may be avoiding Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan at the upcoming reunion. Both ladies give NeNe Leakes a run for her money in the “reading” department so that’s a valid point. 

Kenya Moore Tweets RHOA

Kenya Moore Tweets RHOA

Do you think NeNe has a valid case or is NeNe being a hypocrite? Vote below and sound off in the comments.


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  • italiano bambino

    Nene is the last person to come out with a letter like this because she’s always the first one to open her mouth. #Mooseisscare. Can’t wait what they do to her ass in the reunion.

    • Babson_Chick

      wouldn’t it be something for everyone to turn on Da Moosee

  • TartLemon

    Well, if Kenya had come out with a letter like this, IMO, she’d have a hard time proving the statements NeNe made about her were not true. ie the totally transparent fishnet catsuit with but pads Kenya wore to the filmed charity event NeNe hosted. The phony boyfriend Kenya hired for the Anguilla trip then the hissy fit when he would not (pretend) propose. The phony pregnancy storyline. The Bentley Kenya rented to put in her driveway.

    • RonnieIsBack

      Not hard at all – All these are rumors Tart..if they were true don’t you think folks would have come out the woods and then some to prove them. Kenya’s butt has been all over magazines howver she wore butt pads bc they were at a charity event (and Nene knew about this stunt bc she set it up and they discussed it – this was when Nene hated Phaedra) Nasty Phae did not and were were exposed to jello.
      Walter was just a busted burned toupee wearing bitter betty bc he was dumped. Even Kandi said they really did date, and there is no phoney pregnancy line. You cannot prove just because a person isn’t pregnant that they are not trying.
      Greg gave Nene money and then some to “appear” she was keeping up with the Jones just to get on the show. Now who is the phoney? That was by HIS OWN ADMISSION.
      The chit they toss at Kenya is crap and petty…and slanderous on every level but they don’t care…Nene is a bully, beastly looking, foul, was an ex stripper, did go to jail, does have a mugshot, does have kids in jail, did get wiht Greg when he was married, etc….
      I see nothign slanderous or defamatory..Even Nene herself said, well that was what I did in my 20s…so where is the slander…

      • Veronica

        That just happened! Ronnie you are my kind of girl. Facts for days, no fool.

        • RonnieIsBack

          It just really chaps my butt when Nene and Phaedra and Apollo tossed out a TON of lies on Kenya and folks believed them hook line and sinker, and still repeat them, without any proof, yet when Kenya and Clauda and Cynthia (who was really close to Nene so she knows where the bodies are buried) start spilling the REAL TEA and the truth, folks want to file a C & D….
          I believe some real ish is about to come out and Nene is getting shook.

      • CoolBreeze15

        Preach!!! Kenya’s haters STAY trying to deflect ALL THE TIME but they NEVER have any real proof of anything.

  • Moose have a seat! Nene invited the word hypocrite. I hope Kenya issues a counter C&D.

    • italiano bambino

      Where is she going? Lol

  • Trippinhhard

    I know this is a joke with all the nasty things Nene has said at everyone on the show.. Nene must have lost her mind, while on Broadway…lmao

    • >:-|OPINIONATED-deal with it!

      The “fame” has gotten to her head. Wait till they (Broadway) stop calling, it will be back to zero. Even real celebrities 15 minutes run out so I expect these faux celebrities to dissappear too. #nastyindividual

  • Well if it’s not the moose calling the kettle black. Isn’t this the same endangered species who told Kim to “close her legs to married men” and the same wounded beast who called Phaedra “the head doctor” and the same stripper who talked about Claudia’s vagina? I’m so over this unidentified foreign object! ET go home!

  • 900009

    Kenya needs to learn how to spell.

  • Gabby

    THIS is beyond laughable! Over the years, Nene has demolished housewife after housewife, especially Kim. Who is SHE to even go there? The Moose really thinks she’s on that Meryl Streep, Viola Davis, Carrie Washington status. #MooseBye

  • cait

    Now Kenya gets all the credit for making people hate Neigh-Neigh ! Moose face did that all by herself so should have served the notice on herself !

    • CoolBreeze15

      Exactly! People stay blaming Kenya for everything wrong with these beasts.

  • cait

    This is the “Proud African-American Woman” who had her Snozz remodelled so it wouldn’t look so “African-American” !

    • Babson_Chick


  • Coco

    Wait, I thought HW’s can’t sue one another….

    • Wrenniethepooh

      Okay I had the same thought!!! Which, I also had with trash box Brandi and that other chick from Miami. I thought there was something in the contracts about not being able to sue and everything after NJ and all that mess with crazy Jacqueline beating someone with a stiletto….

  • DSS

    Why isn’t Phaedra her representation?

    • RonnieIsBack


  • Coco

    Is there any way to determine the authenticity of this letter? I’ve been reading online that it may be a fake, but I want to know what the consensus(and the truth) is before I go on believing that.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Suposedly she sent a “fake” C &D letter to the T shirt company who is now suing her…
    C & D is just that a warning…not a Complaint, no fines, etc. she is doing this for show…let’s see if she goes thru with it.
    Funny this is same person who was mad bc Kenya filed charges when she was attacked physically.

    • Marsbars09

      Hi Ronnie! If Nene feels Kenya was behind sending the fake cease and desist letter to the T-shirt company she needs to present real proof of it.

      • RonnieIsBack

        Hey Marsie!
        No Nene was ACCUSED of sending a fake C & D letter by the T shirt company..they threated to sue her about that as well. She sent them a C & D letter…apparantly she must have a two-fer one on them this year lOL.

        • Marsbars09

          Really? I thought the T- shirt company said they found out Nene was wearing T-shirts very similar to the ones they design and Nene was trying to pull it off stating they were her creations?

          • RonnieIsBack

            YEs that was also included, but Nene sent them a letter (the T Shirt) company when they started exposing what she did. They in turned fired back and told her taht sendind a fake C & D letter from a law firm is illegal (which it is). They tried to work with her but she came at them with extreme arrogance and bitchiness so they struck back. All About the Tea did a post on it if you want to see the letter.
            Nene is a mess.

    • CoolBreeze15

      So true, just pure hypocrites!

  • Marsbars09

    The letter didn’t state what Kenya said that was so malicious towards Nene. Also, Nene is always saying horrible things about people on RHOA. I wonder what’s behind Nene’s punkish cease and desist letter?

    • Coco

      True. This just seems odd. I thought true C&D letters would lay out everything in detail (i.e. full legal name of both parties, the actual text of the defamatory/slanderous/libelous words that have been written/said).

      • RonnieIsBack

        No, it is not a Complaint. It is only a “warning” or a notice of intent to sue..if folks do not back off….

    • RonnieIsBack

      Because the C & D is not a complaint. It is just a warning…it is like a notice of intent…there are not allegations, parties, etc. that are made known in a C & D. There is no plea to the court, no jury demand, etc. that would be in the Complaint which is the actual start of a law suit. Unless a Complaint is filed, no lawsuit…just a warning. But it is meant to scare folks or serve as a basis for the law suit if peeps do not fall in line.
      nene has a lot of nerve. Andy might as well cancel the damn reunion..all they do there is throw shade, slander, attacked, etc. What the hell would Nene have to talk about….

  • colleen

    The whole show should just
    Close up shop. let Kandi work on her marriage,, Kenya twirl into the ground, Phadrea cover up your criminal past, Porsche deflate those deformed melons and NeNe…you’ve got so much work to do on yourself, your kids!G. Kids/Greg and his kids. Come back down to Earth

  • charma

    Can Stacy put some of this in perspective?

  • Carmen Mitchell

    Watch Nene try to find some reason to get a restraining order for both Kenya and Claudia in order to avoid having to go to the reunion.

  • Kat

    Nene will not leave that show without bringing the entire show down first. that is how evil and manipulative she is. Hey Nene, I just called you evil and manipulative, am I gonna get a letter too? smh

    • Karma

      bahahaha you never know you just might

    • CoolBreeze15


  • the ugly truth

    I can’t stand either one of these women but NeNe is just a clown these days.Kenya is just an annoying, nasty, aging, pathetic bitch. Her voice even gets on my nerves.

  • Karma

    Nene has really gotten to big for her boots she’s always slandering someone I used to really like the old Nene she was funny now she’s not even funny anymore I really believe that she thinks she’s an A list star NEW FLASH NENE you’re not an A list star D at best.

  • CoolBreeze15

    Oooh I LOVE it! Kenya did the right thing, post it on Instagram so everybody can see how stupid, insecure, and childish Nene really is! She is nothing but MOUTH and probably can’t even fight! I hope team pretty reads that horse her rights come reunion time. As Kenya can see she has support. Nene’s stans always talk about how paid she is. It’s like they don’t have the ability to reason and think on their own. If she was so paid, you think she’d be doing reality tv year after year after year??? NO! Nene had NO industry connections prior to RHOA. None. Neither did Porsha and Phaedra gained her “fame” from the Bobby Brown court case. She was mostly just known in ATL but she was no icon or celebrity. None of them appeared in music videos, runways, sitcoms, red carpet award shows, etc. So Nene, Phaedra, and Porsha need to all have a seat.

  • yodah

    I think a real letter would indicate Nene’s whole legal name with an a.k.a. I maybe wrong

  • Terelon

    Nene is a narcissistic, hypocritical woman who think she’s better than everyone and can do no wrong, she literally thinks she’s perfect when she has slandered and bad mouthed these women numerous of times, she’s totally delusional, she can dish it but can’t take it.